Lester Levenson’s Amazing Story

Lester Levenson’s Amazing Story

Lester Levenson



Lester Levenson, the physicist who developed the releasing techniques that lead to The Release Technique, was born  in Elizabeth, New Jersey on July 19, 1909.  He was a hard working student who discovered early on he had an inclination towards science, especially the science of the world, and of man himself. He graduated from Rutgers University in 1931 as a physicist, and had a long career in physics and engineering.


Who is Lester Levenson?

He went into various areas of business in physics with the goal of wanting to make money, and to be successful.   He didn’t realize, but his quest for success and to make it in the world, was really his way of seeking answers to life itself.  Unfortunately, nothing that he had worked at would give Lester the “answers to life” he was seeking.  More importantly, Lester did not know this seeking was in fact the source of his physical and mental health problems, which lead to years of depression and sickness.  By 1952, Lester was a very sick man.  He was plagued with debilitating illnesses,  included being jaundice three or so times a year, he had an enlarged liver, frequent bouts of kidney stones, spleen trouble, hyper and hypo acidity,  perforated ulcers that formed lesions, and more than 10 years of migraine headaches.


How Lester Discovered The Release Technique?

In 1952 at age 42, Lester had his second heart attack, and the doctors sent him home to die, and warned he would not live much longer.  They said he should not even walk up a flight of stairs unless it was absolutely necessarily.  Lester said, “I was extremely fearful of dying, but I said to myself, you’re still breathing”, so there is still a chance you can turn your life around.  He sat in his apartment and began thinking how his life could have come to this dilemma?  Lester had been considered a very smart boy, who always made the honor roll, and even received a four-year scholarship to Rutgers back in the days when not many scholarships were handed out. But, after my second heart attack, Lester said to himself,  “Lester, with all this knowledge, look where you are?   You are stupid, stupid, stupid.”

Lester pondered how such a smart man could live 42 years or so without happiness, in such poor health and now believing he had reached the end of the line, and yet wondering how all of his accumulated knowledge of science and physics is of no avail to help save his life?  Lester studied Watson’s Behavior in the 1930’s and Freud in the late 30’s and early 40’s. He had studied the philosophy, logic, economics, and all the major fields of man, yet this gave him  none of the answers he was seeking.  Lester knew he had to start from scratch.   He began from point zero, the beginning of his life, and began asking himself what he had really wanted out of life?  In a short time he began to get some answers. What Lester discovered was that he was happiest when was loving and not when he was being loved.  With this startling revelation, he began correcting his thoughts and feelings in that direction, even his thoughts about past events and people in his life.  This is how The Release Technique works.  As he changed his thoughts, he began feeling happier, freer, and lighter as the heaviness he had been feeling simply vanished.  He continued to change his thoughts and beliefs, and within three months all the ailments, both physical and mental corrected themselves.   Lester ended up in a place where he was happy all the time, without any sadness.  When you learn the same releasing techniques that Lester discovered, you can quickly and easily learn to have a life of abundance with ease.


Lester said that’s life’s issues did not end, but rather, he was now in a place where he could resolve things almost immediately, by correcting his thoughts and beliefs about the issue.  Having cleared out the negativity, such as the ‘I cant’s,’ I would focus right on the answer to every problem, and get it very quickly.”  The Release Technique teaches you how to correct your thoughts from negative to positive and from lack to abundance.

Lester discovered that every person’s mind is like a radio broadcasting and receiving station. That we are all tuned into each other unconsciously, but that we are just not aware of it.  We pick up and feel each others positive and negative signals.  Think about the times you were around people and were attracted to then because of their positive energy, and you felt better being around them; yet sometimes people around you gave off negative vibes and you just want to get away from them as fast as you can?  This is due to the signals they are giving off.  You are being attracted to people with similar vibrations, or their positive vibration is helping to elevate yours.

Over the next 42 years of Lester’s life, he attracted thousands of students to his work, because he was a living example of the limitless possibilities when we learn to set your ego aside.

The reason so many of us fail to reach our goals is not due to a lack of effort, but because we create in our outer world what we hold in our minds.   For example, if you desire more money, yet reaffirm in your mind that you “don’t have enough,”  regardless of what you desire, what you hold in mind is what you will get.  How many times have you seen a commercial for the lottery or about people who won a large sum of money and said to yourself, “that’s nice, but that will never happen for me.”  Bingo…regardless of your desire to attract money, as long as you hold the lack mentality that you are somehow not worthy of money, then you will continue to be poor, both financially and in your mind.

Positive thinking or repeating affirmations alone will not change your situation. You must learn to release the negative feelings and beliefs around that issue for changes to take place.  When you do, you also learn to let go of the thousands of thoughts you have associated with the feelings.  This letting go opens you up to the true possibilities.

It is your lack, desires, and wants, that prevent you from manifesting your goals into reality.


Do you want –

* Less stress

* More financial abundance

* Deeper, more loving relationships

* Better health, wellness and vitality

* Career success

* Peace, happiness and more

Happiness and success in life have nothing to do with hard work, education or what you “have” to begin with. Happiness and success are equally available to everyone when you learn how to “release” the blocks, the negative thoughts, beliefs  and feelings of limitation you hold. It is literally as effortless as holding a pen and letting it fall to the floor!


To learn more about the Release Technique, <—–  click this link.




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