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exercises for erectile dysfunctionUpdated August 2021

The Erectile Master from Christian Goodman, which you can get here for just one payment of $49,  is an easy to use 6 step erectile dysfunction exercises program that was created by a couples therapist for his own patients.

Erectile dysfunction is a an issue that affects nearly 50% of men over age 40.  Christian Goodman is a health expert, who writes on natural healthcare issues and remedies.

christian Goodman created Blue Heron News in 2008.  He brought a group of healthcare researchers together, to create natural remedies for many healthcare issues.  This research discovered that erectile dysfunction exercises are an effective natural remedy for ED in men over age 40.

Unfortunately, many men are conditioned to believe that drugs, like Viagra or Cialis, are the only viable erectile dysfunction treatment on the market.  Too often doctors don’t want to tell you about natural methods to cure ED, like  erectile dysfunction exercises, because they don’t make doctors any money.

These exercises for erectile dysfunction in Erectile Master, which cost a fraction of the cost of Viagra,  get to the root cause of your issue to help men of all ages, from 18 to 108, reverse their symptoms of erectile dysfunction for good.

These simple doctor created erectile dysfunction exercises which cost just $49, are 100% free of annoying and potentially dangerous side effects of ED medication or surgery,  and address the underlying causes of ED in men and not just the symptoms.  When you address the root cause of your erectile dysfunction issues, the problem generally goes away for good.

As a man, you know that erectile dysfunction can strip away your self esteem as a man.  These simple yet effective  exercises for erectile dysfunction can help almost any man who uses them permanently fix their erection problem.



More than 41.6% of men over 40 suffer some level of Erectile Dysfunction. And the problem grows worse the older you get.



Erectile dysfunction exercises

What is The Erectile Master Program

The Erectile Master is the only doctor created 6 step erectile dysfunction exercise program available that is designed by a doctor to help men overcome Erectile Dysfunction naturally.   These exercises for erectile dysfunction are developed to tighten male pc floor muscles, which keep blood in the penis.  There are no drugs and their potentially dangerous side effects, and no painful surgery.

You’re allowing your body to heal itself, the way it was intended to do.

In this affordable program, you’ll receive direction for 31 of the most powerful exercises for men over 50 ever created.

When you use these exercises for erectile dysfunction, your erections will become stronger, stiffer, bigger and help you last longer in bed.


What is Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction is a condition that affects nearly 50% of men over age 40.  ED in men impacts blood flow to the penis, and prevents a man from achieving an erection suitable for sexual intercourse.  This can be a frustrating and humiliating condition.

The good news is you can reverse this condition with erectile dysfunction exercises, and regain the ability to have erections on demand.

The main reason for lack of blood flow into the penis, is caused by tension in small muscles (called PC muscles), which  surround the genital area. This tension restricts the blood flow into the genital area.


What are the Male PC Muscles

Do you know where your PC muscle is?  Squeeze your groin area like you’re trying to keep yourself from peeing.  There, you just found your PC muscle.

The PC Muscles are located between the rectum and the scrotum.

Just as you go to the gym to buildup your arm and leg muscles, PC muscle exercises in Erectile Master help men maintain a strong and stiff erection, and helps men prevent erectile dysfunction.

Male pelvic floor muscles - Mayo Clinic

Most men only have to put aside 5-10

minutes a day for these exercises and you can

do most of them while involved

in other activities.


Erection Master Program includes:

1. – Four PC muscle exercises

These erectile dysfunction exercises are specifically designed to increase the blood flow into the penis and prevent leaking out. When blood leaks out, this causes a man to lose his erection.  There are other PC exercises out there but none have been developed for this specific purpose.

The best part is you can practice these erectile dysfunction exercises anywhere, anytime. Nobody will ever have to know you’re doing them, not even your spouse.

2. – Four pelvic release exercises –

The tension around the pelvis and hip, known as the pelvic floor,  restrains blood flow to the genital area.  The lack of blood flow results in erectile dysfunction.  With erectile dysfunction exercises, you’ll feel the rush of energy running to your penis again, like it did when you were 18!

3. – Five secret Lama exercises

These exercises were only taught in a special secret society in the beginning of the 19th century, and believed to hold the key to eternal youth. The fact is, they’re extremely powerful to improve whole body blood circulation. This doesn’t just heal your erectile dysfunction; you’ll experience new surges of energy you didn’t think you had any more.

4. – Three powerful breathing exercises

Breathing effectively is the most powerful way to release stress and tension.  These specific breathing exercises are, however, the only ones ever developed specifically for stress causing Erectile Dysfunction. Feel lighter, happier and harder within a few minutes.

5. – Six mental and emotional release exercises

These are the exact erectile dysfunction exercises Christian taught to his clients when helping resolve their their erectile dysfunction symptoms.  Many men said they felt immediate felt the difference after doing these exercises only once. And so will you.

6. – Nine mystical awareness exercises

These are exercises that can be done alone or with your partner to improve your erection. They make you last longer in bed and eventually you have complete control of your erection and how long you can make love. Finally, you’re in the cockpit of your love life.

All these exercises are extremely easy and simple to practice. None of them requires you to be in any kind of physical shape.


Erectile Dysfunction Exercises


How do Erectile Dysfunction Exercises Work?

The Erectile Master exercises for erectile dysfunction take just 5-10 minutes per day, 3 times per week.  These invisible PC muscle exercises involve various squeezing exercises that strengthen PC muscles, called the pelvic floor, that help men maintain a stiff erection.

When you have a tight pelvic floor, this keeps blood trapped in your penis, and maintains blood pressure which allows you to keep a hard stiff erection, so you can go the distance every time.

Erectile dysfunction is due to a lack of blood flow and low blood pressure in the pelvic region, which allows blood to escape, and you lose your erection.


5 Minutes/Day of Invisible PC Muscle Exercises
and You’ll Feel an Amazing Change in Your Erection in a Week.


Psychological Erection Dysfunction exercises:

Unlike regular PC muscle exercises that improve blood flow to the penis to reverse symptoms of erectile dysfunction, Psychological erectile dysfunction exercises reduce emotional triggers that release stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline, which block signals from the brain to produce an erection.

3 Types of Psychological Erection Dysfunction exercises:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Mental exercises
  • Awareness exercises


Benefits of Erectile Master Program

Risks of Erectile Dysfunction Exercises


Money Back Guarantee

You have 60 days to you this program to see if Erectile Master works.  You have nothing to lose, and a healthy sex life to gain.

Just follow the instructions on your receipt if yo need to return it.


Order Erectile Master Here

erectile dysfunction exercises


Exercises for erectile dysfunction


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