Resistance Training vs Weight Lifting

Resistance Training vs Weight Lifting, which is better to build bigger arms?

Resistance Training and Weight Lifting are two popular forms of exercise and fitness that can help you build bigger arms.  However, these terms have been used by those in fitness industry so frequently that one is bound to think that these two forms of exercise have some similarity.

Resistance Training

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Resistance exercise or resistance training is usually done to strengthen mass of muscles by relying on the person’s own body weight and straps or resistance bands as the form of resistance to build muscle, strength and lose weight.   With resistance straps, more resistance is applied by how far away you are from the apparatus, which then allows for more of the user’s own body weight to create the resistance.  This differs from resistance bands in that the user starts with a beginner set of bands, and then as the user builds strength, they move to thicker bands that create more resistance to work more muscle groups.

One can perform daily resistance training activities with ease in a gym, at home, or anywhere that the resistance training equipment can be attached, such as a tree or metal apparatus.   In the case of resistance bands, they are generally held around the feet.  This form of exercise does not use traditional bulky weight lifting equipment, such as free weights, or a bar bell and weights.

Benefits of Resistance Training 

Resistance training, also referred to as suspension training, brings imminent benefits to those who perform the exercises in true earnest. High density lipoprotein or good cholesterol increases as a result of resistance training, thus improving the overall cardiovascular health of the person.   Home exercise programs, like Resistance training, doesn’t require the use of heavy and bulky equipment.  All that is needed are resistance training straps, a door or a metal apparatus, or resistance bands and the equipment can be stored in a drawer, so a person doesn’t need a lot of space to effectively perform resistance training.

Suspension training is a great way of building muscle mass and strength, as well as, maintaining and losing weight.  Resistance training helps in increase bone density in the body. With the increase in bone mass, one becomes less susceptible to osteoporosis.

For those who are new to exercise or overweight, standing closer to the resistance straps reduces the amount of resistance in the exercises.  As the person begins to build muscle and loses weight, take a few steps away from the apparatus, which will apply a small amount of resistance, and help the person further increase the physical, mental and metabolic benefits of resistance training.

Resistance training  has had its imminent benefits for both young and old people.  A study conducted among patients in their 70 s has come up with amazing results. Those among the lot had undergone a resistance training program for 10 weeks were found to have more muscle strength, mobility and agility after the training schedule.

In technical terms, suspension training includes every type of muscle training exercise, and works all the muscle groups without the use of weights, including legs, back, core muscles, shoulders, abdominals, biceps, and triceps.  However, exercises associated with sporting activities or those that use weight lifting equipment generally are not considered under resistance training.

Weight Lifting


Weight Lifting is primarily a sporting activity which has gained immense popularity, especially in the Olympics. Weight lifting also known as weight training can be considered as strength training that helps in strength enhancement and builds the size of skeletal muscles. Weight lifting helps in building of bigger arms as the weight force of gravity in form of weight stacks or weighted bars are used to counter the force generated by muscles. The muscles generate this force through muscle contraction.

A fact that needs to considered while defining weight lifting is that this is an inclusive term and comprises of all the exercises that help in increase of physical strength.

Benefits of Weight Lifting

Weight lifting benefits has the ability to develop better muscular strength, improve the muscle tone and increase the endurance of the body.  Medical benefits also follow as a result of weight lifting.  Insulin sensitivity in those with Diabetes increases, as building muscle mass increases use of sugar in the body to power the body, especially among those who perform regular medium or intense weight lifting exercises.

Functional benefits also follow as a result of weight lifting.  As muscles get stronger with regular weight training exercises, posture improvement follows.  Better support for joints also results as a consequence of weight lifting exercises.

Loss of muscle tissue for older people can be reversed with weight lifting exercises,  which should be performed under guided supervision to prevent injury.

Weight training as a tool for building physical endurance

To build bigger and stronger arms, muscles need to be strengthened. This happens only when they are put to some strength exercises. This is done by what is commonly known as overload in weight lifting terms.

In resistance training can be achieved by standing further away from the straps, which increases  the resistance level while performing exercises.    In a weight training program with weights, one can add 5 Lb (10 kg)  to the barbell gradually to achieve this objective. In case when increasing weight is not the best option, increasing the number of repetitions with a specific weight can be tried.

Resistance training and weightlifting are similar in the sense that both help build endurance and improve the overall physical strength of those who undertake the same.

Weight lifting can help build bigger arms

Though resistance training is a way of building endurance, for those looking specifically for bigger arms and stronger arm muscles, going for weight lifting gradually can bring imminent benefits. Building stronger muscles depends upon the light weight exercise that one is able to perform on a daily basis.

For those looking to build bigger arms, trying muscle confusion is a great remedy. Muscle confusion occurs when a person changes the types of exercises being performed to work different muscle groups, or work the same muscle groups in a different way.   Through muscle confusion muscles do not get used to same schedule or routine, and one is able to build endurance, thus resulting in development of bigger and better muscles.


Resistance training and weight lifting are forms of exercise and strength training programs and help one develop better physique and improve mental strength.   If you are constrained for space or cost for a home gym, then a resistance training program is the way to go. Weight lifting can be considered as a better option for building bigger arms if you have the space and budget for a home gym, though the relevance of resistance training cannot be ignored.


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