Treadmill Exercises to Lose Weight You Need to Try

best treadmill exercises


When it comes to losing weight, cardio exercises are the key. Running is the go-to exercise for many people, mainly because it does its job.  Treadmill exercises offer the best of both worlds.  It boosts your cardiovascular strength, and above all, help you lose weight.

But one little problem you may experience when running outdoors is the weather. Rain, snow, storms—all of these can hinder your running routine. The biggest solution to this? Run indoors using treadmill exercises. That is much more convenient and practical and can even boost your motivation when you feel too lazy to go out and run even if the sun is out.

But what are the best treadmill exercises to lose weight? We highlight some of those below:


Treadmill Exercises to Try

Oftentimes, people would just simply walk on the treadmill, listening to music or podcast or reading a book, trying to hit their 2-hour target. After 2 hours of treadmill exercises, they would then go on with their lives, oblivious to the fact that they were not able to make the most out of their treadmill exercise.


If you wish to make the most out of your weight loss journey, you need to pay attention to what you are doing on the treadmill. If you wish to maximize your weight loss results, then you need to try the following treadmill workouts:


Treadmill Interval Workout

This simple treadmill workout works the same way as the high intensity interval workouts—it helps you to burn more calories, boost your cardiovascular fitness and above all, prevent you from being bored.


How to do it:

Warm up by walking at a comfortable pace for about 5 minutes.

After the warm up, you can increase the intensity of your walk and may be crank up the incline too. You should try walking fast enough that you find it a bit difficult to hold up a conversation. Do this for 2 minutes.

After 2 minutes, do a minute-long running interval. Run up to the point where your exertion rate would be at 8 or 9. At this point, you can no longer be able to hold a conversation or read your magazine.

Do this routine for 30 minutes, alternating the intervals for about 10 sets. Finish your workout with a 5-minute cool down routine.


According to experts, this can help you burn as much as 320 calories.


30-Minute Tempo Workout

Just like the interval workout, these treadmill exercises also has 3 parts. The point of this workout is to help you run at a comfortably hard pace, allowing you to push the boundaries without overdoing it.


How to do it:

Warm up for 10 minutes with a light walk or jog.

Do a 10-minute tempo run. The exertion rate should be around 7 to 8 out of 10.

After that long and difficult run, finish the workout with a 10-minute cool down routine. You can lightly walk or do some stretching.


Hill Workout

If there is one simple thing that you can do to boost your treadmill exercises, it is to turn on the incline. This simple adjustment can help you to not just lose weight but also to strengthen your upper body, improve your running form, and boost your running efficiency. For this, make sure to use high quality treadmill that has incline features.


How to do it:

Once again, start with a 10-minute warm up of brisk walking.

After the warm up, put your treadmill at a 7% incline then do 5 sets of 2-minute hill running with 1- minute recovery in between each set.

Finish off the workout with a 5-minute cool down. At this point, you can do light walking or simple stretching.


Endurance Workout

If you have been running for so long, then you need to take your treadmill sessions to a whole new level. This workout can help push your body to its limits, increasing the size as well as number of the mitochondria and building your endurance in the process. You can also do this as a recovery exercise after doing interval workouts or other harder exercises.


How to do it:

Perform a 3-minute warm-up of brisk walking.

After that, run for 25 minutes at a steady and easy aerobic phase. The exertion rate of should be between 5 and 7.

After that, do a 2-minute cooldown of light walking and stretching.



Many people see treadmill exercises as plain and boring. But what you don’t understand is that there are different types of treadmill workouts that you can try. These variations in treadmill workouts can maximize the weight loss potential of your workouts and make your sessions a lot more fun and enjoyable.


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