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Does your Diet Influence Stress in Your Life? 

Diet and Stress.  Does your diet influence stress? The short answer: yes, poor diet and stress are linked.

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What is Teeth Grinding (Bruxism): 5 Ways to Stop Teeth Grinding


The medical term for teeth grinding is ‘Bruxism’. Bruxism is a Greek word which literally means ‘gnash the teeth’.

The exact reason behind this condition is unknown but there are two types:

10 Natural Remedies That Help Prevent Liver Disease

One of the important organs in your body that is seldom given importance in terms of healthcare is the liver. Off late, it may have been increasingly garnering attention but liver is not deemed to be as important as a heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, ey…

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4 Ways to Naturally Boost Testosterone with Essential Oils

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With life, stress, and everything else on your plate, it’s n…

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Six Ways to Maintain Healthy Teeth As You Get Older



Maintaining healthy teeth should be a top priority for everyone. As you advance in age, it’s only to be expected that your body, including your mouth, teeth and gums, will require a greater amount of special care.  Well, that is if they are to function properly and comfortably.

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Type 2 Diabetes and Oral Health - What is the Impact?

…People with diabetes are also at higher risk of various oral health problems, such as gingivitis.  This is an early stage of gum disease, and periodontitis, which is serious gum disease.

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These 9 Essential Oils to Improve Your Beard Health

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Can Type 2 Diabetes Cause Gum Disease?

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7 Hacks to End Body Odor in Men for Good

Body odor in men can be embarrassing. Learn how what you eat, washing regularly, sweating and other issues can eliminate body odor.

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Top 10 Signs You Are in Ketosis

You will feel like a completely different person when you are in ketosis. During ketosis, your body will become fat adaptive. When it becomes fat adaptive, it will start using up ketones as a source of energy instead of glucose.


Ketosis …

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