Popular Strength Training Program without Going to A Gym

Popular Strength Training Program without Going to A Gym

Resistance Training, sometimes also referred to as suspension training, is a form of strength training done at home or in a gym that uses resistance bands or suspension straps to build muscle, increase strength, improve endurance and increase flexibility by causing the muscles to contract using an external resistance, in this case resistance bands or suspension training straps and your own body weight. While many popular home exercise programs are designed for people who are already experienced with exercise, resistance training is perfect for both people who are new to exercise and experienced with exercise, since there are several beginning resistance training exercises that can be done at your own pace.


 Resistance Bands

A resistance band training program generally uses bands made of industrial grade rubber or other elastic materials of varying thicknesses that can be attached to an apparatus, or has handles and wraps around the feet.  The thicker the band is will correspond to a greater level of resistance during the workout.  For people new to exercise or resistance training should use the lowest level resistance band to start, and over time as strength and endurance improves, you can move up from the thinnest band that provides the lowest level of resistance to thicker bands that provide progressively more resistance, to continually build strength, muscle mass and endurance. I used resistance bands  as part of physical therapy treatment to build muscle strength, stability and endurance after a broken ankle.  As strength, endurance and flexibility began to improve in my leg, ankle and foot,  I moved up from the thinnest band that provided the lowest level of resistance, to thicker bands that provided a greater level of resistance when performing the strengthening and flexibility exercises.

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Suspension Training

Suspension training is another form of resistance training that uses thick adjustable nylon industrial grade straps, called a suspension trainer, that are either attached to an apparatus, a door using a special hook or even a tree.  Rather than using resistance bands, where the thickness of the  bands provides the resistance during the exercises, suspension training relies on the person’s own body weight and the distance from where the straps are attached to the apparatus or door as the source of resistance.  The closer the person is to the point of where the suspension straps are attached to the apparatus or door, and the setting of the straps determines the level of resistance, from beginner to expert.  Suspension straps come with handles for hands, and stirrups for shoes to provide a complete upper body, core and lower body workout.



Benefits of Resistance Training

Increase muscle strength Build muscle mass Increase flexibility Improve metabolic rate Increase bone density Improve posture Lose weight Build endurance Strengthen core muscles Can be done in a gym, at home or while traveling.


Resistance Training Review

You can learn about the benefits of the TRX Suspension Trainer  —–> here <—— a popular strength training program designed by a former Navy SEAL that  will help you build muscle, strength and endurance, whether you are new to or experienced with resistance training.


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