How To Get Rid of Stress Once and For all

How To Get Rid of Stress Once and For

Millions of people are dealing with stress, anxiety and depression today due to a job loss, fear and worry about the economy, relationship issues, financial problems or unruly children that won’t listen or behave.  To get rid of stress related to these debilitating issues, many people tend to rely on prescription medications, such as antidepressants or anti anxiety pills.  While these prescriptions medications work for a time, they come with several unpleasant or even dangerous side effects, and the benefits wear off over time so eventually you may have to switch to other types of medications.

The one thing most people don’t know and are not told by their doctors is that for most  issues that result in bouts of stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as, fear, worry, sadness and anger is that you already have the tools inside of you to completely get rid of stress once and for all, and without the use of medications and their unpleasant and even dangerous side effects.


What Causes Stress

Stress is natural response mechanism to difficult situation, and in some situations stress is actually helpful.  I am sure you are now asking how can stress be helpful.  Stress over getting a good grade in a class can motivate you to study harder and focus in class.  When interviewing for a new job, stress will motivate you to learn about the company and managers you are interviewing for, write and ask good questions, have a perfect tailored resume, dress sharp and arrive on time.  In these situations, stress is temporary and will usually subside after the event, and the associated energy continues to flow through you.  When a person feels stress, this increases the production of stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol.

In normal situations, as the stressors are eliminated the production of stress hormones is reduced to normal levels.  Stress becomes a problem when the energy associated with the stressors becomes stuck and no longer flows through you.  The stuck energy presses against organs and tissue, and results in more serious health issues such as anxiety, insomnia, anger, depression and even disease when stress becomes chronic.

A common cause of stress and anxiety today is workplace productivity demands on employees and feeling devalued by managers and demanding bosses.  Employees feel stress to perform well at work or risk being fired, which can lead to stress, anxiety, depression and low self esteem.

Rather than taking dangerous prescription medications to reduce stress, you can actually eliminate stress and the causes of stress naturally with a natural spiritual healing technique called releasing.


What is Releasing?

Releasing is a  relaxation and meditation technique that helps you clear negative energy around any issue..  The first step of releasing is to get in touch with the source of your stress and not avoid it, since avoidance keeps the energy stuck.  You may feel the bad feelings subside when you avoid an issue, but the negative energy is still there, and is acting on your subconscious mind.

If you sit quietly and think about the issue, you will feel the negative energy actually bubble up usually into your stomach or chest. This first step helps to lower your resistance to the physical, emotional and mental feelings the stressors have on you.  The next step is to allow yourself to let it go.  “Allowing” is very important, since this gives your body and mind permission to let go of the negative energy.

The final step is to repeat the simple phrase “Could I Let it Go, to which you respond you or no depending on how you feel.  “Would I Let it Go,” again ask yes or no, and then “When?”  You state Now to this question.  It really doesn’t matter if you answer Yes or No, because either response will actually get you fully in touch with the energy and get it moving.   You repeat this phrase until you are no longer feeling any stress to the issue.

What you may not be aware of is that stress is your own internal response to perceived negative issues.  Once you internalize the stress, the associated negative energy is no longer flows through  and the build up of negative energy that is stored in your body presses against organs, tissue and muscle.  This build up of energy prevents the body from functioning normally, and results in a host of health issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, illness and even disease.

If you want to know how I know releasing with help you learn how to get rid of stress, well I will tell you.  In 2007, I dealt with months of chronic stress, anxiety and depression after a job loss and a business failure that left me feeling hopeless, sad, depressed and angry.  I was only sleeping 1-2 hours a night, and eventually had feeling of wanting to die.  After prescription sleeping pills stopped working and had serious side effects from antidepressants, I began searching for a natural drug-free remedy for stress.

By learning simple releasing techniques called Allowing, which you can learn here, you are doing nothing more than allowing and giving your own body permission to let go of the stored energy.  The process if allowing is very simple, but it’s the subconscious mind that makes this process seem difficult.


Does Releasing Work?

Within 1 week of learning to release negative energy, I was completely cured of all my stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia fear, worry and even feelings of wanting to die without the use of medications.


You can Learn How To Get Rid of Stress Once and For all Now!  Just click here.



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