4 Easy Quit Smoking Tips that work

4 Easy Quit Smoking Tips that work


If this is your first or 10th attempt to quit smoking, you know how hard it can be to break your nicotine addiction.  This article provides information on what smoking addiction is and offers 4 tips to quit smoking.

What is Smoking Addiction?

A smoking addiction has two components 1) the psychological addiction or need to smoke.  Many people enjoy the calming or relaxing sensation that nicotine has on the body and nervous system.  When people are under stress they tend to increase the number of cigarettes smoked or increase the intensity of inhaling the nicotine and smoke into their lungs, to get that “relaxed feeling” smokers enjoy.

The second component of the smoking addiction is 2) the physical addiction to nicotine.  Nicotine is a drug just like alcohol, and over time smokers develop a physical addiction to nicotine, and begin to feel the painful nicotine withdrawal symptoms if they don’t “get their fix.”  Nicotine is a mood altering drug, which affects the brain.  Since the relaxing sensation of nicotine affects the brain, over time the brain needs more nicotine to achieve that initial sensation when a person first started smoking.  This results in nicotine addiction that is hard to break.


Leading Smoking Cessation Programs

There are many smoking cessation programs available to help people quit smoking, but most are unsuccessful, as noted by the 90% failure rate for first timers trying to stop smoking.  If you have been smoking cigarettes for several years, trying to quit smoking cold turkey may be difficult and you risk going through painful withdrawal symptoms, but it can be done.

1) Nicotine gum and nicotine patches are nicotine substitution products that allow a person to get nicotine into their bloodstream without the harmful effects of inhaling nicotine and hundreds are carcinogens present in a lit cigarette that can cause lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema and numerous other health issues.  The problem with these quit smoking methods is that they do not help a smoker properly step down their nicotine addiction, which is the best way to quit smoking.

2) Hypnotherapy to quit smoking works, but can be expensive and the smoker has to first really want to quit or this smoking cessation method will be a failure.

3) Stop smoking program that steps you down slowly to wean you off the nicotine addiction naturally.  This type of program takes 4-10 weeks to quit smoking, and has shown to have the best success of any type of quit smoking program.

4) Medications like Chantix are designed to work by blocking nicotine from reaching neurotransmitters in the brain that control nicotine addiction.  While these medications show promise to work, they come with serious side effects, including possible suicidal thoughts.


Tips to Quit Smoking

Tip 1 – The best stop smoking program is one that helps you step down your nicotine addiction slowly and naturally, so that you quit smoking without painful nicotine withdrawal symptoms or use of medications.

Tip 2 –  It’s normal to “fall off the wagon” while trying to quit smoking.  The first thing is to not give up, don’t beat yourself up, and have a support system when you think you can’t quit smoking.

Tip 3 – It normally takes 7 – 10 weeks to break your nicotine addiction and be free of cigarettes.  It is important to select a stop smoking program that has been offered for several years, is natural and does not use nicotine products, has a history of successfully helping people break their nicotine addiction and has several positive testimonials from people who have successfully used the product to stop smoking.

Tip 4 – The best stop smoking product that meets these key objectives is the Quitkey Smoking Cessation Program from Lifesign.  Using your current smoking habits, this program tells you when to smoke.  Slowly over time the program gradually extends the time between each cigarette and weans you off your nicotine addiction until you are free of cigarettes once and for all!



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