11 Soothing Home Remedies For Bronchitis That Work

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There are some diseases in this world,  which affects nearly everyone at one time or another  in their lifetime.  One of those diseases is bronchitis. Are there natural home remedies for bronchitis?

Some of its pain giving symptoms of this bronchial disorder are persistent coughing, heavy congestion, and nasty phlegm in your chest.

Normally, bronchitis is due to a viral infection.  It is spread by coughing, sneezing, congestion, and sputum. Its symptoms are often accompanied by headache, sore or itchy throat, fatigue and muscle aches.

Some people want to use prescription or over the counter (OTC) remedies to treat bronchitis.  If you prefer to use a natural home remedy to eliminate your bronchitis, then yo may want to try one of these home remedies.


Try these 11 Home Remedies for Bronchitis:


1. Slurp Chicken Soup:

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The childhood mother’s way of treating inflamed airways, which is one of the best home remedies, which dates back centuries.

Homemade chicken soup has medicinal properties that soothing inflamed airways.   The hot soup is a great home remedy, since it helps break up the chest congestion.

A scientific study found that chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties.  Many of the researches have shown that the this home remedy inhibited the infection-fighting white-blood cells collected from healthy volunteers.

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2. Use Honey for Bronchitis:

Honey has both anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.  Honey is one of the most effective home remedies for respiratory tract infections, like bronchitis. Dark honey works best on children with bronchitis. The main reason that honey works in bronchitis, it soothes irritated mucous membranes. Honey should never be given to children under 1 year. This can cause a rare type of food poisoning.


3. Drink a great amount of water:

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Everyone needs to drink water daily. The lack of daily water consumption can lead to illness or diseases in your body. In the case of bronchitis.

By staying hydrated, mucus in the chest gets thin, and it becomes easier to expel it out. During a fever, your body can suffer a lot of fluid loss.  This can lead to dehydration.

Drinking a good amount of water is a good home remedy when you are sick, since it can balance fluid in your body. Cool liquid’s should be avoided when you have bronchitis.   Warm or boiled water should be taken, as it is more soothing to eliminate bronchial inflammation.



4. Gargle Salt Water:

When you have bronchitis, swishing salt water in your mouth several times a day can help in washing the excess mucus away. It is said swishing salt water is not a cure, as it does not directly attack at the virus.   However, this home remedy for bronchitis does suppress the symptoms of this illness. Diseases like cold, which can grow to become bronchitis, can be also treated with this home remedy.


5. Have a spicy meal:

hot food for bronchitis

If you like to eat spicy foods, then for this time of life you will be very be happy to make spicy food the first home remedy to fight bronchitis.

Powerful condiments, such as hot mustard, horseradish, and wasabi can be of great help in loosening the bronchial secretions that cause bronchitis. Spicy foods can be an antidote to a phlegmy cough and congestion.

Capsaicin-containing hot chili peppers eases congestion by thinning out mucus. Cayenne is used to boost blood flow.  This can enhance other treatments for bronchitis.


6. Using a humidifier:

The moist warm air of a humidifier is a popular home remedy to loosen the mucus and reduce coughing associates with bronchitis.

Many studies indicate that long-term humidification therapy is a cost-effective and natural home remedy for bronchitis.  In this condition,  air pathways become abnormally wide. If a person with this condition uses a humidifier on a daily basis, then it should be cleaned and sanitized regularly.


7. Take some rest:

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The hectic daily lifestyle these days can prevent people from getting an adequate amount of sleep. When the rest cycle gets interrupted, then diseases like bronchitis can attacks a healthy person.

When a person has already been suffering from bronchitis, the body fights with the virus all time and need rest to restore its energy.

Everyone should get an adequate amount of sleep.  Everybody needs sleep to build a strong immune system in the body. In most cases, the lack of immune power causes these diseases. So, the patient should take a load off from the day and get a good night’s sleep.


8. Inhale steam:

Steam is a proven cost-effective cure for bronchitis.  No fancy equipment is required to perform a steam treatment. Inhaling steam loosens the mucus and relieves wheezing. This can cause a clear air pathway in the body.

To do it, the patient should boil water.  Cover your head with a towel, then put his/her head above the hot water. Just inhaling the warm steam for about twenty minutes.  Remove your head from steam for a few minutes if it gets too hot, then repeat.

9. Turmeric treatment:

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Some teaspoons of turmeric in the glass of milk for about two to three times a day can help build back your immune system to get back to its best shape.

Turmeric in boiled milk is a remedy that has been given to today’s people for their parents and its working is quite good as it gives relief to the patient and makes the immune system get back on its feet again to fight the virus better than its doing at that time.


10. Wear a cold mask in cold weather:

Cold air can easily increase cough when you are sick. Covering the mouth and nose before going outside in the cold weather can help in preventing any more worsening the disease. Cover your face with a muffle, mouth-cover.
Hope these home remedies help you to fight bronchitis.


11. Herbal Tea:

hot tea for bronchitis

Mix Ginger, cinnamon, and clove in hot water. This is one of the popular ancient home remedies, which can heal any disease there is.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties.  It includes antioxidants that reduces swelling in the patient’ bronchial tubes and speed up the healing process.

Clove contains a large number of microbes which help the body in healing and building back the immune system.

Author Bio:

Henna is a proficient writer who firmly believes in the age-old remedies and holistic medicine as a primary cure for several diseases. After graduating she embarked on a journey to find the truth about holistic and natural remedies.

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