Natural Pain Management without Pain Medication

How to Treat Pain Management without Medication?

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When people are suffering from pain, whether it is from arthritis, muscle strain from a fall or sports injury, an illness that results in chronic pain, or the pain that comes with a bone break, most doctors recommend the patient take Vicodin, Demerol or an over-the-counter pain reliever with ibuprofen (Advil) or acetaminophen (Tylenol).  These types of pain management products only offer temporary pain relief, can have unpleasant or dangerous side effects, must be taken often and for an extended period of time, and in the case of Vicodin or Demerol, have the potential to become addictive.  This has lead millions of pain sufferers to seek natural pain management that does not include the use of pain medication.  The best natural pain management tool I have found is Transcutaneous    Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or more commonly known as a TENS machine.


What is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is an alternative pain management process of applying non-invasive electrical nerve stimulation through jelled pads with attached electrical leads are applied to an effected area of the body.  Electrical impulses are sent deep into the muscle tissue to block pain receptors in an effected area of the body, and thus provides natural pain relief without the use of pain medication.

When people are dealing with pain, this causes several unhealthy responses to the body.  Pain impeded natural healing of the effected area, by reducing blood flow and oxygen saturation needed to heal the damaged tissue and nerves in the affected area.  This can also cause increased tension, stress and high blood pressure as the person deals with different levels of pain.

As the TENS machine shoots electrical impulses deep into the effected tissue, this blocks the pain receptors that cause pain, and reduces those sensations of pain.  This allows the body to increase blood flow and oxygen, and thus allows the body to heal itself without the need for pain medication, and the side effects that come with it.

While pain medication only provides temporary pain relief, a TENS machine provides natural permanent pain relief by first reducing or eliminating pain and then helping the body to heal itself by reducing inflammation and pain responses to allow increased blood flow and oxygen saturation to begin the process of the body healing itself naturally the way it was designed to.

With a TENS machine you can finally achieve pain relief from chronic pain naturally without the use of pain medication.

Can a TENS Machine be used at home?

While most TENS machines are only found in a medical office, physical therapy or chiropractic office, Aurawave is the only Class 2 medical device for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) approved by the FDA for natural pain management that people can purchase without a prescription.  With a portable TENS machine, you can achieve soothing TENS therapy while working, walking, or even doing chores around the house.  You no longer have to sit in a medical office for 20-30 minutes for a muscle stimulation session any more.

If you are on a doctor supervised pain management program, do not stop taking pain medication before consulting with your doctor, to prevent injury.


Benefits of a TENS Machine for Pain Management

In many cases if you go to a doctor with complaints of pain associated with an injury, arthritis, bone break, chronic pain, illness or a disease, the doctor will prescribe a prescription strength pain medication, such as Vicodin Demerol, to eliminate pain.  The problem with prescription pain medication is that it must be taken or more times every day for a long period of time,  can come with unpleasant or even potentially dangerous side effects, and can become addictive.

  • Natural pain relief without the need to take pain pills
  • No risk of side effects
  • Non addictive
  • Helps the body to heal itself
  • Can be purchased without a prescription


To learn more about the best selling TENS machine I have used myself for pain relief available without a prescription,  go here now. 


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