What is the Secret for How to be Happy?

What is the Secret for How to be Happy?

how to be happy Are you feeling stressed out? Are you full of anxiety, fear and worry…even feeling depressed about your current financial, health or love life situation?  What would you pay for a drug-free tool to help you let go of all of your stress and anxiety quickly, easily and permanently, and learn the secret for how to be happy?  I found a way to be happy, and it changed my life overnight. The secret for how to happy is to look within.

As Lester Levenson said, “Why do you look in him, in her, or in your job for happiness? If you would just turn inward you will find that is where your happiness is, but why don’t you do it? When you look outside of yourself for happiness you will never find the real secret to happiness.

You may find temporary happiness in a new outfit, a new car, a new job or whatever material thing you have latched onto.  Unfortunately, this is not true happiness and in time this happiness will fade, and your mind will begin searching for something else to be your new source of temporary happiness. True happiness only comes when you learn to love yourself and turn your energy inward, which is is the only way true for how to be happy.  Once you find this secret to happiness, you find it is the most delicious happiness and you will wonder why you never thought to simply look inward.




Why is it so difficult for people to find this secret for how to be happy, when the secret has always been within you?  It starts with negative programming.  People are bombarded with negative programming from childhood or even as infants from parents, family members, teachers, television, and music.  This negative programming is etched in your subconscious mind which manifests into negative subconscious beliefs about self confidence, self worth, love, money and happiness.  We are taught by marketers, friends and society our self worth and happiness is defined by the friends we have, the clothes we wear, the car we drive, the size of our bank account and the title we achieve from work. We are taught that how to be happy is found in material objects, such as a new car, a new house, a new job or more money.

These “things of value” we hold so dear come and go, and can never be a true source of happiness.  Once the “happiness” from that new thing wears off, we are again in search of that next new shiny thing that we are seeking to make us happy.  Unfortunately, real happiness will never be found in these external objects.  That is why Buddah and Confucius and other great spiritual leaders like Lester Levenson have told us that these things can never bring happiness.  The secret to happiness they say only can be found within. >>>>>Go here now to discover the easiest and simplest method for How to Be Happy<<<<<<



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