How Nasal Cannula Helps In Delivering Oxygen Therapy

Gone are the days when patients are required to wear a full mask to get oxygen therapy. Medical science has progressed significantly over the years and tools are progressively getting better. So, anyone in need of respiratory treatment can trust a nasal oxygen cannula to get additional oxygen. It’s a simple piece of medical equipment that ensures airflow to those in need of assisted breathing.

Furthermore, the nasal cannula is ideal for those patients who might need supplemental oxygen anytime or anywhere. The tool is extensively used post-surgery or for several respiratory conditions where extra oxygen becomes the need. It’s a very helpful device for conditions where a constant oxygen delivery of over 10 LPM is not required. It is commonly used to carry 1 to 5 liters of oxygen per minute.

There cannulas are available in sizes for adults, infants and even neonatal to meet varied oxygen needs of people of different age groups. For infant, the device is capable of carrying less than 1 liter of oxygen per minute. They also supply humidified air to help in breathing.



When are nasal cannulas used?


We have already understood how patients needing respiratory help can benefit from cannulas to meet their breathing requirements. This supply of oxygen depends on many factors and its need varies from patient to patient.



Let’s look at when these cannulas are used –


  • When the patient is in stable state and needs oxygen in low flow or low to medium concentration


  • When the oxygen is needed in a variable manner


  • These cannulas are helpful in meeting the breathing rate and pattern of patients for delivering oxygen


  • Not suitable in cases where controlled oxygen therapy is required


  • Not fit for use when patients are in an acute phase of illness


  • They are perfect to maintain flow rates of 1-5 liters per minute making it a concentration of 24-40% oxygen


  • They are also capable of maintaining flow rates of up to 6 liters but this can create discomfort


  • These cannulas can be used even when patients are eating, talking or drinking


  • They are helpful in cutting down the danger of carbon dioxide rebreathing



Who can use nasal cannulas? 


A nasal cannula is needed when a person needs additional oxygen or airflow to get help in breathing. It’s also perfect for people needing respiratory help. Since oxygen masks are not fit for every situation, cannulas become useful and even more popular form of taking oxygen.


Let’s look at who can use these cannulas –


  • Anyone who needs a little more air or oxygen can use the device


  • Those who are not getting the maximum amount of air flow can benefit from the device


  • Highly accurate oxygen concentrations can be received using these cannulas


  • You can use humidifiers in conjunction with the cannula to prevent dryness of the nasal passages


  • It’s also very helpful for those who want to do day-to-day activities without having to wear an oxygen mask


  • High air flow volumes can be achieved even without any risks to the body


  • No barrier to daily activities and no problem with the flow of oxygen






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