8 Best Drinks For Healthy Teeth And Gums



Do you want to know about the drinks for healthy teeth and gums?

Drinks can effect healthy teeth in many ways, but it’s mostly defined by overall acidity. Anything that contains 5.5 or less on the pH scale is considered acidic.

Acidic foods and drinks decrease tooth veneer, which makes teeth painful and susceptible to damage, such as cavities. Drinks that are high in acid and sugar can damage your teeth.

Let’s learn about the 8 best drinks for healthy teeth and gums.


Water for Healthy Teeth and Gums:

water for  healthy teeth

Water helps strengthen and naturally clean your teeth. Water intake also increases your salivary flow.

Saliva is your mouth’s real protection from tooth decay. It contains proteins and minerals that fight plaque, which is the major culprit leading to cavities and tooth decay.

Water also rinses away bacteria and sugars that can cause cavities. Water has zero calories, which help to restore the Ph balance in your mouth and fight harmful acid.


Milk for Calcium:

Milk and different dairy products are rich in calcium. It strengthens bones and teeth. Milk also contains a protein called casein, that fights tooth damage by increasing tooth polish. The calcium and phosphorus in milk enhances and repairs tooth polish that is eliminated due to acid.

Including water, milk is beneficial for the health of your teeth. It’s rich in calcium and other vital minerals. Milk also reduces the acid levels in the mouth, which helps fight tooth loss.


Health Benefits of Green Tea:

green tea for healthy teeth

According to a research study, antioxidant-rich tea can reduce pain and inflammation in the body. Green tea contains particular antioxidants called catechins. These antioxidants help gums fight infection. For this reason you should drink a cup of green tea every day, to protect your gums.

A Japanese study observed that men who drink green tea daily, tend to have a lower amount of periodontal disease, as opposed to people who drink sodas or other sugar-based drinks.

Another Japanese study revealed that men and women, who drink one or more cups of green tea per day, tend to have less tooth loss later in life.


Black Tea to Fight Plaque:

Tea mixtures, called polyphenols, are found in black and green teas. According to research people who washed their mouths with black tea for one minute, two times every day had less plaque build up on their teeth; as compared to people who washed their mouths with water.

Tea weakens the strength of some bacteria, which makes it easier to brush away, the researchers said:

In a 2010 research study, black tea specifically fights halitosis, or bad breath. Polyphenols reduce the organisms found in bacteria that control smelly bad breath


Fresh Fruit Juices:

juice for healthy teeth

You should try to stay away from fruit juices in plastic bottles, which are usually found in supermarkets. Fresh squeezed juices prepared at home are preferable.  

Strawberries and pear are good alternatives. Some fruits are very healthful to your teeth you can also make juices to drink like Strawberries and pear.

Most fruit juices are very acidic and have an increased risk of cavities. 100% fruit juices have amazing health advantages as well, so be alert of their acidic component, because it can damage your teeth, which can cause jaw pain. After you drink fruit juice, since your mouth with a glass of water.

Apple juice has as much as ten tsp. of sugar per portion, which is the same quantity as in the brand name colas. The sugar and citric acids in fruit juice can begin to cause tooth decay.

Before you drink juice, you can reduce the amount of sugar by cutting it with water. You can also choose low sugar juice options.


Vegetable Juice:

Vegetable juice can also impact your oral health. When you are making vegetable juice, you must check the percentage of fruit in the juice. This is due to fruits are high in sugar.

Make sure to drink vegetable juices that contain dark green vegetable juices, which are helpful for your teeth. Vegetable juice that contains kale or spinach, often contain healthy B vitamins, that can help fight on gum disease. Leafy green vegetables are also high in calcium.


Is Root Beer a Better Alternative to Soda:

root beer for healthy teeth

Soda, while tasty, is bad for your teeth, and root beer is not separate. But, if you are drinking soda, then try a natural root beer instead of soda.  Root beer was called the protected soda by World Dental.

Drink it by a straw, to reduce contact with teeth.


Coconut Water:

Coconut water is an excellent drink for overall health. Coconut water has some benefits for your teeth and gums.

Here are other great benefits to coconut water:

  • Helps in teeth whitening
  • A great origin of antioxidants
  • A natural diuretic
  • Low in calories to support weight loss
  • Gives anti-aging advantages
  • Maintains helpful stomach bacteria


In Conclusion:

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