How to Shave – Four Tips for Men to Get a Smooth Shave

How to Shave – Four Tips for Men to Get a Smooth Shave


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A smooth, clean-shaven face is often a very important necessity for a man to look good and feel confident. Though the popular saying goes that all men are born equal, it does not hold true when it comes to the skin! Men with sensitive skin or ingrown facial hair always face the problems of razor burns, razor bumps, rashes and ingrown hairs. A little care, some extra spending and following a systematic routine will help in managing the sensitive skin while shaving.


Pre-shaving preparation:

Having a hot-water shower or steam shower before shaving is highly recommended as it loosens up the taut hairs. Even if one does not have a bath, wetting the skin with hot water would be very helpful. Application of Art of Shaving pre-shave oil and shaving cream with essential face oils on the skin will ensure that there is an extra lubrication layer for the razor and an extra protection layer for the skin to get a close shave. Using a pre-shave with essential oil is preferred to standard shaving cream.  Using a proper shaving brush to apply shaving cream would be preferable over gels and foams.  Running the brush in circles will help to raise the hair follicles and that will make shaving easier.


The actual shaving procedure:

If one seeks a close shave, it would be advisable to finish shaving along the grain of the face completely before attempting to go against it.  Shaving with the grain of your face will prevent razor bumps and painful ingrown facial hair, especially on your neck.   Having the proper men’s shaving products and shaving products is vital. Disposable razors are not meant for sensitive skin and they should never be used. Instead, a triple or quadruple blade razor with a lubrication strip on top would be preferable.  The razor blades must be fresh and should not have dulled. Dull blades often lead to cuts and nicks.

Even while shaving, it is recommended that the least pressure be applied on the blades. If the skin’s sensitivity is too much, shaving against the grain could be totally avoided also. In such cases, using a razor with a vibrating blade might help to cut hair closely while shaving with the grain itself. In no event should one tug or pull at the skin in an attempt to get a closer shave.


The after-shave procedure:

Splashing the face thoroughly with cool water after shaving is a must to ensure that all pores are closed. Else, there might be and accumulation of dirt and grime in the pores. An after-shave balm containing Aloe Vera or other such natural essential face oil must be applied. Care must be taken to see that there is no alcohol in the after-shave products. Alcohol quickly dehydrates the skin and causes irritations. Drying of the face must be done by dabbing with a soft towel.


Additional tips:

  • Shaving exfoliates the skin exposing the tender layers beneath. So, one should make sure to wear sunscreen and other protective creams while going out immediately after a shave.
  • It would be preferable not to shave on a daily basis if one has sensitive skin.
  • After splashing cool water, massaging the shaved area with ice-cubes help to close out pores more effectively.
  • Take time while shaving and enjoy the experience.



While sensitive skin is an issue while shaving, a man with sensitive skin need not give upon the joy of a smooth shave. Sensitive skin only means that the man has to take some extra precautionary measures.

About The Author: Diana is a writer, and contributor to Mens Health Cures.  She loves writing, travelling and playing. Recently she did an article on latest shaving kits for men. These days she is working on top shaving tips for men.

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