The Best Way to Quit Smoking Cigarettes for Less Than $100

The Best Way to Quit Smoking Cigarettes for Less Than $100

Smoking can be an expensive habit, with the average smoker spending upwards of $300 per month or $3,600 per year to supply their nicotine addiction.  The good news is the best way to quit smoking can cost less than $100.  This article will provide you with vital information on the best way to quit smoking for less than $100.

Why the Nicotine Patch Doesn’t Work

Nicoderm Nicotine Patches and Nicorette Gum can cost as much as $80 per month, and have a 90% failure rate.  There is another way to quit smoking naturally that you buy one time for less than $100 and you use it for 30 days.  With over one million satisfied users, the QuitKey from LifeSign has been the best way to quit smoking for over 1 million people for more than 20 years.

Many programs and products to help you end your nicotine addiction do not provide support while you are trying to quit smoking, or offer on-going support to keep you from smoking after you have quit.  This is why the  nicotine patch and nicotine gum have such a low success rate.  Hypnotherapy to stop smoking can work, but to make this method effective you have to want to stop smoking.  My brother tried it, but since he really didn’t want to quit and enjoys this vice, hypnosis was not an effective tool to stop smoking.


How is Using this computer the Best Way to Quit Smoking?

LifeSign understands what makes quit smoking aids effective, and includes several tools to help you quit smoking.

  • Software to analyze your daily smoking habit
  • Hand Held Computer that tells you when to smoke
  • On Line and Live Support While You are using the QuitKey
  • MP3 Motivational Tools to Help You after you have Quit Smoking


How Much Does the QuiKey Cost?

Nicoderm can cost as much as $80 per month until you quit, and the nicotine patch has a 90% failure rate for first time users.  If it takes three months to finally break your nicotine addiction with the patch, then can expect to spend $240 to $300, if you also use nicotine gums or other nicotine replacement products.  The Quitkey smoking cessation computer, which costs less than $100, is a one-time purchase, and offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


How Does The QuitKey Work?

Best Way to Quit Smoking

You simply program in your daily smoking pattern.  The QuitKey tells you when to smoke throughout the day.  The computer uses a two step process which keeps track and slowly weens you off of the nicotine habit.   You can be smoke free in as few as 34 days, but can take longer depending on your level of addiction and motivation to quit.


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