DoFasting Intermittent Fasting App Review

DoFasting Review DoFasting is an easy to use intermittent fasting app you can download on your Iphone or android phone.

The app has a big timer, so you can clearly see when you are in the fasting phase or eating phase of your program.

This easy-to-use intermittent fasting timer helps you stay on track, and meet your weight loss goals.

With the DoFasting app, you have everything you need to master intermittent fasting at your fingertips,  to help you lose weight.

  1. You have an intermittent fasting timer.
  2. Meal planner with hundreds of meal options supporting 20 diet programs, including Keto, low fat, FODMAP, vegan, paleo, diabetic, gluten free and more.
  3. Easy workout program
  4. Interesting articles on intermittent fasting

The meal planner includes a large color picture of the meal, step-by-step recipe, along with the nutritional value of the meal, to ensure you meet your specific weight loss plan or eating program.


What is the DoFasting App

The DoFasting App is not just an intermittent fasting timer, it all also offers hundreds of delicious meals

DoFasting provides you with a personalized 14:10 intermittent fasting or a 12:12 intermittent fasting strategy, which is based on your weight loss goals, to help you finally lose weight and keep it off.  The first number is the amount of time you fast during the 24 hour period, and the second number is the number of hours you are permitted to eat.

You aren’t shoveling food into your mouth during the hours you can eat until you have to fast again.  Rather, you can eat sensible sized meals 4-6  times per day.  This eating method keeps you satisfied, to prevent overeating.  During the fasting period, your body consumes the stored energy and healthy fats to power your body.



In addition to the DoFasting intermittent fasting app, you get several free programs that help you lose weight and build muscle and improve your overall health.


  • You get a workout tracker with a 4 week workout program.  You can do all the workouts in your home without weights or gym equipment.  If you would like to add equipment to your home workout, you can use resistance bands or weights.
  • Meal planning program with delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You  can choose regular, vegetarian or vegan meals.  Yo can also select meals with dietary restrictions, such as gluten free, lactose intolerant, or nut allergies.
  • Articles on intermittent fasting.


How to Get Started

When you download the DoFasting app and set up your account, you will be prompted to take a short quiz.  This quiz will match your personalized intermittent fasting weight loss goals to the timer, and meal planning options.

You will then select a 14:10 intermittent fasting program or 12:12 fasting program to help you lose weight.  While most diets focus primarily on what you eat, intermittent fasting incorporates when you eat.   With a 14:10 intermittent fasting schedule, you consume all your food and calories for the day during a 10 hour period.

As you see the weight coming off and your health is improving, you can experiment with advanced  intermittent fasting programs on DoFasting, such as a 16, 18, or 20 hour fast.  For expert fasters, DoFasting offers a 24 hr and 36 hr fasting schedule, to test your limits.

The DoFasting App takes all the guess work out of your weight loss program.  You simply follow the timer.  It will tell you if you are in fasting mode or eating mode, and how much time in hours, minutes and seconds you have remaining.

You then fast for the remaining 14 hours.  If you begin fasting at 8pm after your last meal of the day, you won’t be able to eat your next meal until 10am the next morning.



What is intermiitent fasting


See how this type of eating program boosts metabolism to help promote weight loss.  By restricting food intake for 14 hours each day, you increase the body’s consumption of stored fats, which it burns for energy.  This supercharges your weight loss fast.  DoFasting is not a starvation diet.  You are encouraged to stay hydrated especially during the fasting period.

DoFasting has a 7 day, 14 day and 28 day intermittent fasting program.  If you are new to intermittent fasting, or dieting in general, it is recommended to start with the 7 day program.  Learn more here.


How Intermittent Fasting Works

Instead of using a strict dieting plan to help you lose weight, with the DoFasting Intermittent Fasting App, you choose the 7, 14 or 28 weight loss challenge.  Find out more about intermittent fasting here.

With intermittent fasting you alternate between fasting and non-fasting during a 24-hour period.

At the beginning of the diet you pick an hour each day to start your fasting period, such as 10pm.  DoFasting uses the 1o:14 fasting program.

You eat during the 10 hour food consumption period, then fast for the remaining 14 hours of the 24 hour period.  To be successful, you need to stick to the same schedule of fasting and eating.  This conditions your body and mind to the days and time to restrict food intake.


Skip your breakfast and have your first meal at noon. Then have your last meal at 8 p.m. That’s it! You’ll have fasted about 16 hours –


By restricting food intake in a 14:10 intermittent fasting model, it encourages the body to consume fat for energy, thus promoting healthy weight loss.

What I like about the DoFasting app is once you program your fasting start and stop time, you literally don’t have to think about it.  The app shows you your customized fasting start time, stop time and the elapsed time (hours, minutes and seconds until you can eat again.

As the fasting becomes easier, you can increase the fasting period.  After the 7 day period, you can continue for another 7 days, or move up to the 14 day or 28 day weight loss challenge.



My Intermittent Fasting Journey with DoFasting

I chose to start with the 7 day DoFasting Program, since I am new to intermittent fasting.  In my particular intermittent fasting plan, I can consume all of my calories between 12 noon and 10 pm.  Then I fast from 1opm until 12 noon the following day.

It took my body a few days to get adjusted to the modified eating program.  I was hungry the first few days, but my body seemed to adjust to the modified eating program pretty fast.  I am usually done eating by 8pm, though I may have a small healthy evening snack if I had a light dinner.

Before starting the DoFasting intermittent fasting program, I always felt bloated, regardless if I was eating or not.  After the first week, my body was no longer craving food after I finished dinner around 7pm.  When I have hunger feelings, I simply drink a glass or two of water, which ultimately takes away any hunger feelings.  Now I am usually not hungry in the morning.  I generally don’t have any desire for food until 10am or 11am the next day.  Your situation may be different.

The best part is the bloating feelings has dissipated and my wife says my belly is shrinking.  I don’t use a scale.  I use the “how loose are my pants method.”  My pants feel looser than they have in years.

It is recommended to eat 4-6 small meals during the 10 hours a day you can consume food.  The meal planning program offers several delicious and healthy meal options.





Tbe DoFasting Intermittent Fasting App includes:



dofasting app screen

A 3-in-1 Weight loss Program.

  • Intermittent Fasting Timer
  • a 7, 14 or 28 day fasting schedule
  • meal planner with recipes
  • workout program
  • and articles helps you learn intermittent fasting.


DoFasting app


What Can You Eat

If you don’t know what you can eat, no problem.  The fasting app includes meal planning at your fingertips.  You can choose regular, vegetarian or vegan meals.  Do you have food allergies?  You can select Gluten Free, lactose intolerant or nut-free meals.


DoFasting Meal Planning Options

You can eat 4 to 6 times per day.  You eat four to six small meals per day, rather than a large lunch or dinner.  This eating method keeps you satisfied, prevents overeating and prevents you from consuming too many calories or carbs during the day.

  • Breakfast

  • Snack

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Evening Snack

The recipes include total carbs, protein, fat and a delicious looking image of the dish.  The recipes include ingredients and step-by-step instructions.


DoFasting Exercise Program

The Do Fasting App has a complete online 4 week workout program at your fingertips.  The best part is that you can do the exercise program at home, and no equipment is needed.  This is important if your area is under quarantine and you are not able to go to a gym.

The workout program includes several exercises with pictures and descriptions.  The exercises focus on a different body group each day.




 Benefits of the 14:10 Intermittent Fasting

14:10 Intermittent Fasting

  • Slows down the aging process.  Healthy eating improves digestion, reduces cellular damage and promotes weight loss.
  • Intermittent fasting promotes weight loss fast.
  • Improves resistance to oxidative stress.  Oxidative stress damages cells, can lead to internal inflammation and can result in illness or disease.
  • Improves your brain health.  Intermittent fasting improves metabolism factors that are important for brain health.
  • Fasting reduces risk of diabetes and heart disease.


How to Get Started and Lose Weight Now!


the Best App For Intermittent Fasting?


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