How To Overcome Anxiety Without Medication?

How To Overcome Anxiety Without Medication?

Are you one of the millions of people who dealing with the stress and anxiety due to being out of work and can’t find a job, or you are worried about losing your house and are trying to overcome anxiety around these issues?

Unless you have a diagnosed or diagnosed anxiety disorder, while stress and anxiety can feel overwhelming and even debilitating, you can overcome these feelings easily and quickly without the use of medication.  I did, so I know it is possible.

What is Anxiety?

What is anxiety?  Anxiety, fear and worry are really just nothing more than emotions.  The real problem with emotions, like anxiety, fear, worry, sadness, and anger, for example,  is that when you subconsciously internalize these emotions, this triggers the production of the stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline.   When the body releases the stress hormones cortiso and adrenaline in response to the emotions – fear, worry, sadness, anger and anxiety, the body feels it it being attacked, and goes into the fight or flight mode in response to the emotional,physical and sensory responses to these emotions.

Anxiety can actually cause damaging physical and emotional effects on the body, such as elevated blood pressure, headaches, muscle fatigue, chest pain, rapid breathing, blurry vision and confusion.  Prolonged stress and anxiety, can lead to disease, illnesses, and cancer.



How to Overcome Anxiety Naturally?

Unless you have a tool to release destructive emotions, your body may continually release cortisol and adrenaline, which will eventually result in chronic anxiety disorder.

By learning to eliminate stress naturally, which is actually quick and easy to do, the body is capable of healing itself.  Your stress and anxiety will seem to vanish, and as anxiety disappears, this will turn off the over production of stress hormones as the fight or flight mechanism is turned off, and the other debilitating anxiety symptoms- headaches, muscle fatigue, insomnia, high blood pressure and confusion will seem to disappear as quickly as they appeared.

Using the Release Technique, there are specific and easy to use techniques called Allowing and Attachment and Aversions.  This is not positive thinking or affirmations, which can take weeks or months to work, rather a process that allows you to naturally let go of the negative energy stored in your body, which is the result of internalizing negative energy and beliefs around the issues you are addressing.

As you let go of these negative beliefs, your whole world begins to change.  You are able to deal with your situation without being consumed by anxiety, and this freedom opens your mind to new possibilities you possibly hadn’t even thought of, or discounted as folly.

How do I know this?  I went through several months of these debilitating effects of anxiety and stress.  After prescriptions medications provided no relief, I learned how to clear negative feelings , and within one week without the use of any medications all of my symptoms disappeared and have been gone for good.

You can release all negativity from your life quickly, easily and permanently with this amazing tool developed by Lester Levenson over 50 years ago.

To learn more about how to overcome anxiety quickly and easily without medication, click here.



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