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Date4You is the easiest to use Dating Site for Over 50 Singles.  Are you looking for an adult dating site to meet other over 50 singles for dating, but you don’t want to have to join one of those expensive adult dating sites?

This free to join adult dating site is much easier to use than other over 50 dating sites.  With Date 4 You, you get to see the pictures of eligible people as soon as you log on.  This online dating site is free to join, and there are several payment options that can meet any budget.  There are no expensive monthly payment plans.

You simply buy “coins” and pay as you go, to communicate with people you want to meet.  They have four payment plans to choose from to buy coins, starting at just $5.  You pay with “coins” in your account to talk to other people.  You only pay when you need to add coins to your account.  The coins in your account never expire.  If you like to tall a lot, you may want to buy more coins, and the more coins you buy the cheaper they are.  If you are a face-to-face talker and don’t like communicating on email, then just buy fewer coins.

There are no expensive memberships to pay for, and no confusing process to cancel your membership.

What is Date4You

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Date4You is a free to join adult dating site, to meet other adults for relationship or casual dating.  Once you join you are able to see images and profiles of women or men who match your requirements.

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You buy and use “coins” that are placed into your account.  You use these coins to chat and email with people you meet on the site.  For every $5 USD you can purchase around 200 coins.  The more money you spend, the more coins are deposited into your account.

You are not billed a monthly membership fee as you are with most other dating sites. Rather, you buy coins to chat and email with people.  You’re never charged an on-going membership fee that you have to cancel.

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If you will be busy with work or vacation, or you just want to take a beak from dating, you will never feel like you are wasting money.  The coins in your account never expire, so you are only required to recharge your account when you run out of coins.

No matter where you live, you will find like-minded people who want to meet. Whether in a big city or a small town, there are always people looking for love.

Register HERE now free of charge and without obligation. Start searching in your surrounding area for that special new love in your life.


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How Date4You Works is free to join.  When you sign up Here, you create your Date4you profile.   Other singles in the database that match your interests and requirements  will see your profile.  You don’t have to pay an expensive membership fee to view the pictures or see profiles of prospective people you wish to meet and potentially date.  Instead,   You can even see the photos of over eligible singles.

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The way Date4you works is you purchase coins, which allows you to communicate with your prospective matches.

For every $5USD you spend, you get approximately 200 coins.  For example, when you spend $5 USD, 220 “coins” are deposited into your account.  When you spend $10, 500 coins are deposited into your account.

Every text or chat costs just $.50 cents.  You can send approximately 20 emails or texts for every $10 in coins you purchase.  Most other dating sites bill you $29 – $39 per month regardless of the number of people you meet.

Usually after a few emails, you meet the people in person and speak via phone or personal text.

For $25, you get a whopping 1270 coins.  That means you can send over 600 messages.  This is ideal for casual dating vs someone looking for a relationship.



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What’s the Benefit of Buying Coins

When you buy Coins to send emails or texts, the “coins” are deposited in your account.   You immediately receive the Coins you paid for.  As you text or call your prospective matches, “coins” are deducted from your account.  Once the coins in your account are used up you can decide to buy more, and the unused coins in your account never expire.

This means there are no running costs or monthly memberships frees billed to your credit card.  In addition there is no 30 day cancellation period to remember.


How Much Do Coins Cost?


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What Are People Saying About Date4You?

  • I didn’t believe in love at first sight, but I was proven wrong. Dominik (35) from Sacramento
  • It all happened so fast here. Directly after the registration, I was chatting with a very nice lady and we soon arranged a date. Matthias (45) from San Francisco
  • I had been looking for a new love for a long time and didn’t think it was that easy. Now we already meet regularly. It’s crazy. Harald (59) from San Diego




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