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penis enlargement exercisesUpdated July 2021

If you are concerned if your penis is too small or maybe it’s just not as big as you would like it to be, then you should check out the Penis Enlargement Bible (PE Bible) from John Collins.

Men have been trying to increase their penis size since the beginning of time.  Images of men with large penises have been found in prehistoric cave paintings, in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics,  and on ancient Greek statues showing well endowed men.

Have you tried male enhancement exercises in the past, with little or no success?  Like any exercise program, you have to work at it before you get results, and you have to do the exercises correctly.

The good news is you don’t have to rely on painful and expensive surgery, pills that don’t work, or pumps that provide temporary improvement in the length and width of you penis.  What are the experts saying?

John Collins includes videos that show men how to do basic and advanced penis enhancement safely and effectively. so you get real benefit and prevent injury to your penis.

You can check out the ED Bible from John Collins Here.  Learn his natural erectile dysfunction program to naturally reverse your ED symptoms.


John Collins has established himself as a content expert in male enhancement and erectile dysfunction.  His natural male enhancement guides have helped thousands of men increase penis size naturally, tips to last longer in bed and overcome symptoms of erectile dysfunction naturally and increase penis size without the use of pills or surgery.  That’s right, Mr. Hand meet Mr. Johnson!


What is the Penis Enlargement Bible?

The Penis Enlargement Bible (PE Bible) from John Collins is a 94 page e-book that gives you 31 proven penis enlargement exercises.  The ‘Two-Step’ method shows you how to increase penis size naturally, increase nutrient- rich blood flow, and to increase the length, width and girth as well.

Does penis size matter to women?  Many women publicly will say it doesn’t, but privately they will say a longer, harder and thicker penis, gives them more sexual pleasure, and makes them feel more full inside during sex.

These natural male enhancement exercises are 100% free of drugs and surgery, and will allow you to finally give your partner thee sexual desire she wants and deserves.  You may be asking, how do these penis enlargement exercises work.  Before we can discuss how the male enhancement exercises in the PE Bible work, you need to understand the structure of the penis and what exercises to increase your size actually do.

When a man gets an erection, it’s often called a boner.  Let’s be clear, the penis is not a muscle and does not have a bone in it.  Rather, it contains three soft sponge-like structures that become engorged with blood, which creates a stiff and rock hard erection.


Tunica albuginea

The human male penis is made up of three parts:

  • The corpora cavernosa: Two columns of erectile tissue, which contain tiny blood vessels.  They fill with blood during an erection, which makes the penis harder and longer.
  • The corpus spongiosum: A smaller column of spongy tissue surrounding the urethra.  This tissue keeps the urethra open during an erection.
  • The tunica albuginea: A sheath of connective tissue that encases the three columns.


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History of Male Enhancement Exercises

Men having large members seems to date back to prehistoric times.  Similar to the way animals in the wild establish the males who will rule the pride, and be the ones impregnate the other females.  In cave paintings or statues, the males with the largest penises are often depicted as being the king or ruler, and having women around them.

The earliest known male enhancement exercise, called jelquing, dates back nearly 3,ooo years.  Jelquing literally translates to milking, is a penis enlargement exercise that massages the penis to stretch the fibers.  In some cultures, men hung weights on their genitalia to make them longer.

John Collins demonstrates the proper jelquing technique  in the penis enlargement bible to help you increase penis size and prevent injury.

Don’t worry, this guide does not require you to hang anything down there, though don’t rule out a Christmas ornament for some holiday passion.


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Benefits of Video Instructions

Penis enlargement exercises will not make your flaccid (non erect) penis look any bigger.  Rather, the exercises are designed the stretch the three parts of the penis, which allows more blood to be stored in the corpus cavernosum.  More blood being stored in the erectile tissue is the magic sauce to increase penis size.

In the Penis Enlargement Bible, John Collins includes video instructions for each the penis enlargement techniques.  This way you are sure to learn the penis enlargement techniques quickly and properly.  You’ll learn  how to take penis enlargement before and after pictures, so you can see the improvement.

Many penis enlargement guides use images and how to guides that teach you the techniques to increase penis size.  If you don’t do the penis enlargement exercises correctly you won’t get the benefit you are seeking, and you can actually damage your penis.

He says the exercises help to accelerate penis growth by trapping blood in the shaft of the penis.  He also said the method helped him improve his penis length between 2 and 4 inches, and you can achieve the same results these results if you follow his Penis Enlargement Bible program.


How Penis Enlargement Exercises Work

Do Penis Enlargement Exercises work? - MaleEdge™

The goal of penis enlargement exercises is to stretch the fibers, and trap blood in sponge-like chambers in the shaft of your penis.  While getting an erection is the way most men make their penis bigger, after the erection is over, the penis can shrink.  The penis enlargement exercises help keep more blood in your penis.

In the Penis Enlargement Bible program, you will learn the Five Steps John Collins created to Increase Penis Size:

1. Warm up – Like with any exercise, you must warm up, to prevent injury or damage.  You don’t want to injure or damage your penis, and also don’t want to cause injury to your hand or wrist while doing the enlargement exercises.

2. Lubrication – when you are doing anything that involves the genitalia, always start with a good water-based lubricant to prevent injury from friction.

3. Stretching – You need practice stretching, just like do warm up exercises.  Penis stretching exercises helps to  elongate the ligaments to properly increase penis length.  In the PE Bible, you’ll learn several different  stretching techniques to increase penis size.  Each technique includes a video lesson.

4. PC Muscle Workout.  The pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle for short, makes up what is known as the pelvic floor muscle.  These muscles run between your penis and rectum.  Learning PC muscled exercises is important to keep blood trapped in the penis.  These exercises also prevent erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and even incontinence.

5. Advanced Male Enhancement Exercises.  Once you’ve mastered the basic penis enlargement exercises, you can move on to the advanced exercises.


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How Does PE Bible Compare to the Competition


Here are 5 top competitors.  You can see for yourself why the PE Bible is the best penis enlargement program.


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How Long Will It Take to Make My Penis larger

John Collins developed an 8-week penis enlargement exercise program that should take you 15 to 20 minutes per day to do.  You can do these male enhancement exercises in the shower, or whenever your schedule permits.

Make sure to always use water-based lubricant during the warm-up, with  exercises, and during cool down.  Water-based lubricants are easy to clean off your hands and body, and won’t stain your clothes or sheets.


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