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Updated June 2024

Aizen Power  for men is a natural dietary supplement for men developed by medical researcher Arnold P.  Joyce.  This men’s health formula can help men increase penis size naturally by as much as 67% within just a few weeks.

This natural male enhancement is formulated from a two thousand year old Asian elixir made with natural herbal ingredients.  The natural formula in Aizen Power has been known for centuries in Asian and Ayurvedic medicine to trigger your penis growth gene and address the challenges associated with the signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

This gene increases your penis size naturally, may help and helps supports a healthy and strong erection without any side effects.

This unique penis growth method is developed with unique herbal ingredients found in Asia, that triggers your penis growth gene,  which increases your penis size naturally.

It is also developed to help supports a healthy and strong erection without any side effects.

This centuries old secret formula may just be the best male enhancement formula, since it helps men improve their erection and begins to increase penis size within days of beginning use.  You can find out more about this secret formula here.

Like so many men in their 40’s and 50’s, Mr. Joyce was plagued with a small member size.  He was introduced to an ancient penis growth ceremony that delivered immediate penis growth results.  He says the ingredients in Aizen Power have been shown to increase your penis size by 67%, and improve male sexual performance.

Arnold P.  Joyce discovered how rich Asian elite men have been able to grow their penis size by 4, 10 or even 15 inches by doing this secret Asian 10-second tantric trick, which he was able to observe for himself.

They consume a 2000 year old elixir made from the rarest Eastern Asian plants.  Mr. Joyce says this program may be the best way to grow your penis, and you can begin to see improvement in just a few days, the same way he did.

You can learn this Asian tantric male enhancement trick in the amazing video.

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What is Aizen Power

For 5,000 years the Thai people have kept this natural male enhancement pill  formula locked and sealed, and was only available to the male elites.

Through a series of events, Arnold P. Joyce met an Asian man he worked with who was using this secret natural male enlargement formula.  He saw this man’s enormous manhood in the restroom, and finally convinced him to share the centuries old formula with him, so he could increase his penis size naturally.

As a medical researcher, Arnold Joyce began analyzing the secret ingredients in this natural penis enlargement formula.  He was amazed at the power of the elixir to increase his penis size quickly.   When combing the herbal ingredients he called the new formula Aizen Power.   With this formula, Mr. Joyce’s  own penis grew by two inches within two weeks using this formula.

Men who use Aizen Power have reported some amazing benefits, including:

  • naturally reversing symptoms of erectile dysfunction
  • thicker and fuller looking hair
  • improved skin complexion

Learn more about the formula in Aizen Power Here

Thanks to Arnold P. Joyce, the TRUTH is now finally out.  The natural penis growth formula in Aizen Power helps men begin to increase penis size by 2-4 inches naturally within a few days.

The herbal ingredients in this natural male enhancement contain powerful antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory capabilities, can reverses nerve damage and helps increase blood flow to the tissues of the penis.  The ingredients have also been shown in studies to improve erectile function and increase sensitivity of the penis.


What are the Ingredients in Aizen Power

  • Berberine – activates the metabolic switch, and in the right dosage activates the penis growth switch.  Berberine has been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.  It has been shown to improve metabolic health conditions and reverse internal inflammation, which is a contributor  to  Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, and heart problems.
  • Chinese Goldthread.  This plant has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years and has antibacterial effects.
  • Banaba – strong and powerful antioxidant.  Discussed in the Kama Sutra.  Per WebMD, banaba can lower blood sugar levels, and may promote weight loss in men.
  • Corosolic acid.  It is shown to be an antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, and antiproliferativey. Blocks negative affects that lead to small penis size.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – a strong amino acid and antioxidant.  Shown to improve both the health and sensitivity of your penis.  This can reverse the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
  • Matcha Green Tea.  Matcha green tea is a supercharged antioxidant.  This green tea is high in Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).  This powerful antioxidant reduces inflammation and has been shown to improve erectile function.  In other words it can help give you longer and harder erections.
  • Resveratrol
  • Milk Thistle.  Improves blood flow
  • Cayenne
  • Korean Ginseng to boost male libido and is a natural remedy for ED found in Journal of Urology
  • Zinc


Arnold P.  Joyce’s Secret Formulation in Aizen Power

He analyzed the ingredients in Aizen Power, and came up with the following secret formulation to help you naturally increase penis size, improve your erections and last longer in bed.

  • 11mg of zinc
  • 100mcg of chromium
  • 150mg of alpha-lipoic acid
  • 150mg of green tea extract
  • 100mg of berberine
  • 40mg of resveratrol
  • 112mg of a proprietary blend with milk thistle seed extract (with 80% silymarin), cayenne pepper fruit (40,000 HU), Korean ginseng aerial extract (with 8% ginsenosides), and banaba leaf extract (with 2% corosolic acid)

Other ingredients, including gelatin (to create the capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide (as fillers, binders, and preservatives)

  • Improve blood flow to the penis.
  • Natural libido booster.
  • When zinc was added to the formula, this helped significantly boost the production of testosterone.
  • Chromium helps boost the natural production of testosterone and promotes fast weight loss in men.

How Does Aizen Power Support Healthy Erections

couple making love

Arnold P.  Joyce states that after men who take Aizen Power have been able to  increase penis size by 4, 10 or even 15 inches.  He also states that with this penis enlargement program,  you can increase your penis length by 67% in just a few weeks.

Also, due to his own medical research on the ingredients, Arnold Joyce added some vital ingredients to supercharge the formula.

Lack of penis size is not due to age, but genetics flaw inside your body.  This issue can eventually lead to weight gain, and hair loss.  That’s why he added herbal ingredients shown in medical studies to reverse these issues.

With this natural penis enhancement, you’ll be hung like a stallion, as strong as a bull, and have endless stamina to last longer in bed, and have the sex drive of an 18 year old.   You may just be able to give your partner more sexual desire and the most powerful orgasm than she’s ever had.

Men have lost weight and gained muscle mass without having to step foot in a gym.  They went from fearing they were going to go bald to having thick full hair, and improved skin complexion.

You may be thinking this is a total joke, but testimonial after testimonial from men over 40 share how this naatural libido booster in Aizen Power has transformed their life.  Men are reporting having more sex with with their wives, girlfriends,  and even women they meet.


It May Help Reverse Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction.

How Aizen Power can help reverse symptoms of ED in menThe ingredients in Aizen Power may help reverse your embarrassing symptoms  erectile dysfunction, so you can last longer in bed.

The ingredients in Aizen Power have been shown to relax blood vessels, improve production of nitric oxide and increase blood flow, which allows men to maintain a hard erection.

Watch this video now to learn how Aizen Power Works

Other Benefits of Aizen Power include:

  • This male enhancement can improves libido in men.
  • The ingredients have been shown to increase orgasm intensity.
  • It boosts sexual stamina and energy in men.
  • Improves hair growth and skin complexion.
  • Helps boost testosterone levels in men.
  • Can be purchased without a prescription.

Do you find your having these issues:

  • your penis is just not getting as hard as us used to
  • you lose your erection right in the middle of sex
  • your sex is just mediocre, and not exciting anymore.

Aizen Power addresses the root cause of the condition that causes an undersized penis. Penis growth is related to genetics.  Research finds there is a link between penis size and genetics.  The SRY or penis growth gene determines how much testosterone your body will produce.

Studies found that African men are more abundant in SRY gene, (sex-determining region Y gene, while Caucasian and Asian men are less abundant in this penis growth gene.  Penis growth is related to genetics and differs by region.  School of Frontier Sciences in Japan discovered a link between genetics and penis size, and your size is defined in your DNA.  This gene determines the amount of testosterone your body will produce.

A colleague of medical researcher Arnold P. Joyce, Chen-Li changed that scenario. The Asian men took an elixir that immediately increased their penis size.  He got a hold of the elixir, and was able to determine in his lab the plants used to create it.

He developed a 4-step process.  1. awaken  the penis growth gene.  2. Berberine binds itself to the cells that contain the gene.  The metabolic master switch turns on the penis growth gene.  Chinese Goldthread, banaba, which is a strong antioxidant, mentioned in the Kama Sutra.

3. Alpha lipoic acid is a strong amino acid that triggers the penis growth gene.  It has been shown on studies to have a 90% success rate in reversing symptoms of ED in men.  Macha significantly speeds up the penis growth process and improves blood flow to create stronger and harder erections.

4. Boost libido and stamina with Korean Ginseng Root and Zinc.  Popular natural remedy for erectile dysfunction.  A study found this to be an effective alternative for ED.  Chromium added to enhance weight loss in men.

Resveratrol increased vital blood flow the tissue needs to increase penis size, by relaxing blood vessels and increasing blood flow.


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