Grown Science Nano CBD Patch Review – Does It Really Work?

CBD for pain reliefThe Nano CBD Patch  from Grown Science, is a reusable CBD patch, that delivers a time released dose of broad spectrum Nano CBD for up to 72 hours, to provide relief from aches and pains.  The CBD has 0% THC, so you will not get high.

Chronic pain is one of the most common issues associated with aging.  The CDC reports that nearly 50 million Americans (20%) are dealing with symptoms of chronic pain.

People as young as 40 years old are beginning to experience symptoms of chronic pain, so it’s not just a condition that affects older people.

This Nano CBD patch contains 15 mg of broad spectrum CBD.  The nano technology provides a slow and steady delivery of CBD, which is absorbed directly into your skin in a time released dose.  This can provide relief from aches and pains, inflammation and joint discomfort for up to 72 hours.


Does The Nano CBD Patch from Grown Science Really Work?

If you are dealing with symptoms of chronic pain, then you may already know the benefits of CBD oil for chronic pain.  This reusable CBD patch contains 15 mg of broad spectrum nano CBD.  When applied directly to the skin, the broad spectrum CBD bypasses your digestive system.  The nano CBD particles are absorbed directly into your skin to provide immediate pain relief.

I was contacted by the manufacturer to try the product and provide an unbiased review.  While I personally don’t have chronic pain, my wife has been dealing with chronic pain in her lower back, hips and wrist for years.  She was excited to try this affordable nano CBD patch.

Until now she used CBD oil.  She said while it works, it is expensive and can be messy.  My wife liked there is no mess when applying the Grow Science Nano CBD Patch from Grown Science to her lower back.  She applies the patch and within a short time the pain starts to go away.  She can now sleep through the night without shooting pain!

Affiliate disclosure.  When you click the link to purchase this product, I may receive a small commission.  This will not affect the price you pay.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD

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Broad spectrum CBD is cannabidiol that has been extracted from the hemp plant, and contains all the same compounds that are found in Full spectrum CBD,  except it is 100% THC-free.

There is no psychoactive affect, so you won’t get high.  Research indicates CBD extracted from hemp will not show up on a drug screening.

This form of nano CBD patch contains terpenes, essential oils, and other cannabinoids from the hemp plant, without the psychoactive affects of cannabis.  That means you there is no risk of getting high.  Full spectrum CBD, on the other hand, contains a trace of THC.


What are The Ingredients

  • Broad Spectrum CBD
  • Coconut Oil
  • Canola Oil
  • Soya Bean Oil
  • Sunflower Oil


How is the Nano CBD Patch Made?

The Grown Science Nano CBD Patch is made with broad spectrum CBD using nano technology.  The microscopic Nano CBD particles are slowly absorbed directly into the body slowly over time to provide continuous natural pain relief.

The hydrogel layer is a water-based gel that is applied directly to the skin.  This layer provides a cooling sensation, and prevents skin irritation, as the micro Nano CBD particles are absorbed into your skin..

Simply pull the nano CBD patch off the plastic film and apply to your skin.  You can remove the patch from your skin and place back on the film.  Place the CBD patch back in the packaging until you’re ready to apply again.

As the hydrogel warms up when applied to your skin, this allows the CBD to slowly be absorbed directly into your skin.


How to Use the Grown Science Nano CBD Patch

Grown Science Nano CBD Patch

6 Benefits of Nano CBD Patch

A CBD patch has many benefits over other forms of CBD, including the fast and effective delivery of CBD used outside of the digestive system.  Most CBD creams and gels must be rubbed into your skin.

  • Made in the USA from highest quality hemp.
  • Fast and effective delivery of CBD
  • Provides an undiluted and direct absorption of CBD into your body.
  • Due to the microscopic size of Nano CBD particles, it is highly bioavailable and is absorbed into the body more efficiently.
  • Nano CBD patch can be removed and reapplied several times.
  • Every Grown Science Nano CBD Patch is tested to ensure it is 100% free of THC, and contains no latex, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, pesticides, heavy metals, artificial dyes, and colors.


Broad Spectrum CBD Patch

The Grow Science Broad Spectrum Nano CBD Patch is formulated with the nano technology and hydrogel.  The microscopic Nano CBD is very bioavailable, which means it gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream more efficiently, since it bypasses the digestive system.

Furthermore, the hydrogel technology provides increased comfort and soothes the skin, which prevents irritation. This allows the patch to be worn for the full 72 hours, or can be removed and reapplied several times without irritation.


Benefits of Nano CBD Patch


Money Back Guarantee

All orders are covered by a 180 day money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, follow the instructions to request a full 100% refund. No questions asked!



What Are Customers Saying

“With the growing Opiod epidemic, I wanted a safe, more natural approach to pain management. This patch is perfect!”  Rachel T

“These patches from grown science have helped me stay on track with my fitness training with little to no pain.”  Graham S.

“I love that this patch lasts 72 hrs, I do not need to worry about carrying several with me if I go on a weekend trip!”  Jeff N

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