Why Your Subconscious Mind is Not Your Friend

Why Your Subconscious Mind in Not Your Friend?

The human mind has two parts – the conscious mind and subconscious mind.  Your conscious mind, which consists of approximately 10 – 12 percent of active brain function consists of thoughts, beliefs and self talk that you are aware of, and participate in when making conscious decisions, replaying events in your mind, or talking to yourself.  What is the subconscious mind?  The subconscious mind, which makes up nearly 80-90 percent of the function of your mind is that part of your mind that is just below your conscious mind, and is your beliefs, actions and thoughts that you are not consciously aware of.  This is where your belief system operates from, just out of sight and like that evil devil that sits on your shoulder.


Where Do Our Belief Systems Come From?

Most of our beliefs are formed by the time we are ten years old.  If you grew up in a house that was full of love, with caring and nurturing parents you would most likely be a loving and caring person.  But, what if those same parents always worried about money, thought rich people were evil and skimped on everything?

As you grew up, you might be a saver because you worried about money; don’t like to donate money to charities for fear you will not have enough money left over; or have disdain for wealthy people, but never quite knew why you had these thoughts.  You might say, “well, I’ve had these thoughts as long as I can remember.  In reality, these were the beliefs programmed into your subconscious mind your parents.


What is Your Subconscious Mind?

Humans in fact have two minds, a conscious mind and unconscious mind.  Your conscious mind contains thoughts, beliefs and feelings that you are aware of.    Your subconscious mind is that part of your mind you are not aware of that contains about 80% of 60,000 daily thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feelings.  Every one of your daily thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feelings actually originated in your subconscious mind.  This is where your true thoughts and beliefs about your self esteem and self worth, success or poverty consciousness, true happiness, etc are stored.  Unfortunately, the majority of the thoughts and beliefs we hold about ourselves in our subconscious mind are negative.  With a little work you can reverse negative subconscious beliefs, and have your subconscious mind work for you instead of against you.

When you were a child, did other kids tease you and call you names, like stupid or fatso?  Or, even worse, did your parents ever say things to you like stop being so stupid, grow up or why can’t you be like so and so..  If you hear these hurtful words long enough, you may subconsciously identify yourself as stupid and unworthy and grow up with low self-esteem, and wonder why you always tell yourself “I can’t do this or that.”  This is not your fault, this is your subconscious mind at work.

This part of your mind is not your friend.  It operates 24 hours a day and will bring up these destructive thoughts or beliefs and then tell you it will protect you with fear.  What kind of a friend says I will protect with fear, worry and by the way…don’t try to excel in anything because you’re not smart enough.  Doesn’t sound like much of a friend to me.

With a program like the Release Technique,  you can quickly and easily learn to let go of these negative beliefs stored in your subconscious mind and live the life you desire and are meant to live…a life of love, financial abundance and peace.

Now for the good news….you can change this in an instant.  With the Release Technique you can learn the simple techniques to release negative beliefs developed by Lester Levenson in 1952 that helped him overcome chronic illness, disease, and depression and will allow you to overcome low self esteem, or drop any negative beliefs in an instant.  Deep rooted beliefs may take a little longer to let go of, but they can also be released just as easily.  Once the energy is released, it is gone for good.  If the story or belief resurfaces, it just means there is more negative energy around this subject to release.

Click here to read the amazing story of Lester Levenson who developed a technique to liberate the subconscious mind.


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