Three Methods to Lower PSA Levels

Three Methods to Lower your PSA Levels


Prostate Treatment

The PSA level, also known as the Prostate Specific Antigen level, is a blood test that identifies potential abnormalities in the prostate gland.   Potential prostate  abnormalities include enlarged prostate, also known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH, prostatitis, which is inflammation in the tissue in and around the prostate, or the dreaded prognosis of prostate cancer.  A normal prostate gland is soft to the touch and about the size of a walnut.  There are natural methods to lower the PSA level, including a prostate supplement,  and lifestyle changes that include a prostate diet.

What are normal PSA Ranges as man age?

PSA levels for men will generally increase naturally as they age.  Prostate Specific Antigen test (PSA) levels for men between the ages of 40-60 with a healthy prostate gland is 3 to 4 ng/mL.  Prostate problems, such as enlarged prostate tend to develop in men between the ages of 45 and 65, and most cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in men over age 50.


It is recommended that men in this target age range should have a PSA test and digital rectal exam (DRE) beginning at age 50.  If PSA levels rises above 6 for men age 50-65, your urologist will probably recommend further testing or a biopsy to identify a potential prostate problem.  Doctors will also monitor PSA velocity, which is how fast the numbers go up.  For men age 65 or above, a PSA level of 5-6.5 ng/mLis considered normal, but will be monitored for possible prostate problems, such as enlarged prostate or prostate cancer diagnosis. Once a prostate problem is identified, there are several methods to lower the PSA level without the use of prescription medication.


Methods to Lower PSA Levels

The most common methods to lower PSA scores without the use of prescription medications are:

  • Take a prostate supplement
  • Eat a prostate diet
  • Make lifestyle changes that promote a healthy body and mind


Let’s Take a Look at Each Method


Prostate Supplement.  A  natural prostate treatment to address prostate problems is generally a pill or liquid, plant or herbal based  supplement designed to shrink an enlarged prostate, lower PSA levels, improve urine flow, increase blood flow to wash away toxins and improve overall prostate health.  Most use popular herbal ingredients, include name like saw palmetto, ashwagandha, zinc, lycopene, Pygeum Africanum, Stinging Nettle, mulra puama and more that relax blood vessels to improve blood flow to prostatic tissue to flush away toxins, reduce inflammation of tissue and promote healthy prostate function.

Zinc is a particularly important trace metal that is important for prostate health, as the prostate gland contains more zinc than any other organ in the human body.  Biopsies of cancerous prostatic tissue indicate deficiency in zinc levels.  What is not yet known is whether prostate problems drain zinc levels, or if low levels of zinc contribute to prostate problems, such as enlarged prostate or prostate cancer.  While many men take a prescription prostate medication, such as Flomax and Avodart, these prescription medications often come with unpleasant side effects that are absent in herbal prostate supplements.

Prostate Diet.  Eating a healthy diet has many health benefits, including improving prostate health.  Dark leafy green vegetables are loaded with zinc.  Red fruits and vegetables have high levels of lycopene, which naturally relaxes blood vessels to improve blood flow. Lycopene is sometimes called the “natural Viagra.”   Nuts, fish, raw garlic and blueberries are high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which are natural antioxidants.  Antioxidants repair free radicals, which are cells missing a electron, usually due to poor diet, lack of exercise and harmful lifestyle activities.  If  free radicals are not repaired, this can eventually cause poor organ function, illness, disease or even cancer.

Lifestyle Changes.  Men over the age of 40 who do not live a healthy lifestyle need to make lifestyle changes, such as giving up smoking, eliminating use of narcotic drugs, add an exercise regimen of 30 minutes a day 3 or more times per week.  These are simple healthy lifestyle changes men can and should make that not only will improve overall health, these changes are critical to promote prostate health, and reduce or eliminate the chances of developing prostate caner.


These three methods to lower  PSA levels in men are ideal to easily promote optimum prostate function, and reduce the chances of developing enlarged prostate, prostatitis or prostate cancer.




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