Why Blood Tests Don’t Work?

Why Blood Tests Don’t Work?

Blood tests have been around for nearly 100 years, and it is still one of the primary tools used in Western Medicine to diagnose viruses, illnesses and diseases.  Blood tests have basically one role, and that is to diagnose and help doctors identify symptoms of a condition, but do not treat or determine the root cause of the illness.  This skill is still left to the doctors to piece together the symptoms and drug interactions in hopes of either ruling out causes and pinpointing the exact root cause of the illness.  What if there was a simple way that would actually identify the root cause of your illness by looking into your body systems, and not on antiquated blood tests that only verify symptoms?  A process developed by NASA called quantum fluid analysis,  does not utilize a drop of blood, can pinpoint the root cause of your illness, and can be done in the privacy of your won home.


What Do Blood Tests Look For?

 Blood tests look for changes in hormone levels, increases in disease fighting cells in the blood, or other chemical changes that identify symptoms of a potential illness or disease.  What a normal blood test can’t do today is identify the root cause of the illness or disease.  That’s where a revolutionary new process called Matrix Assessment Profile or MAP comes in.

In some cases the doctor is able to pinpoint the root cause of the illness by piecing together symptoms and drug interactions, but in many cases when symptoms don’t appear as they should this leaves the doctor stumped as to the cause of the illness or disease.


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Matrix Assessment Profile Can Identify the Root Cause of Your Illness

Over 30 years ago NASA scientists developed a simple process that used two human bodily fluid samples, urine and saliva, to identify changes in the bodies of astronauts, due to prolonged exposure to weightlessness, and how these biological changes had the potential to develop into a treatable disease.  Using the same process developed by NASA, Optimal Wellness Labs uses an FDA approved Class 1 device called Quantum Fluid Analyzer that identifies three separate components in biological samples, particularly pH, Redox and restisivity, for changes in the body systems down to the cellular level.    Quantum Fluid Analysis can help identify the root cause, and not just the symptoms of common illnesses, such as:

• High Blood Pressure

• Type 2 Diabetes

• Erectile Dysfunction



•  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

•  Migraine Headaches

•  Memory Loss

•  and more


Using the technology developed by NASA, Optimal Wellness Labs has created a simple process called the Matrix Assessment Profile.  Two small samples, urine and saliva, are sent in and in one to two weeks you are provided with a complete analysis of your body systems, down to the cellular level.  The analysis shows with graphs and charts which body systems are in balance or out of balance, and how this is causing your condition and related symptoms.  When blood tests fail to help doctors determine the rot cause of your illness, you are on your own. This is where Matrix Assessment has helped countless people realize that they really have a treatable condition, and its not in their head, and no longer have to live this way anymore.

You can provide this analysis to your doctor to help them develop a treatment protocol, or you can take part in the treatment protocol that is prescribed in your personal health profile.  Especially with conditions such as migraine headaches, high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes and arthritis, once the condition is identified through diagnoses symptoms, normal treatment can include long-term or lifetime use of medications to control or mask the condition.

The treatment protocol identified in your Matrix Assessment Profile assessment has a defined 90 day time for treatment, so that you help your body functions return to normal levels and you can finally stop taking medications for your condition.

To learn more about this revolutionary medical assessment technology just click here now.



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