What you Need to Do for Your Health Before you Turn 40

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They say life only begins after forty, and that’s true. If you take good care of your health, you’ll feel young and energetic for years to come, and even after you turn 40.

But it’s best to start taking care of your health before you turn 40, say the people at planetofbrides.com.


Check out these 15 tips that will help you stay in good shape, regardless of your age.



1) Make healthy sleep your priority


Our body needs a lot of sleep, preferably from seven to nine hours a day. Sure, sometimes it’s hard to find that much free time, but lack of sleep is harmful to health, and as a result, you’ll look much older than you really are. If you still are unconvinced, compare the way your skin looks after a common 8-hour sleep and after dreaming for 6 hours. You will be stroked how huge is the difference.



2) Don’t skip meals


If you don’t have dinner in time, you’ll have to fight hunger a couple of hours later. And then you will find yourself with the nugget in your teeth at midnight and several unnecessary pounds next morning. It’s better to eat three times a day and not have snacks in between. And remember that breakfast is the most important part of the day.



3) Eat less Processed Foods

eat healthy food

A large amount of sugar, fat, and salt contained in processed food products, which  doesn’t benefit your health and shape in any way.

It’s time to reduce consumption of fast food and replace it with fresh products instead.



4) Eat less Salt and Try to Avoid Sugar


All half-finished and preserved products contain a large amount of salt and sugar. We only need half a teaspoon of salt a day. Consuming too much salt can lead to increased blood pressure and heart problems.

Sugar, in turn is in fruits, bread, sausage, and, of course, sweets. Just think for a sec how much sugar we don’t even know that consume. Why don’t we try to avoid at least the most evident sugar? Or say “hi!” to diabetes.



5) Do physical exercise 3 times per week

exercise 3 times per week

With age, sports is becoming even more important. You should get at least 30 minutes of exercise 3 or more days per week. Regular exercise keeps you in shape, so that old age doesn’t catch you off guard.

Pay more attention to cardio to keep your heart working properly. That is an activity you want start as soon as possible.



6) Don’t stay in the sun for too long


Sad, but true: with age, the risk of skin cancer due to too long exposure to the sun increases. In addition, photo-aging is something everybody does not believe in before they turn into walking grannies with no elasticity.

Use sunscreen, shades, and stay under trees. Visiting the solarium is out of the question.



7) Train your memory


With age, our memory worsens. That’s because both mental and physical loads are reduced. To prevent memory problems, regularly train your brain: solve crosswords and Sudoku, learn foreign languages, and lead an active lifestyle.

You can also take a supplement to boost short term memory and cognitive skills.


8) Learn to recognize the warning signals of pain in the body


If you feel pain or changes in your body, don’t ignore them. Catch the signals and check them, even if in most cases, they don’t mean anything serious.

Even the smallest nonsense can cost you live, if you don’t share it with the doctor.



9) Familiarize yourself with the history of your family’s health


Whether you like it or not, genes decide a lot. Therefore, you need to get acquainted with the history of your family’s health and genetics, and inform your doctor about possible hereditary diseases.



10) Undergo Yearly Medical Examinations

get a medical exam once a year

If you undergo a complete medical examination of the body once a year, many health problems can be avoided.

Any disease is much easier to cure at the initial stage, so don’t delay your visit to the doctor for another day.



11) Give up bad habits

smoking is bad for your health

Everyone already knows what negative effects alcohol, nicotine and narcotics have on the body.

If you want to extend your life, then you should forget about your bad habits as soon as possible.


12) Avoid stressful situations

how to avoid stressful situations

Take care of your nervous system, because its failures may cause complicated diseases that can hardly be cured.

Try to get rid of fears and stresses. These unpleasant states can increase the onset of physical and mental disorders.



13) Work on your brain, develop logical thinking and coordination


As we already said, brain health is as important as heart health. Try chess: this game perfectly develops the logic. Otherwise, sclerosis and, one of the most popular recently, Alzheimer’s are waiting for you.



14) Strengthen your immune system


Create a strong immune system. Begin with taking contrastive showers in the mornings, but don’t start with too low temperatures. Eat natural vitamins in fruits and vegetables. In cold seasons, substitute organic products with vitamins in pills.



15) Don’t listen to music or TV loudly


Sound waves have a strong influence on the human body. Loud noises can result in deterioration of hearing, up to complete loss of it.

If you like listening to music, buy high-quality headphones and don’t let the volume crank up.



In Conclusion


Don’t forget about these rules, and you’ll stay in good shape at your 40s and even longer.

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