5 Brain Techniques to Improve Your Memory

5 Brain Techniques to Improve Your Memory



Memory Improvement


Improve memory

We all want to have better memory, and as we all know already the brain is a muscle. Whether we are young or old, we need our memory, and there are easy ways to improve memory as we exercise our brain.

For examples, if you’re a student you need a more powerful memory to be more successful at your examinations, or if you’re a senior, you would like to stay mentally sharp for as long as you can and enhance your grey matter. Discoveries have shown there are many ways to improve memory at any age; it’s not like teaching a dog the same old trick. Our brain can adapt and change, and it’s called neuroplasticity.

You see, your brain while being stimulated as it should be, starts forming new neural pathways, adapt and reshape itself. There are several things you can do to improve memory. You should try and exercise these techniques if you want to improve yourself, thus, improve your life.



To Improve Your Brain, You Need To Improve Your Life


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Don’t skip the physical exercise and sleep – These are the aspects of your life you would like to focus on.

Believe or not, you’re improving your brain while you’re doing physical exercises. The fact is that, if you have proper physical activity, then your brain gets enough oxygen. This way you will also protect yourself from some disorders which can cause greater problems for your body like diabetes and such.

Also, the other most important thing is to get your Zs! You need to have a good night sleep because you brain to sleep. The statistic shows us that the adults need the average time of 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep every day for the sake of your sanity and avoiding sleep deprivation.



Here are some things you should consider changing in your life to improve your memory:


Cup of coffee

  • Avoid all screens for at least an hour, before sleep!
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Manage you sleeping hours well








Hang out with your friends and fun –

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The best way of improving your brain power and memory you need to interact with people. We are highly social beings, we need relationships, and they’re healthy for our brains.

Therefore, instead of doing brain puzzles or hard work you should consider hanging out with some friends because that would even be more helpful for improving your brain. It is scientifically proven that people who have active social lives tend to keep their memory intact longer than those who don’t have a social life.



Eat a brain-boosting food and supplements –


Believe it or not by having the right diet you will also improve your memory, not only your health but your brain function as well.

Your brain needs fuel just as much as your body does. A diet based on vegetables, fruits and healthy “fats” will improve your memory and not to mention the health benefits you will get from this kind of diet. Here are some examples of what you should try including in your diet.


        6 Brain-boosting Foods:

Brain boosting foods


  • Dark Chocolate – because it contains more than 70% cacao not only it’s good for stress reduction and other numerous health benefits, studies have shown that it can also improve your memory and make your brain smarter.
  • Drink green tea – Researchers have found out that drinking this tea can improve cognitive functions, especially boost your memory power.
  • Eat oily fish – You need to get your omega 3s because there is nothing that brain needs more than omega-3 fatty acids. The species of fish you should focus on are salmon, tuna, halibut, trout, mackerel, sardines, and herring.
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables – You will need to consume more fruits and vegetables because they contain antioxidants. This substance is what protects you from brain damage the most.
  • Berries and Cherries – These black ones are rich in anthocyanin’s and other flavonoids which can also improve your memory.
  • Pick up pumpkin seeds.



Brain-boosting Supplements:


brain Boosting supplements







Why Laughter is good for your brain –


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Laughter is indeed the best medicine, and when it comes to brain improvement we couldn’t agree more. Laughter has an effect on a whole brain, unlike the emotional responses which only have an effect on specific areas of the brain.

Nevertheless, telling and listening to jokes as well as working out punch lines activate and improve the brain in many ways.

Laughter lets us think more broadly and becomes more socially interactive. How to bring laughter into your life? Here are some examples of how you can do just that.

  • When you detect laughter, you would like to join those who are laughing –  Most of the time people interact with each other to share the feeling or get some more from someone, in other words, feed off the humor.
  • Surround yourself with memories that make you happy – Redecorate your whole room, workplace, and the place where you’re most of the time. By doing so, you will then often be reminded of happy thoughts and memories of particular situations in your life. Hence, you will be able to experience the same thing you do while you laugh.
  • Laugh at yourself – Yup, you read it right. Just does it, it’s even funny and educational.



Work out your brain regularly –


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You will need to exercise your brain on a regular basis to boost memory. You have already created millions of neural pathways, and to boost your memory, you need to create new ones.

The right way to do this is to start taking on new challenges and not doing the same thing you have already done in the past. If you only practice something you already know how to do, then you’re just using the pathways you have already created.

If you challenge yourself and start learning new things, for example, a new language, or to play a new instrument, or any other skills than those you possess already, is the right way to create new neural pathways. The brain functions the same way as your muscles; you need to use them, or you’ll lose them.




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