Toothache Remedies: Get Relief from 11 Home Cures

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Toothache is very disturbing. It makes you so uncomfortable that you cannot focus on activities, such as your work.

There are various reasons that can cause toothache.


Conditions that can cause a toothache include:


  • an exposed tooth root,
  • a gum or tooth infection,
  • a cracked tooth,
  • a loose filling,
  • gum disease,
  • jaw joint disorder (TMJ)


can cause mild soreness or an intolerable throbbing pain in the teeth, gums or around jaws. Whatever is the reason once we get a toothache we always need something that can cure it as soon as possible. We always try to avoid a dentist visit for it.

From the time of our grandparents, we do have different kinds of toothache home remedies that helps to cure the ache. Along with it today we have advanced top rated manual and electric toothbrushes that help to prevent the condition of toothache. They are easy to use and very effectively work of our tooth.

If in case you get toothache, first try to use the following toothache remedies to reduce the unbearable ache.


These are known are best 11 home cures for toothaches due to any reason:


  • Pepper and Salt:

Mix pepper with salt in equal amount. Add little water to the mixture. Now apply this paste directly on the affected tooth. If will surely help in reducing the pain. Continue to do this for more time.

You can use a top rated sonic toothbrush with this paste of pepper and salt.

Clove oil for toothache

Garlic is known to be the best remedy for a toothache. It gives immediate relief from pain.

Garlic also works as antibiotic and pain reliever in case of toothaches. You can mix the garlic powder or garlic cloves with some amount of salt and water. Apply it to affected tooth and you will get the results within 10-15 min.


  • Saltwater:

Dissolve some amount of salt in boiling water. Use it as a pain killing mouthwash. It helps to reduce the soreness. Swish it for nearly 30 sec before spitting out. It is like a cleansing of the tooth. You can do it regularly so as to stay away from a toothache in future


  • Clove Oil:

It is used traditionally to cure a toothache. Dip a cotton into oil and keep it on the paining tooth. It is used as antibacterial and painkiller. It helps to fight inflammation. You can directly use clove. Crush one and mix it with water and keep it of the affected tooth


  • Guava Leaves

Wash some leaves of guava. Chew it with the paining tooth. It also works as an anti-inflammatory. You can also boil water and add leaves to it. After cooling add some salt. Use it as a mouthwash.


  • Ice Cube:

It is the easiest way to treat the pain. Everyone have ice in the fridge. If the pain starts, wrap ice in a clean cloth or tissue paper. Place the ice inside the mouth, cheek close to paining tooth. Keep it for a longer time for best output. The coldness of ice will temporarily numb the tooth nerve. Iced water also helps same as ice cubes. Wet the cotton cloth with iced water and keep it in cheek for the same effect.


toothache from abscessed tooth




  • Asafetida:

Asafetida helps to cure a condition of toothaches and bleeding gums. All you need to add a pinch of asafetida powder in some amount of lemon juice warm it little.

Use a cotton pad to apply it to paining tooth. It will give quick relief. You can also use clarified butter instead of lemon juice.


  • Vanilla Extract:

It is also popular and well-known toothache cure remedy around the World. Dip cotton in vanilla extract solution. Keep it on the affected tooth. It helps to numb the nerve. It also has a calming effect.


  • Wheatgrass juice:

It has antibacterial property. It reduces toothache. It also helps to fight against the tooth decay. You can use the wheatgrass extract as a mouthwash. Organic chemicals from wheatgrass absorb toxins from gum and reduce the pain. If in case you can make juice of wheatgrass, simple chew the wheatgrass and see the effect.


  • Onion:

Just chew the piece of onion. Allow the pulp of this raw onion to rest on paining tooth as long as possible. Oil in onion with soak inside the tooth and gums. It is antibacterial in nature. It also helps to act as a painkiller.


  • Cayenne Pepper:

Mix some amount of ground cayenne pepper with water and make a paste. You can dip a cotton bud in paste or use a top rated sonic toothbrush to apply this paste of tooth. Cayenne has capsaicin organic compound with is a pain reliever. You can also mix cayenne pepper in whiskey to reduce tooth pain.


Wrap Up

All these remedies are effective to cure a toothache. But to avoid a toothache in the first place you need to take care of your tooth. Regularly brush it with sonic toothbrush and improve the life of your teeth.


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