How Remote Work Can Help You Keep Your Job During Covid-19

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The Coronavirus pandemic has already brought many feelings of frustration and anxiety, and losing your job due to Covid-19 is the last thing you want. With remote work from home, you can keep your skills and productivity levels up, and even improve them if you can.


Learn How to Do Remote Work from Home During the Coronaviris Covid-19 Pandemic

These are some tips on how you can find remote work from home, or be an excellent remote worker during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many companies are allowing their employees to work remotely from home.  If your company doesn’t allow remote work, or the type of job you do prevents you from working remotely from home,   it may be time to find a remote work job.


Invest in Tech to Master Remote Work from Home

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The first thing you should do if your company doesn’t cover it already is to invest in tech. You can buy a new computer that works best for your needs, a headset, a tablet, mouse, or any other thing you will need to make your job easier. A stable Internet connection is also a must. If you don’t have one of these things, you may find it harder to do your job.

For example, a web developer may do their job with a budget laptop that nowadays can cost a lot less than one thousand dollars. But an animation artist will need a high-end computer or notebook to do their job, and these devices are quite expensive. You can contact your employer and see what options you have.

Make sure to invest in the right technology so you can keep your performance levels and your job. Especially if your company is planning to keep working remotely in the next few months.

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Find Your Zone for Remote Work

When you start remote work from home, you don’t know what things work best for you. In other words, you don’t know at what times you are more productive, or if you prefer a noisy place, or on the contrary, you need complete silence to concentrate.

That’s why you need to experiment on what exactly are the things you need to set up the perfect working space. This is what I call “the zone.” The ideal place for you to concentrate and keep your productivity levels at a peak. You can start by experimenting with different areas of your home.

If you live with other people, maybe you like to keep them around and have them close, or perhaps you need to shut yourself in a room to concentrate. The other points you should consider are the comforts of a home office. You shouldn’t work from the kitchen table or your bed.

Instead, try to set up a home office that has everything you need to feel comfortable. Maybe you like to have a window close by to look outside. You can buy a desk that has the right height for your body and a chair that makes working on a computer comfortable.

Even if you don’t know this, using a table to tall or too low and a chair where your feet don’t touch the floor can wreak havoc on your muscles. For example, when working on a computer, the arms should be precisely 90 degrees with your body, and the desk should have the same height as your forearms.


Use the Right Remote Work Tools

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Using the right tools is another thing you have to consider when working remotely. Many companies offer online tools for remote workers and teams. You can find everything from managing tasks, collaborating in the same document or presentation, communication tools, and managing data from different projects.

Become familiar with the tools your company prefers to use and make sure to actually use them. This will show that you embrace the change and make an effort to help the company keep its operation during the pandemic. And even better, if your company hasn’t adopted the remote office yet, make suggestions on which tool would be best.

Some of these tools are Slack, Skype, G Suite, and With them and your organizational skills, you will be able to meet all your responsibilities in time with no problem at all.

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Another essential point of being a top remote worker is to keep the communication open all the time. You always had the option of talking with a coworker at the office when you had some doubt or just sharing progress about the project, and extra meetings were avoided.

But, when working remotely, these opportunities don’t present themselves, and we have to make an effort to communicate. You have to communicate even more than when the whole team is working in the office. So, make sure to hold meetings at least weekly to talk about the progress of what everyone is working on.

It is vital that everyone is clear on what they have to do, and if not, they have to ask as many questions as necessary. And that’s why companies should have chat rooms where team members can talk at any moment.


Take Regular Breaks when Working from Home

When working remotely, sometimes, we don’t realize how important taking breaks are. You always talk with a coworker at the office, go to the bathroom, go out to eat, or take a document to another person. But these are unconscious breaks that help our brain not to feel burnout quickly.

When working remotely, you don’t have these constant interruptions, so if you are concentrated on a task, you can spend hours on the computer without realizing it. This not only has an effect on our brain by making us feel tired sooner, but it has an impact on our eyes and whole body.

Instead, you can take ten minutes breaks every hour or at least five minutes. This will have a better impact on your performance than working eight hours straight. Working without breaks will only negatively affect your work and make you feel burnout a lot sooner.


Create Remote Work Boundaries

Make sure to create boundaries between your working hours and the rest of your life. Another mistake beginner remote workers make is to work more than they will regularly do when working at the office.

You have to make sure to set limits on the time you put into work. That you are at home without many things to do doesn’t mean you should work more. Instead, take time to do other activities like working out, meditation, or even learning a new skill with a coding bootcamp.


In Summary

You should put effort into your work and take advantage of working from home instead of lamenting the situation. Make sure to have the right tech, find your zone of best productivity levels, and use the right tools to manage your tasks, communications, and responsibilities.

But don’t forget to take regular breaks and create boundaries between your job and the rest of your life. Who knows? You may like it and keep working remotely in the future.


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