What is Phalogenic Traction and Will It Make You Larger

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Men have been trying to increase penis size since the beginning of time.  Phalogenic traction is penis enlargement method that may just help make your penis bigger naturally.  Prehistoric cave paintings have been found showing prehistoric men with large phalics.  Even men with well endowed members have been discovered on ancient Egyptian artifacts.

Min, the ancient Egyptian God of Fertility is often shown in pictures and statues with a large erect penis.  The ancient Roman god of fertility, Priapus, is often shown with a large erect penis, showing his power and strength.

Since the dawn of humanity, men have seen a large penis as a source of strength,  power and sexual prowess.  Today Phalogenic traction is a popular and effective way to increase penis size.



What is Phalogenic Traction

Phalogenics - DOES IT REALLY WORK?

Phalogenic traction is a natural drug and surgery-free penis enhancement method, that includes video lessons and techniques that show you how to increase penis size naturally.  This method includes penis enlargement exercises that are designed to stretch the tissues and ligaments in the penis, to allow more blood to be trapped in it.  Like working out at the gym, the penis enhancement exercises are meant to give men permanent increase in penis size.

Phalogenic traction can also include the use of a device called a penis extender.  This penis enlargement device is popular with men who want to increase penis size, and also as a way to stretch scar tissue to recover from Peyronies Disease.  Peyronies, also known as bent penis, is a result of damage or injury to the penis which causes it to be bent when erect.

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This is the best penis exercise program, which includes several detailed instructional video lessons on several basic and advanced penis enlargement exercises, that will help you increase penis size naturally.

The penis is not a muscle or a bone.  It is made up of three sponge-like structures called the corpus cavernosum.  These structures become engorged with blood, which causes an erection.  The penis enlargement exercises stretch and elongate the corpus cavernosum, to allow it to store more blood during an erection.  This allows more blood to be stored in the penis to give you a longer and harder erection.


Why Use Phalogenic Traction?

A larger penis is perceived to be a symbol of power, strength and confidence.  You see in videos that men with a larger penis are described as being better lovers, and they are able to give women several orgasms during sex.

A larger penis can give men more self confidence.  One popular method to make your penis longer and harder is called phalogenic traction.

Phalogenic traction consists of a series of exercises that are designed to help men increase penis size naturally, improve sexual performance, and reverse symptoms of erectile dysfunction.  It can also be used to help men with Peyronies Disease to cure the abnormal bend in their erect penis, using a series of penis stretching exercises that stretch and strengthen the penile tissue.

These male enhancement exercises can also help eliminate pain and discomfort due to the build up of scar tissue on the penis.


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Types of Penis Enlargement Exercises

Here are some examples of penis enlargement exercises

  • kegel exercises
  • penis stretching
  • jelqing
  • cooldown methods
  • penis massage exercises
  • Penis expansion exercises
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Like muscle building, the goal is to create micro tears in the tissue.  The process with penis enlargement exercises is the same.  When the tissue heals it is larger, which is how people make muscles larger.



Are Penis Enhancement Exercises Safe?

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If you follow the video lessons correctly in this program and perform the male enhancement exercises as instructed, they are safe.  If you do not do them correctly, or do the exercises out of order, this can potentially lead to injury or damage to your penis.

You can find male enhancement exercises online, but they oftentimes do not include proper warm up or warm down exercises.  You also do not always know the source of the penis enlargement exercise videos.

If the penis enlargement video instructions are not performed correctly, this can cause temporary or even permanent damage to your penis, or may even lead to permanent erectile dysfunction.

To avoid injury or damage, only use a penis enlargement program that includes video lessons and instructions, and the program is created by a professional.


In Conclusion

If you feel the need to increase your penis size, to improve your self confidence or to make you  a better lover,  you are not alone.  Men have been trying to increase penis size since the dawn of humanity.

Phalogenic traction are generally an effective way to make your penis bigger.  It is probably better to use a program created by a men’s health expert rather than searching on the internet for random penis enlargement exercises.

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The last thing you want is to damage your penis while in the pursuit to increase penis size.

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