Use Emotional Freedom Technique to Overcome Anything?

In the movie, The Secret, Rhonda Byrne and the teachers explain how you can use the Law of Attraction to manifest whatever you want in life.   The teachers and Rhonda Byrne also state that you must first get clear of your negative subconscious beliefs before you can actually manifest those things you want.  Unfortunately, the teachers don’t ever reveal how you are supposed to get clear, which is why so many people go through the exercises of using the Law of Attraction to manifest their dreams and goals, but eventually decide the Law of Attraction doesn’t work when the things they want don’t manifest into their lives.  I eventually learned from Joe Vitale and Bob Doyle, two of the teachers in the movie The Secret, how you can get clear and activate the universal energy if the Law of Attraction to bring you the things you want to manifest, and I will reveal how the Emotional Freedom Technique is that tool you need to help you finally get clear and connect to the universal energy.

The secret to getting clear is by removing energy blocks in your body and subconscious that lowers your vibration, and the best tool to unstick the energy is the Emotional Freedom Technique.  Humans are energy beings, meaning we have a vibration.  The universe has a vibration, even a chair or a dog has a vibration.  The vibration of that energy allows you to see energy in the form of a dog or a blue chair.  When you change the TV channel or radio station, you are simply changing one frequency at a certain vibration to another frequency at a different vibration, thus allowing you to hear music on a different radio station or changing from your local ABC to NBC station.  Now, can changing your energy and vibration help you achieve anything you want?  The answer is yes.

While you may declare that you want to make more money, leave your job for that perfect new job, lose weight, overcome trauma, stop procrastinating, finally quit smoking or find true love, if you hold counter intuitive beliefs about these events this is what you will continue to attract.  Negative beliefs, such as rich people are bad, no one will hire me, I’ve tried to quit before and I failed or I am unworthy of love result in a lower vibration, and lower vibration keeps energy stuck in your body.  Energy, like water, wants and needs to keep moving.  When water stagnates, it becomes dark, murky and smelly, and stuck energy in your body translates into financial lack, poor health and unhappiness.  By learning how to use EFT tapping to “unstick” the energy and get it flowing between you and the universal energy source, miracles will seem to appear into your existence.  In reality, the universe already delivered the things you want, but since you are operating a lower vibration, you are repelling them.


So, how do you get the stuck energy flowing?  The strange thing about EFT is unlike affirmations, positive thinking, or psychotherapy, which focus on the positive beliefs, feelings and emotions around your desired outcome, EFT begins by declaring that thing, belief or event you don’t want in what is called a set up statement, which declares what you don’t want to happen.  This has the effect of bringing the negative beliefs, feelings and emotions around that event out of your subconscious mind, and then offering positive messages about that event or outcome, neutralizes them, and then allows them to drop away effortlessly….leaving you with the positive, blissful and naturally positive energy around that event.  The trigger that gets the stagnant energy flowing again, like electricity on a grid, is by tapping on various energy centers in your body – forehead, temple, eyebrow, under the eye, under the nose, chin, under the arm and top of the head.  It may look silly, but this is the Secret to the movie, The Secret.

You can learn more about EFT from Carol Look, EFT Master here and learn how you can overcome anything.







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