5 Ways to Combat Holiday Weight Gain


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It’s finally that time again, the time of the year where we celebrate with our love ones and inevitably cheat a little bit on our calorie counting app.  Have you ever wanted to learn how to enjoy the holidays without the fear of the weight gain that comes with the festivities?

Holidays are upon us – Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. This chain of holidays is good for you, great for your family and for the economy as well. But above all else, it is going to be a disaster for your diet program especially on weight gain if you are trying to lose a lot of weight.

It is the most difficult time of the year for dieters and fitness enthusiasts. If you are planning on taking a vacation and escape to your dream place, restricting yourself from various tasty cuisines may not be your best way to enjoy the holidays.

So, how can you maintain your weight during these tempting times?


1. Control Your Cravings


This is a must! In order to resist your favorite foods in a holiday gathering, you have to control your cravings by seriously committing to your diet oath. Yes, your health is going to be compromised if you can’t commit to your diet program.

I am not saying that you abstain from any foods you encounter as you simply cannot control all situations.

This means that you simply have to focus on the foods that you can avoid. For example, candies, cakes, sweets and calorie drinks may very well found their way to your dining table or your workspace.

What should you do? Make a personal oath that you will sacrifice these foods and drinks, completely avoiding them during holidays in change for the betterment of your health and fitness.

If you can’t resist, then you may want to try dietary supplements that can help reduce your cravings and control your appetite. I highly recommend Garcinia Ultra Pure for your holiday getaway!

If you don’t plan to go on vacation and just going to spend the holiday at home, it is much ideal to invite your friends and family to come over and enjoy the time together.

Of course, invite those people who are equally health conscious and fitness buffs. These companions won’t eat excessively like most common people on your workspace.

Instead of watching television together, try outdoor activities with your family and friends. This will get your mind off food and allow you to bond more with your loved ones. Focus on socializing!

This tip is a no brainer! Sleep deprivation is a common mistake during holidays, and if you can’t control it, can lead to significant weight gain.

Experts has proven that people who are lacking in sleep tends to be more hungrier, eats a lot more calories and are lazy to follow any physical activities – NCBI.

Not having enough sleep causes your hunger hormone levels to spike, leading to higher calorie intake. And according to the NCBI link above, inadequate sleep leads to lower metabolism.


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To avoid overeating, you have to be wise when choosing appetizers, desserts and drinks, especially alcohol drinks. A small portion of appetizers and desserts may help you from gaining pounds at a single dinner.

Also, sauces made from cream can be a liability for your health. So better use low-fat dressings and vinegar instead.

Speaking of alcohol drinks, instead of choosing hard strong beers, go for the light beer or just plain red wine. Red wine has resveratrol, a chemical that has been known to promote weight loss.

All tips here are not going to work if you are not proactive enough to plan your holidays ahead of time!  Any events that involve parties and food on the calendar, you should take note of that and plan your excuse or find ways on how to avoid overeating.

See what type of foods will be served and if possible, bring your own dish with you. Yes, you need to plan ahead, decide what to eat and how much food to take during holidays!


Some of the best ways to avoid weight gain during the coming holidays according to experts are the following:

·        Never eat processed foods

·        Regularly weigh yourself

·        Reduce on taste testing

·        Increase your fiber intake

·        Have a balanced meals with protein

·        Control your stress levels

·        Get used to say “NO”  to your friends and family

·        Be more active physically


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Remember that the holiday season shouldn’t be a burden but a truly joyful moment with your loved ones! So plan your holiday activities ahead and don’t forget the aforementioned tips to maintain your healthy and fit physique!

Author Bio

Perly Rodolfo is a health and fitness blogger based in Manila, Philippines. She love to share inspiring stories and articles about family, food, health and religion.

Learn more about Perly’s work through her website at PopularDietPills.net.


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