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Man who used weight loss program for menIf you’re a middle aged man over 40 and you need to lose 10 to 20 pounds or more, then you should try a men’s weight loss programs from Nutrisystem.  These men’s weight loss programs can help you shed those excess pounds quickly.

The Nutrisystem weight loss programs for men are created specifically for men versus weight loss programs for women.  Men are allotted larger portion sizes, so men don’t feel hungry after eating the portion-controlled meal.  This is important, since many pre-made meals are created for female dieters.

Nutrisystem weight loss programs for men promises you will lose up to 18 pounds and 8 inches in your first month.  In a study of men who used Nutrisystem, the average men’s weight loss in the first 30 days was 15 pounds and 8 inches.



Why Choose a Men’s Weight Loss Program from Nutrisystem?

No counting point or attending meetingdAre you tired of diet plans that requires you to attend meetings, count points or are expensive?

The Nuytisystem for Men cost per day makes this Diet Plan for Men affordable for most budgets.

Nutrisystem for Men meals are well portioned, so you lose weight and feel satisfied.  I have tried other portion-controlled meals that were so small, I was still so hungry.  I wanted more food, which defeats the purpose if your goal is to lose weight.  With Nutrisysem, the meals are well portioned to I felt satisfied and didn’t have the desire to keep eating.

In addition, you eat 6 meals a day, so you are always satisfied and never hungry between meals.

Nutrisystem weight loss programs started back in the 1970’s and has become a leader in the portion-controlled meal market for nearly 50 years, to help millions of people lose excess pounds.   They achieve this by offering delicious and nutritious chef-created weight loss meals that you simply heat up in the microwave oven.

With the affordable Nutrisystem diet plans for men cost, you have the option to select your own mealsyou can also choose a pre-planned selection of your favorite meals.  Both programs will help you quickly achieve your weight loss goals.  Once you reach your new target healthy weight, you will learn how to eat regular food again.  The plan will show you how keep meal portions better aligned to maintain your healthy weight.


Just Follow the Daily Eating Plan

With Nutrisystem for Men you eat 6 meals per day.  You may think eating 6 meals a day is a lot, but with these properly sized meals this is how Nutrisystem works to help you lose weight.

There are no points or calorie counting.  Just follow the simple guide that instructs you when you can eat a meal or a snack.

You can also add delicious shakes to your plan.  Learn more here.



You Get To Eat Six Times Per Day


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Dan Marino weight loss



How Does the Nutrisystem Weight loss Programs for Men Work?


Week 1

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Nutrisystem Cost: How Much Does Nutrisystem for Men Cost?


What is the cost for the Nutrisystem for Men Program? There are Four Meal Plan Options when you purchase Nutrisystem for Men ranging from  $236.20 for the 28 Day Basic Plan to  $360.08 for the Uniquely Yours Plus Program, which includes fresh and frozen meal options and 28 delicious high protein shakes.

The monthly cost can seem high at first.  When you break that down to 28 days, that equates to just $8.43 per day for the Basic Plan and $12.86 per day for the Uniquely Yours Plus Program.






The Nutrisystem for Men Cost offers a variety of meal plans to fit your needs, your weight loss goals and your budget.



  • Best for your first order to start losing weight fast!
  • You’ll get a selection of the best rated meal options.
  • Or you can choose to customize the Basic plan for an additional $25.00.


The Basic Chef’s Choice is a 4-week plan that includes:

  • Turbo Takeoff offers a  breakfast, lunch, dinner, a shake and a snack bar each day.
  • A variety of customer-favorite food in the Chef’s Choice for the next 3 weeks.

Chef’s Choice Meal Plan is a great way to sample the menu!


Click Here to See the Nutrisystem Chef’s Choice Plan Cost


Plan 2. Core Plan – choose your own meals!


The Core I’ll Pick My Meals Plan is a 4-week plan that includes:

  • Turbo Takeoff is your first week on program with breakfast, lunch, dinner, a shake and a bar each day (Turbo Takeoff is not customizable).
  • Your choice of customer-favorite food for the next 3 weeks.  You pick meals from our entire Core menu of 100 items.
  • If you choose the Core I’ll Pick My Meals program, you’ll be prompted to start choosing your food during the checkout process.

Click Here to See the Nutrisystem Core Plan Cost 

◊ Want even more delicious meal options?  With the Uniquely Yours Plan, you get even more meal options than the Core Plan and your get frozen meals as well!


Plan 3. Choose the Uniquely Yours Plan Here.


Nutrisystem for Men $80 Discount


Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours



Plan 4.  See the Uniquely Yours Plus Plan Cost Here.


◊◊ If you want to add four weeks of delicious shakes to the Core Meal Plan, then you want the Uniquely Yours Plus Plan.  This is the most complete Diet Plan for Men from Nutrisystem for Men.


Click Here to learn more and select the Nutrisystem for Men plan that is best for you.



Here’s What You Can Eat with Nutrisystem for Men



Nutrisystem breakfast meals



Nutrisystem for Men lunches



Nutrisystem for Men Dinners



Click here to get started on your men’s weight loss plan.





How Does it Taste?


I found the Nutrisystem for Men meals to be very delicious and filling. I tried the Chipotle Beef and Broccoli Bowl. This Nutrisystem meal was very filling, a little spicy and it left me completely satisfied with no desire to hit the refrigerator

I’ve tried other weight loss meals, which were often bland, too small and made with less-than-healthy ingredients.

The Nutrisystem for Men meals are designed for men.  These are not meals for women packaged in a “Hungry Man” box.

You will be like, damn this is good and I am full!

Get started now!


Your wife or your girlfriend will say wow you look hot.  What guy who needs to lose weight doesn’t want to hear that?  It might even give you a woody knowing she thinks you look good.



Did the meal look like it does on the box?  It’s never exactly the same, however the Chipotle Beef and Broccoli Bowl had several large pieces of broccoli and chicken.  The vegetables looked like vegetables.

It was quite tasty, and afterwards I wasn’t still hungry.  Many other pre-portioned meals are skimpy and the portion is quite small for the money.

Nutrisystem for Men gives you a full meal in each box.  These portion-controlled meals allow you to feel satisfied.  You lose weight because you don’t want to keep eating.


You can see this is a pretty good size meal.


The preparation instructions are super easy.  Pop in the microwave oven for 3 minutes, stir and then enjoy.


The Nutrisystem for Men meals are low in fat and saturated fat, and are also low in sodium and sugar.


I’ve tried a lot of portion-controlled meals from other companies, but found they were skimpy and contained barely enough food for a meal.

That however is not the case with Nutrisystem for Men.  Just look in the bowl.  You can see several pieces of chicken, large pieces of broccoli, and plenty of white and brown rice with sauce.

That’s the key to losing weight with the plan, since you eat 6 meals a day.

This way you have no desire to snack outside of the times the plan recommends.


Are You Ready to Lose Weight?

weight loss program for men


Are you ready to lose those excess pounds and inches?  Click the blue link below to get started on Nutrisystem for Men weight loss program for men.  You can enroll, order your meals and begin losing weight.

You can choose your own meals or have the system recommend meal options to meet your weight loss goals.



If you’re ready to lose weight, click here to get started:


weight loss plan for men

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