Phalogenics Review – Does It Work?

Updated: July 2021

Phalogenics is a unique 12 week natural penis enlargement program, from Dr. Johnathan Harris, called phalogenic traction, which is developed to increase penis size naturally.

With this penis enlargement remedy review, you will learn how this natural male enhancement can increase your penis size.


What is Phalogenics

This penis enlargement exercise program includes basic, intermediate and advanced proprietary penis enlargement video exercises, which are developed to naturally increase penis size.

Dr. Harris says these penis enlargement exercises are designed to naturally help men increase penis length, width and girth by up to 3.6 to 4 inches within 12 weeks.

Men have been looking for ways to increase penis size naturally since the dawn of humanity.   This includes Prehistoric cave painting showing men with large penises, Egyptian hieroglyphics of well endowed kings, and even Greek sculptures showing men with large penises.

Men with large penises have been shown in positions of power, seem to be able get any woman they choose, and are amazing lovers able to reach pleasure points inside of her that can give their partners intense sexual pleasure and multiple mind blowing orgasms.

Many penis enlargement programs cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.  You can purchase Phalogenics here for just one payment of $69.



How Does Phalogenics Work


Phalogenics uses a process called phalogenic traction to help increase penis size naturally.  This therapy was developed for men with a curvature of the penis.  You can use penis stretching exercises, or a penis traction device to stretch the penis, to make it longer.

The program not only contains penis enhancement exercises to make your penis bigger, you will also learn exercises to reverse erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, and help you last longer in bed.

The Phalogenics penis enlargement program consists of 12 basic, intermediate and advanced penis stretching exercises, divided into  weekly exercise programs and several advanced male enhancement video exercises.

Each male enhancement exercise takes 6 minutes to perform.  It is recommended to do the exercises for just 20 minutes per day.   It is important to follow the program in each sequence and you not skip ahead, so you get the best results and prevent injury to your penis.

Phalogenics Review - Members Area Part 2 - YouTube

You have a full year to try Phalogenics.  This is a digital downloadable product, so you don’t have to wait for the product to arrive in the mail.    You will be able to begin using Phalogenics to increase your penis size instantly.

Nothing will be shipped to you in the mail.


It’s All in the Stretching

The penis enhancement program consists of several basic and advanced penis enlargement exercises, which only take 20-30 minutes to do each day.  This video series is meant to be a continued regimen to achieve and maintain the best results.

Let’s be clear, the penis is not a muscle, and getting a “boner” has nothing to do with bones or muscles. The penis is actually made up of three sponge-like tissues, called the corpus cavernosum.  The tunica albuginea is the fibrous tissue that extends the length of the corpora cavernosa.


The tunica albuginea is directly involved in maintaining an erection; that is due to Buck’s fascia constricting the erection veins of the penis, preventing blood from leaving and thus sustaining the erect state.

When you work out at the gym, the weight lifting program itself does not make your muscles bigger.  The repairing process to your muscles after the workout is what actually leads to muscle growth.

The penis enlargement exercises in Phalogenics break down tissues in the structures of the penis to permanently elongate them.  This allows more blood to be stored in your penis.  The increase in your penis size from Phalogenics is due to an increase in the amount of blood that is stored in your penis.




Are the Penis Stretching Exercises Safe

The only caution listed by the manufacturer of Phalogenics is about how to avoid injury to the male organ.   This can be achieved by doing the exercises lightly at first.  Your penis enlargement exercises can become more vigorous as you advance in the course.

As the video series is purely visual with the expectation of light exercise’s physical effort, it is considered safe. Furthermore, the seller states that the recommended supplements and additional items are also all-natural.


6 Benefits of Phalogenics

  • Has a 12 week guided penis enlargement program
  • Phalogenics has just a one-time purchase of $69
  • No drugs or surgery required
  • Penis enlargement exercises take a few minutes to 20 minutes per session
  • Penis enlargement exercises can be repeated at any time
  • Male Enhancement Benefits are permanent


Are there and Risks of Phalogenics

Phalogenics is a video based program that contains several rel=”sponsored” >penis enlargement exercises to help men increase penis size naturally.  Since it is not a supplement, it does not have the same risks of side effects with oral or topical remedies.

As with any male enhancement exercise, not doing the movement or exercise properly may cause injury.   It is important you follow the instructions exactly as described to prevent damage or injury to your penis.


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How to Get Started

Phalogenics Review: Do These Penis Exercises For Growth Work?

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