The Pros and Cons of Wisdom Teeth Removal

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When it comes to the wisdom teeth removal, the decision always oscillates between the two ends – to remove them or not. The lack of knowledge about the wisdom teeth and the procedure. and the pros and cons — is forever at the heart of the confusion.

Most of us often don’t know what would happen if your wisdom teeth were extracted, or allowed to stay as they are.

It therefore becomes important to first know what these teeth do, and if wisdom teeth removal can impact us in different ways.

Where Are Your Wisdom Teeth Anyway?

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You should know that the wisdom teeth – those third and final set of molars – typically start to emerge when you reach the late teen years or reach the early adulthood days. Naturally, they won’t always fit rightly behind the molars due to the way the jaw grows and develops in us.

So, the teeth lacking enough room may get blocked below the gum line. They may push the existing teeth out of alignment. That’s why, dentists often advise their removal.   This is the best way to avoid any damage caused by the emerging structures. 

Not all dentists, however hold the view of the removal, as most recommend retention by keeping the teeth under observation. You can thus consult the dentist near you and know their view on the matter for more knowledge on the subject.  

Let’s look at the pros and cons of wisdom teeth removal to decide on own –

The Cons of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Letting the dentist remove a perfectly good set of molars does not make any sense. This is especially true when you see in the light that they can be used for the rest of your life.

Plus, there may be some risks that surgical complications often cause. And, if these teeth are in good condition and don’t pose any alignment issues, there is no need to go for their removal at all.

You needn’t always explore the option of wisdom teeth removal as they may not cause any gum pain or impact other teeth in all cases. You should not let the risk of infection or bleeding or surgical issues force you to get the teeth removed. Such risks are rare, but they nonetheless exist and even the dentist can deny them.

More so, not all dentists use anesthesia to numb the mouth before the tooth extraction, so pain is common. Some anesthetics however can reduce feeling in the mouth for weeks, hence dentists stay away from using them. For that reason, any allergy to anesthesia must be conveyed to the dentist prior to an oral surgery.

The Pros of Wisdom Teeth Removal

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The dentist will only advise to extract the wisdom teeth when they start to grow crooked, or become impacted which can harm the teeth and gums.

Their crookedness may also pose the risk of bite alignment. there are always the risks of gum disease, tooth decay, infection, cysts etc. The dentist will take x-rays on regular interval to analyse the erupting wisdom teeth and assess their potential to cause complications.

In case the teeth cause intense oral pain, or the x-rays shows some problem, the dentist will then ask to get the teeth removed. With preventative wisdom tooth removal, there will be a reduced risk of gum pain, bite alignment issues and nerve damage. When the wisdom teeth are removed in a pre-emptive manner, you can them save yourself from serious dental situation in future.     

More so, an early removal of the wisdom teeth has many benefits for your oral health.  The procedure will be smoother than when the extraction is done after the root is fully developed. And if you required an emergency extraction, it would not only leave all the hard work redundant but may also cost more money. So, consult a top dentist Greenpoint, discuss the best option for your wisdom teeth and then take the call. 


You can clearly see how knowledge is the power in the matter of dental health. The more you know the better. Wisdom teeth can be both bad and good if left on their own.

It’s thus always better to consult the dentist.  This way the dentist can clearly say whether you should go for removal of wisdom teeth or not. It’s better not to come to a conclusion on own, else it might prove harmful to your overall health.

So, take wisdom teeth and their removal seriously and maintain a better dental health. 


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Nitesh Ranjan is a passionate health blogger and avid reader with expertise in dental treatment. His blog gives in-depth information on cosmetic dental procedures and treatments.

He shapes information and posts to help patients improve the look and feel of their teeth in a cost-effective and hassle-free manner.  You can trust his knowledge of the dental field and maintain dental health always.

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