5 Benefits and Risks of Energy Drinks?

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An energy drink is a beverage that is marketed as providing physical and mental stimulation and containing substances such as caffeine, herbal extracts, sugar, and amino acids.  Coffee, tea and soft drinks are not considered as an energy drink, although they usually have the same amount of caffeine and sugar.

List of energy drink: Some of the branded energy drinks are: Bawls, Burn, Red Bull, Blue Charge, Hype Energy, Monster, Full Throttle, Jolt Cola, Mountain Dew Energy, No Fear, NOS, Pepsi Max, Vault, Venom Energy,  etc.

Energy Drink Ingredients: The most common ingredient is caffeine. They may also contain vitamin B, and herbs. Other ingredients include guarana, taurine, carbonated water, creatine, inositol, ginseng and carnitine.  Some energy drink may also include sugar for sweetness purpose.


What are Energy Drinks?

Alcoholic Energy Drink: Sometimes energy drinks are used as mixers with alcohols and provides mixed drinks and thus acts as stimulant. These types of drinks contain high concentration of caffeine. The most common example is that of Red Bull.

Energy Shots: A special kind of energy drink that unlike other drinks are sold in bottles. They provide instant energy and contain calories about 250 calories or even more.

Relaxation Drinks: Launched in the year 2000, this type of energy drink is gaining popularity with the passing of every year. They are being marketed as chill-out or relaxation drinks and has nothing to do with providing energy to oneself. Common types of Relaxation drinks are Lava Cola, Slow Cow and Jones Caba.


Benefits of Energy Drinks:

The benefits that energy drink provides are many. Some of them include:

1. More Energy: Healthy energy drinks are designed to offer energy for a long period of time. Most of us lack the energy and stamina that is required to do a particular work. An energy drink is a great beverage that comes in handy when dealing with the problem of low energy.  Caffeine, its chief ingredient that stimulates the nervous system for its good working.

2. Healthy: Ingredients such as herbs, Vitamin B promotes the proper functioning of the body and are very nutritious. Some healthy energy drinks include the fruit pulp that has its own benefits.

3. Tasty: They are refreshing, delicious and comes in many flavors, according to the choice of oneself.

4. Less Calories: The best energy drinks may contain fewer calories than regular soda, and thus is ideal for people who check their calorie intake. In fact some of the energy drinks have zero calories.

5. Lose Weight: Some of the natural energy drinks can help you lose your weight.  They may contain fewer calories than other beverages, and can help in burning excess fat and releases energy.


Risks of Energy Drinks:

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A health warning on a can of Power Horse energy drink: “Consumption of more than two cans in a day may be harmful to your health. Not to be used for pregnant women, breast feeders, children under the age of 16, people with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, allergy to caffeine, and athletes during exercise.”

Is an energy drink effective?  Or rather, are they even safe to consume?  New Studies suggests that energy drinks don’t offer much energy instead they are harmful for the body. They can raise blood pressure and can enter the heart system causing damage to them too. They contain high concentration of caffeine and other stimulants that have no place in the diet of a child or adolescent.  Some of the dangers of drinking energy drinks are:

1. Cardiac problem: Energy drinks can enter the hearts system and can be extremely harmful for oneself.

2. Headache and Migraines: Drinking too many unhealthy energy drinks can cause severe headache.

3. Insomnia: Energy drinks can keep people awake for a long time, but at the same time can cause many people to miss sleep all together. This lack of sleep is very dangerous for the body.

4. Type 2 Diabetes: Some of the energy drinks contain high amount of sugar for the purpose of sweetness.  This type of energy drink can potentially effect insulin producing cells of the pancreas, and thus can cause insulin resistance, which leads to type 2 diabetes.

5. Addiction: People can become addicted to energy drinks, and thus lead to lack of functioning when unable to have an energy drink. This addiction is thus very bad.

6. Nervousness: too much caffeine from unhealthy energy drinks can effect the nervous system, leading to shaking and anxiousness.

7. Vomiting: Consuming too many energy drinks can leads to vomiting, and can cause dehydration or acid erosion of the teeth.

8. Allergy: Due to many ingredients in energy drinks, an allergic reaction can occur.  This reaction can be both minor or major.


Moderation is the Answer:

Thus one can easily notice that there are less benefit and more risks of energy drink. Hence it advisable to avoid it as much as possible. Too much of everything is dangerous thus moderation is recommended while consuming energy drinks. The intake of Caffeine and other stimulant substances should be as minimal as possible.


Poison Center:

There are many poison centers offering free, and private medical advice 24/7.  If a person is really concerned of their intake of energy drinks, one can call the local poison center and seek their advice.  One can reach the center by calling 1-800-222-1222.  All calls are fast, confidential and free.

About The Author:

Nyssa Sherri is a writer/blogger.  She loves writing, traveling and reading books. She contributes on hometone


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