5 Natural Testosterone Booster All Men Should Take

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If you are a man over age 40, the one hormone you should worry about most is your “testosterone.’ While other hormones are important too; it’s the sex hormone testosterone that makes you a man.

But here is what is alarming; whether you know it by age 50 you can be losing up to 1% a year of this precious sex hormone.  Sometimes, it is just the aging process that causes a decline in the testosterone levels, but most of the time, it’s your lifestyle choices that can lead to a loss of testosterone. Before you could comprehend what hit you, you start having symptoms of low testosterone like low libido, failing memory, or a decreasing muscle mass.

You need testosterone not just to be good in bed, but for almost every bodily function. Testosterone helps men boost metabolism; it improves muscle mass; it increases memory and regularizes sleep etc.

So how can you avoid reduced levels of testosterone?

This article has the answers to all your questions!

What Are the 5 Natural Testosterone Booster All Men Should Take


  1. Maca

It is an ancient root, which is also commonly known as  Peruvian Ginseng. For centuries, people have used the Maca root for improving male libido and enhancing their stamina. Even today, science acknowledges the magical properties of this root.

The modern research shows that Maca root improves libido. This property of Maca is due to its ability to improve testosterone levels. The results of laboratory studies have shown that individuals using Maca root powder experience improvements in the indices of testosterone levels, which includes an increase in libido as well.

So is Maca worth it? It is! You can use the powdered supplements of Maca to regain the testosterone levels you once had. However, you must make sure that you use the supplements coming from a trusted vendor because the benefits of Maca decline drastically if it’s of substandard quality.


  1. Pine Pollen

In simple words, it is the plant version of sperm. It is a testosterone booster from plant sources that has unique abilities. And there is solid science behind why this supplement is bound to work.

First and foremost, this testosterone source is full of plant based sterols. Testosterone is a hormone derived from cholesterol molecules. So these plant based sterols help in the production of testosterone hormone.

The good thing about plant based sterols is that they, unlike the animal-based sterols, can help boost low T naturally without going hard on your blood cholesterol levels.

Moreover, pine pollen is a natural source of some of the best vitamins and minerals for men. These natural vitamins and minerals can help you upkeep your health, which can help your body work properly that includes testosterone synthesis as well.

Lastly, pine pollen is a great source of arginine. Arginine is a natural amino acid which is famous among the bodybuilding community as a testosterone boosting supplement.

So this is a supplement with all the benefits you could imagine. Not only will it help you improve your testosterone levels, but it will contribute to maintaining your overall health as well.


  1. Horny Goat Weed

The story of how this weed got its name might sound a bit funny to you. The weed got its name when a goatherder recognized that his male goats were getting more powerful, more sexually active, and had more stamina.

When he probed further, he got to know that all of this was due to the male goats munching on a weed, which was then named as the Horny Goat Weed.


how to boost low testosterone

But there is a question. Can it work for humans too?

That’s a valid question, indeed. So let’s find out what science says about this weed.

Researchers at the Michigan State University probed into the properties of Horny Goat Weed as a natural testosterone booster, and found that it does work! When they looked into the chemical constituents of this weed, they discovered that it contained a substantial amount of ‘icariin.’. So what is icariin and can it do?

Icariin is a natural testosterone booster; you may have figured that out already. But it has made on to our list for a special reason.

It helps to super sensitize your penis. In addition to optimum testosterone levels, you need stimulation coming from your penis. Icariin helps you achieve that.

Icariin has also been proven to increase nitric oxide levels which then leads to enhanced blood circulation throughout the body.

So if you are struggling with low testosterone levels or low libido, Horny Goat Weed could be the right thing for you!


  1. L-Arginine

L-arginine is perhaps one of the most extensively sold supplements on the market. If you have ever been to a gym, you’d know what this supplement is and what it does. Every bodybuilder knows about it and knows how potent this supplement can be. So what is it all about?

L-arginine is a supplement that helps generate a chemical in your bloodstream, called ‘nitric oxide.’ Nitric oxide does the same thing for the human body as Nitrous does for cars!

It gives a boost of energy by improving the flow of blood to your body parts, including your muscles. An improvement in the blood supply means an improvement in the supply of nutrients as well, which can then optimize the function of different bodily organs.

This increase in blood supply is not just for muscles only. The blood circulating to your penis also improves. When your body has more blood and more nutrients, it can then speed up the process of testosterone production.


  1. Best Vitamins and Minerals

Above all, you need a balanced supply of vitamins and minerals to optimize your testosterone production. When your body is supercharged with nutrients, only then can it think about producing testosterone.

Although many vitamins and minerals are important; the most important ones include vitamin D, E, Zinc and Magnesium.

All of these nutrients help synthesize testosterone. Moreover, these nutrients are antioxidants as well, so they help your body get rid of toxins and wastes.



If you are struggling with your low testosterone levels, give these supplements a try!


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