Are Rodan and Fields Real Doctors?

Are Rodan and Fields Real Doctors?

Rodan and Fields

When you watch a commercial for Proactiv Soltions, the acne treatment marketed by Guthy-Renker, you see the names Rodan and Fields on the top of the bottle.  Have you ever wondered, who are these two women?  Are they real doctors, or two attractive women hired to market the Proactiv skin care treatment?

What’s In a Product Name?

Many well known products today have fictitious names behind them, such as Betty Crocker, Orville Redenbacker, and even the high end clothing line Anne Taylor is a just made up name.  So, with this it can be easy to ask whether Rodan and Fields, are real dermatologists and do they exist?

Are Rodan and Fields Real Doctors?

Following  in the footsteps of some notable healthcare companies founded by real people, such as Johnson & Johnson and Lever Brothers, Proactiv Solutions developers Rodan & Fields are in fact real people.  They are Katie Rodan, MD and Kathy Fields, MD, who are two Stanford trained dermatologists who have medical practices in San Francisco.  You can read the Rodan and Fields Bios here.  Dr. Fields is also an adjunct professor at UCSF Medical School and Dr. Rodan is an associate professor at Stanford University Medical School.  Several years before Dr. Fields developed the Proactiv acne treatment product, I was a patient of Dr. Fields who treated me when I had a bad skin reaction after being bitten by a spider.   Now that you know Rodan and Fields are real dermatologists with practices in San Francisco, this should help remove any doubt about whether they are real doctors, or just pretty faces hired to sell an acne removal product


Is Proactiv Safe?

Many acne removal products available at your local store or on the Internet are created by nameless scientists in large laboratories and sold under various name brand acne creams or lotions, or available for private label to be marketed by national chain storss, like Target Stores, Kroger or even CVS Pharmacy.  Some acne removal products are manufactured outside of the US, and thus do not fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA to protect your health, or ensure the labs are clean and safe.  Rodan and Fields,  on the other hand, are US Board Certified dermatologists who formulated Proactiv, use FDA approved ingredients and Proactiv is manufactured in an FDA approved manufacturing facility for your safety and satisfaction.

When you buy Proactiv, you know the names behind this acne treatment are real dermatologists who treat people like you with acne on their face, chest, back and arms everyday.

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