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Test Worx

Test Worx
from Superior Labs, is an effective natural testosterone booster, which helps men over age 40 reverse the symptoms of low testosterone.

Around age 35-40, men begin to lose 1%-2% of their free testosterone per year.  By age 50, many men have lost up to 50% of their free testosterone.  When you were 18, did you have a full head of hair, flat stomach, nice muscle definition, a rock hard erection on demand  and you could shoot loads of semen.

Now that you’re over 40, do you have these issues:

  • hair loss
  • excess weight in your mid section
  • muscles getting soft
  • your erections are not as hard as they used to be
  • memory and focus issues

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?  Millions of middle age men have this issue, so you are not alone.

Test Worx may just be just the natural testosterone booster you need to stimulate testosterone function and is one of the best selling testosterone boosters on

This male health supplement is developed to naturally boost levels of free testosterone in men.   This product is free of potentially dangerous side effects of a prescription hormone replacement therapy (HRT).


How Does this Testosterone Booster Work? 

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how Test Worx works

While many testosterone boosters only use tribulus terrestris as the primary agent, Test Worx includes three of the most effective natural agents known to increase free testosterone levels in men naturally:

  • Tribulus Terrestris,
  • Tongkat Ali extract (Long Jack)
  • L-Arginine.

Free testosterone is a measure of  bioavailable testosterone molecules floating through your blood system.

Free testosterone is not bound to any chemicals or proteins. 

TestWorx Testosterone Supplement is critical to do the following:

  • improve sex drive and sexual desire
  • reduce excess fat and build lean muscle
  • Ensure normal production of sperm
  • help men achieve a hard erection
  • reverse symptoms of erectile dysfunction
  • improve concentration
  • boost mood and well-being
  • build strong bones to prevent osteoporosis
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After the age of 30, men may begin to experience the signs of low testosterone, as the production of the male sex hormone, testosterone, in men can drop by as much as 1% to 5% per year, and by the age 50 many men can lose as much as 50% of there free testosterone.

You can reverse many of the symptoms of low testosterone, such as:

  • low sex drive
  • mood swings
  • lack of concentration or focus
  • lost interest in activities they once found enjoyable
  • weight gain in the belly
  • loss of muscle mass
  • insomnia
  • osteoporosis
  • erectile dysfunction.


TestWorx Ingredients?



Test Works Ingredients

The proprietary blend of ingredients in the
30-day supply
of Test Worx, includes Tongkat Ali (Long Jack) in a proprietary formulation called LJ100® , Tribulus Terrestris, and L-Arginine are clinically proven to boost testosterone levels in men by reducing  Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), which binds testosterone to fat cells and makes it unavailable for use in the body.

By unbinding androgenic chemicals in the blood, particularly Testosterone, this increases the levels of Free Testosterone in the body by 70% to 130%, and as levels of testosterone increases, this helps to increase sex drive, boost energy levels, improve concentration and supports mood and well-being.


TestWorx Ingredients

Test Works Ingredients


This makes this the  
best testosterone booster
on the market  from Superior Labs, which is available at
.  Increasing free testosterone levels naturally offers the following benefits:

  • Decreases excess levels of fat (particularly in the mid section).
  • Builds muscles,
  • Increases energy levels,
  • Improves concentration,
  • Heightens sex drive and
  • Enhances overall well-being.  
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For men who work out, Test Worx has shown to make work outs more effective, increases strength and improves muscle recovery

TEST WORx® ingredients have studies published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, The Journal of International Society of Sports Medicine and the International Journal of Andrology and Asian Journal of Andrology.


Health Benefits of TestWorx Testosterone Booster

symptoms of low testosterone

  • Improves Muscle Growth *
  • Enhance Drive *
  • Aids Body Fat Loss *
  • Promotes Energy *
  • Improves Muscle Recovery Time *


Made with Vegetarian Capsules 

Most capsules used in dietary supplements are made from gelatin, which is an animal based product.

Test Worx
available here
from,  is made with Vegetarian Cellulose Capsules(vegcaps), which is an insoluble fiber derived from fruits and vegetables.

This is generally suitable for vegetarians, vegans, people who keep Kosher and those who do not eat animals for religious purposes.


Benefits of a Natural Testosterone Booster for Men over 40


Test Worx Benefits


  • Natural Testosterone Booster contains all-natural ingredients clinically proven to increase free testosterone levels 70% to 130% and decreases SHBG.
  • Made in USA in FDA Certified Facility.
  • Noticeable increase in energy levels, boosts libido levels and improves motivation within 2 weeks.
  • Reduces fat, particularly in mid section.
  • Increased mental focus, concentration and clarity.
  • Improves mood and well-being.
  • Optimum 6 week dosage for highest free testosterone levels.
  • Increased muscle strength, metabolism, muscle recovery, mental focus and intensity.
  • 100% 60-day Money Back Guarantee if unsatisfied for any reason.


Made in the USA


TestWorks is made by Superior Labs Nutritional Supplements in San Diego, CA.  This company manufactures the highest quality health supplements.

While many testosterone boosters are made in China or in unregulated facilities, Test Worx 
available here
is manufactured in the USA in an FDA certified facility using all-natural ingredients using Good Manufacturing Principles (GMP) and their purity process.


The purity process helps eliminate toxic substances, such as such as magnesium stearate or silicone dioxide.  These harmful ingredients help speed up the manufacturing process and save the manufacturer money, at your expense.

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100% Satisfaction Or Your Money Back



Superiorlabs, LLC will provide a 100% full no questions asked money back refund for your purchase of Test Worx if  it doesn’t meet your expectations.  Use the contact form and provide your email or order # and you will be issued a refund within 24 hours no questions asked.




 Where Can you Buy Test Worx Testosterone Booster?


Test Worx
is not available in stores.  Our research indicates the best online store to
Buy Test Worx
Natural Testosterone Booster is at
for immediate shipment,  excellent customer service and Free Shipping.

This popular natural testosterone booster is manufactured in an FDA registered facility of all natural ingredients using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), to ensure your safety and satisfaction.


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