How To Overcome Type 2 Diabetes Using The Ketogenic Diet

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It should come as no surprise the devastating impact type 2 diabetes can have on an individual; affecting many aspects of life, and society on a larger scale.  Yes, medication is available that is supposed to “manage” the disorder, but frequently they fall short, or fail to do what they should be doing.

What happens in such a case? The answer should be the base of any diabetic reversal program; diet. Of particular interest is the role the Ketogenic Diet can have in reversing the problem altogether.


What Is The Ketogenic Diet Anyhow?

The Ketogenic diet for Type 2 Diabetes is a modified low carb diet, which restricts the amount of carbohydrates consumed daily (less than 50g daily), simultaneously increasing fat intake but keeping protein consumption relatively stable. The ketogenic diet is especially attractive owing to the fact that it has been proven to modulate blood glucose levels, improve insulin sensitivity while improving blood lipid values and reducing body fat levels! Quite impressive for a diet!


The Basis Of The Diet: Nutritional Ketosis

If this term is strange to you, that is understandable. However, nutritional ketosis is one of the most powerful tools available to diabetics, as it gives the body’s metabolic system a “rest” from typical blood glucose-insulin systems. Nutritional ketosis is the process by which the liver produces compounds known as ketone bodies from fat, with the intention of providing an alternative energy source for cells when glucose is scarce.
Nutritional ketosis has distinct advantage over relying on a glucose based metabolism, and can help to reset insulin sensitivity and allow desensitized beta cells of the pancreas to regroup.


Advantages Of Following A Ketogenic Diet for Type 2 Diabetes

Every diet type has its own set of challenges and disadvantages, but luckily the ketogenic style possesses numerous advantages. Among these are:


Improved Energy Levels

Glucose is a higher performance type of fuel, and may be unnecessary in the majority of people. Ketone bodies are extremely efficient in the energy they produce, and help to stabilize energy levels far beyond the associated rise and crash of glucose energy.


Suppressed Appetite

Appetite is reduced for a number of reasons. Among them are the fact that on the keto diet glucagon is reduced, glucagon being the opposite action of insulin. Glucagon plays a large part in hunger, and coupled with the satiety of fat and protein, hunger is significantly suppressed.


Improved Fasting Blood Glucose And HbA1c

Improved levels owing to the fact that fat will be converted to ketone bodies, and the fact that stores of glycogen are likely to be depleted. Glycogen is stored glucose and is used as an emergency reserve.

The Ketogenic Diet Foods


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Include these foods in your ketogenic diet for best results:

Meat and fish as your primary protein sources and decent fat sources.
Butter and heavy cream, especially grass fed organic varieties as the saturated fats are also beneficial for testosterone synthesis.
Leafy green veggies help to add bulk to meals and supply essential vitamins and minerals.
Avocados and olive oil supplies a rich source of monounsaturated heart healthy fats.  Coconut oil contain medium-chain triglycerides which are easily converted to ketone bodies and used for fuel.
Keto snacking does not have to be complicated, keto protein bars are extremely useful and can help keep you on track when cravings strike.


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