8 Benefits of Gotu kola to Improve Your Health & Skin

benefits of gotu kola

Gotu kola (Centella Asiatica) has been used for centuries to treat common colds, respiratory infections, and heal wounds in China, India, and Indonesia.

Gotu kola is also used to improve mental clarity and longevity in Tai-Chi tradition. In fact, it has been called “the fountain of life”, as legend claims that an ancient Chinese herbalist, Li Ching-Yuen, lived for 200 years by taking the herbal plant.

Today, Gotu kola is used in North America and Europe to treat many health issues, including:

  • asthma.
  • fever.
  • diarrhea.
  • syphilis.
  • stomach ulcers.
  • hepatitis.
  • epilepsy.
  • psoriasis.
  • eczema.
  • mental fatigue.


This effective herbal plant has even been used to help treat arsenic poisoning, toxic mushrooms, and snakebites.



Check out these 8 incredible benefits of Gotu kola for your health and skin.


1. Gotu Kola Heals Wounds

This plant has the ability to boost skin health and repair damaged skin cells by enhancing antioxidant activity in the tissues. Thanks to its triterpenoids and other compounds, the antioxidants will work to neutralize harmful free radicals in the body that cause accelerated symptoms of aging and oxidative damage. As a result, this will promote natural healing in wounds and regenerate new skin.



2. Natural Joint Pain Relief

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of this herbal remedy may be used to treat symptoms of arthritis and osteoporosis. In fact, one study revealed that oral doses of Gotu kola could reduce joint inflammation, bone and cartilage erosion due to its antioxidant effect.



3. How to Reduce Anxiety and Get Better Sleep 

gotu kola relieves stress and anxiety

Recent studies show that Gotu kola has an anti-anxiety effect on male mice that were deprived of sleep for 72 hours. As sleep deprivation is known to cause symptoms of anxiety, stress, and neuroinflammation, the mice experienced less anxiety when given Gotu kola for 5 days prior to the experiment. With its ability to treat stress, the herbal plant may also be used to help aid in insomnia.

Many consider this natural herb as a safe method to treat sleep disorders instead of prescription medications. While studies suggest that Gotu kola can help treat insomnia, additional studies are needed to confirm the claim.



4. Gotu Kola May Rid Cellulite and Stretch Marks

Gotu kola works to tone and tighten the skin, especially when applied topically. The herb is found in countless facial products and anti-aging creams across the globe. It helps restore the skin and acts as a diuretic by increasing blood flow in the region to reduce inflammation.

Today, the leaves of this plant benefit people who go for regular facial treatments by healing conditions such as scars, stretch marks, leprosy, and loose skin.



5. How to Maintains Healthy Complexion Naturally

The plant contains Asiatic acid, which has the ability to increase collagen production. Dermal products that contain the Gotu kola plant may also get rid of cellulite, which occurs when fat cells push through collagen layers.

It improves the synthesis of collagen to maintain a youthful complexion and reduce fine lines. By including Centella Asiatica into your daily skincare routine, you will enhance your skin’s underlying structure and slow down the process of wrinkles.



6. How a Plant Can Help with Hair Regrowth

gotu kola helps regrow hair

Gotu kola has the ability to treat hair loss by promoting re-growth. When hair begins to weaken due to malnourishment, the herb will nourish the scalp and restore the follicles. This will allow the hair follicles to expand and strengthen the blood vessels.



7. Gotu kola Helps Enhance Memory

According to a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Gotu kola extract may help improve memory by enhancing the pathway linked to long-term memory formation.

Other studies claim that supplementation may boost cognitive function in seniors, thus reducing the risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. With its strong memory-enhancing capabilities, the plant is used in holistic treatment to slow down the signs of aging.



8. Works As An Antidepressant

Aside from Gotu kola’s positive effect on memory and brain function, other studies report that the plant helps reduce depression and anxiety in patients. Studies show that people with a generalized anxiety disorder were reported to have lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression after taking gotu kola as a replacement for their medication.

As with many plant-based compounds, you will most likely find a bioactive level of gotu kola in all natural and organic products for your skin and beauty regimen. The herb’s circulation-boosting abilities are so powerful; it can even be used to treat varicose veins effectively.


Potential Side Effects of Gotu Kola

While there are many benefits to this natural herb, there are also risks to take into consideration. In some cases, gotu kola can cause headaches, dizziness, and upset stomach. Be sure to do a patch test prior to full application and start with a low dose. Don’t forget to check with your doctor if you have sensitive skin or experience any unusual side effects.


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