5 Adult Dating Tips for Men in Their 40s to Find Love

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Adult Dating in your 40’s is never easy. Literally: never. When you’re a teenager, it seems that you want to date exactly that one person that is not interested in you. When you are in your twenties, you love adult dating, yet you also love love.  Don’t settle or you might end up with the first person who comes your way.

Also, in your twenties, you don’t pay a lot of attention to the quality of your dates, but rather to the fact that you want to have fun no matter what.

Adult dating in your 30’s is a bit more complicated – you want to date that one person that is worth it, as you don’t want to be wasting your time trying to date many different people.

But what is the deal with dating in your 40’s?



Here are 5 Dating Tips for Men Who are Dating in Your 40s to Find Love

  1. Don’t overthink Adult Dating

One of the biggest mistakes men make when they start dating in your 40s is the fact that they care too much and they constantly show it and block themselves. Why? Well, if you start dating trying to find that one person that is good for you, you are not going to get anywhere.

Constantly sitting at the edge of your seat and waiting for that one moment is not how you should play the game of dating. Rather be relaxed, laid-back, and simply consider this as an adventure.

So, what if you go on hundreds of dates and not find that perfect one? At least you had fun. Overthinking and caring too much about over 50 dating or even older, can also be quite big of a turnoff, especially if you show it to your date. Live a satisfying life by yourself and show that you can live while being single. That is how you will attract strong personalities – by showing how strong a personality you are.


  1. Always be prepared

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That being said, when  meeting women, always be prepared for a date. What does that mean? Well, first of all, always make sure that you have ready the clothes that you will wear on a date.

For example, you are coming back from work and you meet someone who invites you for a cup of coffee at that very moment. What would you say – wait until I go home and change? No, you say yes.

This is why you always have to pay attention to the way you look, and why you should always look representable. What you should also do is have plenty of men’s sexy underwear because you never know where the night (or day) is going to take you. You don’t have time to waste, and also, you don’t want to waste it.


  1. Focus on positive energy

When you are dating in your 20’s, you make sure that your appearance is your number 1 feature. When you are dating in your 30’s, you slightly change the focus to the style or the lifestyle that you are leading, plus the humor and the wide range of topics you are into.

However,when dating in your 40’s, your main weapon should be positivity and bright attitude. This is when you learn the benefits of positivity as negative people are never attractive in this age. Positive people attract each other, and if you are positive, it means that you will attract the same type of people.

This might be quite difficult in the age of online dating and adult dating, but you need to keep your spirits up and always try to find positivity in every little thing.


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  1. Online Adult dating can be cool

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One way to play this adult dating game is by being “out there”, basically, being there for online dating. Online Dating apps are not only for millennials, as you can benefit from it as well.

Namely, this is a great way to meet people who are into the same things as you are.

Who wants to waste a lot of time dating in your 40’s in order to find out what they like and what not. Chatting can help you realize if the person is funny or not, interesting or not.

Do they like the same things as you?  Most importantly, do they want the same things as you in life, such as marriage and children. If not – move on without wasting a lot of time.

  1. Embrace your age

Finally, be proud of your age. Do not try to be younger, and do not try to come off as a thirty-year-old person. This is not who you are, and it shows.

Not only do you risk coming off as pathetic, but it will also do you a lot of good to actually act your age. Be serious yet funny, know what things you want in life. This is what will make you attract and win your date.

In Conclusion

Yes, dating in your 40’s or 50’s can be difficult, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. The biggest obstacle most of the time when dating in your 40’s is you.  You should stop pushing yourself to find the perfect person. No, rather enjoy this trip. You never know what’s around the corner.


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