How Bike Riding Can Help You Lose Weight

How Bike Riding Helps You Lose Weight?

If you looking to lose weight, and hate the idea of joining a gym, one of the best ways to help shed those unwanted pounds is bike riding.   There are several types of bikes available on the market today, and the best type of bike to buy if your goal is to use the bike for exercise is a hybrid bike, also known as a comfort bike.  A comfort bike is a cross between a road bike and mountain bike.

How Bike Riding Can Help You Lose Weight?

Now that we have discussed the best type of best bike to buy for exercise, let’s turn our attention to the benefits of bike riding for weight loss.  Before beginning any exercise program, consult your doctor to ensure your heart is healthy enough to enjoy bike riding or other type of exercise regimen.


  • Excellent heart healthy exercise for people with heart disease, someone recovering from a heart attack, or people dealing with obesity and a rigorous gym program may put too much stress on your heart.
  • Low impact form of exercise that is not hard on knees, ankles or joints, which makes it easier for you to move and lose weight.
  • By using bike riding, you may experience lower instances of stress, anxiety and depression, which can help you lose weight by gaining mobility, which prevents you from fall into destructive habits like emotional eating.
  • People with lower stress, anxiety and depression tend to do less emotional eating, which is eating to fill a void and is not for nourishment, and a good way to help lose weight.
  • Bike riding works several muscle groups at the same time, which burns calories, unlike exercise programs that only work one muscle group at a time.
  • Riding a bike replenishes your body with vital oxygen and natural vitamin D from the sun, even on a cloudy day.


Why Buy a Hybrid Bike, not a Mountain Bike?

Mountain bikes are very popular, due to their relative low cost and availability at most big box stores.  The problem with mountain bikes is that unless you plan to ride rough terrain or climb hills, this is the wrong bike for most people, especially if your goal for buying a bike is to ride a bike to lose weight.  If you are not planning to hit the hills, we recommend a hybrid bike.  With a hybrid bike, you are sitting up straight and not hunched over the handle bars as is common with a mountain bike, which puts less stress on your neck, shoulders, arms and back muscles.  Also, this type of bike has larger softer seat than a mountain bike, which is why it is also called a comfort bike.

The best hybrid bike is designed for street riding and light trail riding, since it has a light weight aluminum frame and tires with small nibs that offers a smooth ride on any surface, yet can grab onto dirt and gravel without slipping.  A hybrid bike has 21 gears that shift very smoothly to allow the rider a smooth and comfortable upright ride on flat surfaces, riding up hill or down hill with relative ease.  This is the perfect type of bike for most people who want to use a bike to get heart healthy exercise.


Hybrid Bike Review

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