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Consumer Health Digest

Consumer Health Digest was founded in 2003 and has over fifteen years of existence. The website became extremely popular among the users looking for information about their health, nutrition, and lifestyle.

That inspired us to create a review that will carefully analyze various aspects of this website. In case you are first hearing of Consumer Health Digest, this review will reveal everything that you need to know about it.

We will focus on the types of content published.  They also focus on the quality of authors and their objectivity, as well as the matters of design and privacy.

If you are ready, we can start right away.


What Kind of Articles are Published?

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First, let’s get to know a bit more about the website.

As we mentioned, Consumer Health Digest focuses on providing content to visitors looking for information about their health.

That includes the latest news from the industry, as well as new research reports and opinions of the experts on trending issues.

You will also find plenty of tips and tricks that are safe and practical ways to boost your health and well-being.

The next section offers complete and detailed information about different health conditions and medical diseases. It presents an excellent way to find out more about the problem you’ve just been diagnosed. You may also discover more about potential issues so that you can prevent them.

Finally, there are healthcare product reviews. They provide detailed coverage of supplements that boost overall health.  You can learn to promote weight loss and assist in increasing libido and sex drive.

It is vital to mention that the reviews are objective and unbiased.  The authors make sure to cover all relevant information on the product, as well as pros and cons.


Can I Trust the People Who Write the Content?

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Perhaps the best way to figure this out is to meet them yourself. Consumer Health Digest has an entire section focused on the team of authors contributing to the website.

As you can see, many of them are doctors and healthcare experts specializing in specific fields. Aside from the name and photo, reading any of the articles written by an author will reveal you information about their qualifications and skills.

A short biography of the contributor’s is located below an article so that you can determine whether the author is trustful. And in the case of Consumer Health Digest, there is no doubt that they are.   The editorial team is comprised solely of experts and medical professionals with years of experience.


Is the Website Easily Accessible?

While everyone is focusing on the content, website design is also a crucial part of the visitor’s experience. The interface needs to be user-friendly, which is particularly important for elder people. They will be glad to know that Consumer Health Digest has a modern but simple website, and you can easily get around.

As soon as you open the homepage, you can choose the category of the articles you are interested in.  You can further select what you want to read about from there. They haven’t forgotten their regular visitors, which is why they also listed the latest articles on the homepage.


Can Anyone Influence the Quality of the Content?

When you are reviewing healthcare products and publishing content on health-related topics, it is vital to stay objective if you want to earn and keep the trust of the visitors.

The crucial idea behind the Consumer Health Digest website is to offer information of high value to readers.  This is why biased content is strictly prohibited. Before publishing, every fact needs to be double-checked and supported by a scientific source.

Nobody can influence the quality of content published. The crucial principles are to remain objective and provide unbiased information free of forcing personal opinions.

Visitors have the option of reporting an inaccuracy if they find it, which is another feature that helps the website to stay unbiased.


Is My Privacy Protected on the Website?

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With numerous reports of stealing and abusing user’s data, privacy has become a major issue on the internet.

That is why you should steer clear of sharing any personal information with a website unless you completely trust it.  This is true even if we are “only” talking about your name or e-mail address.

You won’t find many websites that value user privacy as much as Consumer Health Digest. They enable their visitors to browse the website and read all articles completely free of charge and without providing any user information.

That means that you can remain completely anonymous while reading the health content on this website, which is the highest level of security they can provide.


The Verdict

That sums up our honest review of Consumer Health Digest. There are plenty of positives worthy of mentioning when it comes to the quality of this website. First, they provide accurate and relevant content.

Second, there are multiple categories that can be incredibly useful to visitors. Third, all information is well-structured and written in a concise way.

When you add the highest level of objectivity and user safety, it becomes perfectly clear why Consumer Health Digest is among the most reputable websites in its niche.


Author Bio:

Shawn Clark is a Health, Beauty and Fitness Adviser. For the past 7 years, he is providing nutrition counseling, fitness training and health advice all over Phoenix, Arizona.

Shawn is committed to providing modern, relevant and reliable health information in all its complexity, perpetuating positive messages about



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