The Wealth Diet Review

Wealth Diet

The Wealth Diet is a unique 4 week spiritual healing program lead by experienced manifester, Kathy Zant.

This spiritual healing program uses creative and fun exercises to help you clear the emotional blocks that prevent you from manifesting whatever you want in your life.

As a member of Mark J. Ryan‘s group, I was given an amazing opportunity to participate in this unique spiritual healing program.

This spiritual healing program is structured like a 4 week diet program (book has nothing to do with weight management), you are given specific tasks or exercises to complete each day for 4 weeks, which are designed to change your core beliefs about money, relationships, or really any negative belief you hold that is preventing you from achieving financial abundance and happiness.

Like losing two pounds a day on an eating program to achieve your goal of losing your desired weight, The Wealth Diet chips away at subconscious negative beliefs you hold that prevent you from achieving financial abundance or personal goals, improving your health, or to find true love or anything else you desire.


What is The Wealth Diet?

I am here to shatter any misconception you may have that The Wealth Diet is just another self help book.  Just as food is fuel for your body, your thoughts and beliefs are fuel for the mind.

We all enjoy good food, as it provides enjoyment on a number of physically and emotional levels.  On the flip side, a poor diet loaded with fat, sugar and trans-fats, can cause weight gain, diabetes, obesity and may even shorten your life.  Holding onto negative core beliefs acts like poor diet for your mind and spirit, which prevents you reaching your personal, professional and financial goals.


Thoughts and beliefs are the fuel for your mind.  

Thoughts and beliefs form the basis of your decision making.  The average person has 60,000 thoughts a day, and the majority of those 60,000 daily thoughts occur in your subconscious mind, where you don’t know how they are there?

So, who is really in control of your life and success, you or your subconscious mind?   With The Wealth Diet, you can begin to rid your subconscious mind of these destructive thoughts beliefs, many which formed by the time you were 10 years old, that are holding you back.  Your job is to take conscious action towards retraining your thoughts and core beliefs to provide the “right kind of healthy mind food”  so you can achieve abundant health, wealth, love and happiness.  By identifying the root cause of both positive and destructive core beliefs, feelings and decisions, The Wealth Diet helps you create a path towards achieving what you truly desire to experience in your life.

Structured like a diet program to help you lose weight and change the relationship you have with food, The Wealth Diet is a 4 week guided spiritual healing program that helps change your belief systems and realigns your mindset towards greater wealth, health, abundance and happiness.

You’ve probably heard the expression “In Your Mind’s Eye.”  What that means is whatever you see, actually begins in your mind, which then translates to what you see.  Or, is what you see really just an illusion your mind wants you to see?

So, by changing your thoughts and beliefs, you can actually  change what’s in Your Mind’s Eye and create in your reality what you want.


What’s Your Vibration?

Humans are energy beings that have a vibration.  People with positive energy have a higher vibration, and more easily manifest what we want, whereas people who are always negative tend to have a lower vibration, which pushes away abundance, love and happiness.

When you change the dial on your TV or radio, you are changing the vibration of the signal, which gives you a different picture or sound.  With The Wealth Diet, you will learn exercises that raise your vibration and allow the Law of Attraction to manifest abundance into your life, like changing a TV station from show you don’t want to see to a show you want to see over and over agaib.  So you can learn to change the pictures and sounds in your life from negative to positive with the Wealth Diet.



Some Spiritual Healing Exercises are not easy

Some of the exercises in The Wealth Diet are not easy.  People tend to push the issues they don’t want to address down into their subconscious mind, thinking if they are out of sight out of mind, they are gone.

This spiritual healing book makes you address those issues, until the negative core beliefs percolate up where they can finally be released for good.

Kathy helps you deal with the difficult stuff in some of the exercises, so you are not alone.  She makes it abundantly clear that in order to move forward and attract abundance in your life, you have to let go of the negative beliefs and emotions that are holding you back.

I personally found Week 3 to be the most challenging week, since the exercises ask you to clear that negative toxic energy you have been avoiding, and must deal with head on to clear from your body and subconscious mind.

Being a mother, Kathy Zant helps you approach the negative energy in a caring and loving way.  You will be amazed at how much subconscious baggage you are holding onto, and how liberating and lighter you feel once it is gone.


wealth diet


What’s in The Wealth Diet Spiritual Healing Program?

Week 1

  • One: How and Why
  • Two: Media Detox
  • Three: What’s in a word?
  • Four: I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.
  • Five: No, I really love you.
  • Six: Authenticity
  • Seven: Changing the Story

Week 2

  • Eight: How to attract more by paying taxes
  • Nine: Manifest Anything
  • Ten: Authentic Manifestation
  • Eleven: Tending the Garden of Thoughts
  • Twelve: The Intent Behind Your Gift
  • Thirteen: Perseverance
  • Fourteen: Play

Week 3

  • Fifteen: Intending the Highest Good
  • Sixteen: Your Net Worth is Your Self Worth
  • Seventeen: Health is Your Greatest Wealth
  • Eighteen: Heart Healing
  • Nineteen: Your Probable Self
  • Twenty: Intuitive Wealth
  • Twenty-one: Abundant Relationships

Week 4

  • Twenty-two: Adventure of Experience
  • Twenty-three: Gratitude and Your Song
  • Twenty-four: Letting Go
  • Twenty-five: Letting Go Even More
  • Twenty-six: Accepting Your Gifts of Magic
  • Twenty-seven: Your Daily Work
  • Twenty-eight: Attention
  • Twenty-nine: It’s All a Dream
  • Thirty: The End, and the Beginning


Who is Kathy Zant?

Kathy Zant has been manifesting jobs, cars, money and other things into her experience since she was 15.  Kathy is a multi-faceted mother living beneath the alpenglow of Mount Shasta, California with her children and a golden retriever full of love and life.

Ms. Zant currently manages a thriving spiritual healing business with her partner, Mark J. Ryan,  a renowned hypnotherapist who has written several popular books and produced several videos on spiritual healing,  using hypnotherapy and guided meditation to achieve personal and financial goals.


Did The Wealth Diet Work for Me?

I am sure you are wondering if The Wealth Diet helped me achieve personal and financial goals?  It was amazing how quickly I began manifesting financial abundance.  I set some financial goals in week one of the program, and about half way through week two I started achieving my goals effortlessly.  The program is so easy to use, and if you follow the exercises, you will achieve results.

In one of the exercises I watched a guided meditation DVD from Mark J. Ryan called the Inner Child Meditation.  The video took me back to the time my mom passed away.  She died over eight years ago and I thought I was over her death by now.  I never knew I was still holding on to so much negativity and anger,  and something  in the video triggered a release and I cried for nearly an hour.  I released so much subconscious negativity that had been holding me back from achieving my personal and financial goals.  Soon after this exercise, I began to manifest the success that seemed to always be alluding me.

What subconscious beliefs or events are holding you back?  Get The Wealth Diet now and find out what is keeping you from achieving your goals and dreams.


 What Are People Saying about The Wealth Diet?

Many doors have opened-up for me in the last 3 weeks thanks to you.

These days have been really important for me. Everyday I have found something in your words that helped me to keep on working on me towards my goals. 

The Wealth Diet exercises also helped me make the decision to finally quit my job and go “self-employed” full time! Wow, and am I glad I did!!! I don’t know how long it would have taken be to give in if I had not had this input!!

This was so timely, so wonderful, so amazing, so right for me right now. I am so grateful for every bit of this and also so grateful to be able to participate.

A GREAT program, I had some challenges in receiving the new messages, so some I did a couple each day. I’ll have to go through the daily exercises for another month in the proper order and see what more I can intend and manifest.

I experienced an overwhelming shift in consciousness from Day #1.


Where Can You Get The Wealth Diet?

You can buy The Wealth Diet in paperback or as a downloadable version for the Kindle only from

To order your Paperback version of The Wealth Diet Click Here.

To order a downloadable Ebook version of The Wealth Diet for the Kindle Click Here






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