External Prostate Massage for a Tender Prostate

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A problem many men who have BPH symptoms or prostate infection, called prostatitis, face is pain and discomfort of a tender prostate gland.

This can make internal prostate massage as an enlarged prostate treatment painful or impossible.  Adam McVay, founder of Enviromax, the maker of the revolutionary Prostate Cradle External Prostate Massager said,” we listened to the comments from our thousands of customers and developed a new Extra Soft Prostate Cradle.”

The new Extra Soft External Prostate Massager looks just like the original Prostate Cradle, and provides the same amazing external prostate massage with one difference, this new external prostate massager is 20% softer and is perfect men who have a tender prostate gland, or who felt the original Prostate Cradle was a bit too hard.


Where is the Prostate Gland?

Let’s begin the discussion by answering the question, where is the prostate located?  The graph below shows you where the prostate gland is located.  As you can see below, the prostate is located between the bladder and penis.  The prostate releases a milky fluid that mixes with sperm and provides it with nourishment after ejaculation from the penis.

The urethra, the tube that empties urine from the bladder, runs through the prostate gland. When the prostate gland becomes enlarged, it presses on the urethra.  This restricts the complete emptying of the bladder, thus resulting in weak urine flow.  An enlarged prostate is the cause of frequent late night bathroom trips.



Source: Webmd


What is External Prostate Massage?

An external prostate massage is the process of massaging the prostate gland from outside the body.  This can be an effective alternative to a prostate massager that you insert into your backside.

With an external prostate massager nothing is inserted into the body.  There is no need for messy lubricants, and you can be fully clothed with this form of prostate massage.

You sit on the external prostate massager, rather than insert a prostate massager into your body.   This is the easiest way get an effective and stimulating external prostate massage.  It’s that easy.

With this form of prostate massage, you get light to medium pressure to give your prostate gland and perineum a therapeutic prostate massage.

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External Prostate Massage for a Tender Prostate Gland

Many men with symptoms of BPH or prostate infection can have a tender and painful prostate gland. Men with a tender prostate can find using a prostate massager too painful to use. External prostate massager may be the best remedy.

Men with a tender or painful prostate gland can have difficulty sitting, may have pain in the groin or even have discomfort when ejaculating.  Men with a tender prostate gland can find using a traditional prostate massager too painful to use, and may have few options for relief.

This is also an effective prostate massage technique for older men and those with disabilities, which can make prostate massage with a finger or prostate massager difficult.

The Prostate Cradle, designed by a Certified Physical Therapist, will provide therapeutic prostate massage you can do in the privacy of your home.

This is an effective BPH treatment, which is especially effective for men with painful tender prostate problems.


How Prostate Cradle works


As you can see in the diagram above, nothing is inserted into your body.  The Prostate Cradle never comes in physical contact with your prostate gland.  Instead, the unique shape of the Prostate Cradle provides a light soothing pressure to your prostate gland and perineum.

When massaged correctly, external prostate massage can provide relief to a painful, sensitive and overly enlarged prostate gland.



Which Prostate Massager is Best for You?

external prostate massageEnviromax offers three versions of the Revolutionary Prostate Cradle external prostate massager. 

Every man can now enjoy the experience of a therapeutic prostate massage, and get just the right sensation and prostate stimulation experience.


Extra Soft Prostate Cradle

The Extra Soft Prostate Cradle is 20% softer than the original Prostate Cradle.  This can  provide a soothing prostate massage for men with a sore or tender prostate gland, or for men who found the original Prostate Cradle a bit too hard.

The Extra Soft Prostate Cradle is made from medical grade rubber, yet is designed to be 20% softer.


Original Prostate Cradle

This is massager that started the external prostate massage revolution.  The Prostate Cradle is made from medical grade rubber to provide stimulating external prostate massage experience.


Prostate Jewel External Prostate Massager – For men who desire a more robust prostate massage experience, Enviromax developed the Prostate Jewel, which is an extra hard prostate massager, made from a firmer medical grade rubber.  This provides a 20% firmer prostate massage than with the Original Prostate Cradle.


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