10 Mini Exercise Bike Benefits

10 Mini Exercise Bike Benefits

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If you work long hours at work and do not have time to go to a gym, or you would like to buy a recumbent exercise bike, but do not have space in your home or apartment or nearly $1,000 or more for an exercise bike, then a mini exercise bike may be the affordable home exercise machine you have been looking for, costing a fraction of a full size recumbent exercise bike.


What is a Mini Exercise Bike?

As the word implies, a mini exercise bike is a scaled down version of a full size recumbent exercise bike or upright exercise bike designed to give you the full benefit of a traditional exercise bike without the space requirements and high cost associated of a traditional exercise bike.  At a gym you have to use multiple machines to work your legs and arms, and with a resistance exercise bike, you can work both your legs and arms with one compact exercise machine.

The Magnetrainer mini exercise bike has become a popular home exercise bike or physical therapy machine to help people strengthen muscles and improve flexibility as they recover from an accident, surgery, or stroke.  At a cost of less than $200, many people may want to consider purchasing a magnetic resistance exercise bike for themselves.

Fits Under a Desk

Used on the floor while sitting in a chair or under a desk, a portable exercise bike generally stands less than 2 feet high and two feet in length, usually weigh around 20 lbs and has two pedals, which is perfect to fit under most office desks or cubicle work surfaces.  As with any other type of exercise bike you can set the tension and monitor your workout with a mini exercise bike.  Just put your feet in the straps on the pedals and start pedaling while you watch tv or work at your desk to a good exercise bike workout without the gym.

Mini Exercise Bike for Physical Therapy

A Mini Exercise Bike is also a great tool for physical therapy.  With a mini exercise bike you can strengthen muscles, limbs and joints after an injury or for recovery after removal of a cast.  For upper body physical therapy, you can easily use the standard pedals or optional ergo hand grips with the Magnetrainer mini exercise bike.

Before beginning any home exercise routine as part of a physical therapy program, consult your doctor or physical therapist to develop a proper exercise program to promote recovery and prevent further damage or injury.


 10 Mini Exercise Bike Benefits


  • Smaller than a regular size exercise bike
  • Get a bike workout without going to the gym
  • Less than two feet high and weighs around 20 lbs
  • Less than the cost of most home exercise equipment
  • Use the pedals to get upper body or arm workout
  • Great for physical therapy
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Can be used while watching tv, or use under a work desk
  • Great for apartments or where space for home exercise equipment is limited
  • Costs less than $200


Mini Exercise Bike Review

You can read our review of the Magnetrainer Mini Exercise Bike here.
















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