Discover 4 Tips to Overcome Your Fear, Anxiety And Embarrassment Of Premature Ejaculation And Last Longer in Bed

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Premature ejaculation can be a frustrating and even debilitating erection problem for men leading to low self esteem, performance anxiety, and eventually if untreated, can cause men to avoid situations that can lead to sex.  Men with premature ejaculation though are not alone.  Click Here To End The Embarrassment And Supercharge Your Stamina In Bed You will quickly learn to last longer in bed every time before ejaculating.

This frustrating yet common erection problem, where men reach climax and ejaculation in just 30 seconds to two minutes after penetration affects nearly 75% of all men over the age of 45.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.  You can learn simple techniques that restore normal sexual function, and you will quickly learn how to last longer in bed tonight.


What is Premature Ejaculation?

Start with the basics.  What is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is an issue that causes men to reach climax and ejaculate early, usually within 30 seconds to 2 minutes of penetration.  This issue is quite common among men over age 40.


You already know this this condition can ruin intimacy, and if not treated, can destroy your relationship.  The good news is, by learning these important tips to last 20 minutes longer in bed, you can become or return to that maverick in bed.

For most men, premature ejaculation is the result of getting excited too quickly or becoming over stimulated rapidly when getting intimate, which causes men to have rapid ejaculation.

If you are new to sex, premature ejaculation can be due to lack of experience or the fear when being with a partner for the first time.

Even of you have had sex before, but it has been a while, the pent up energy can cause you to climax and ejaculate too soon.


Tip 1 on How to Last Longer in Bed – Control Your Breathing

Women vary in the time they take before they are even ready for sex let alone come to an orgasm during sex.  Most women say they take up to 20 minutes to reach a climax, while others may need just 5 minutes to cum!

By learning how to relax and control your breathing, you can keep your libido in check and reach climax with her, so you ejaculate when she is reaching orgasm, not 30 seconds after you penetrate.



Tip 2 on How to Last Longer in Bed – Focus on Her Needs

In this tip, the key to overcoming premature ejaculation is to understand what it takes the woman with are with to get revved up and more importantly, learn how to satisfy her according to what she needs.  Does she need cuddling or prefer some foreplay before penetration?  What about oral sex or using your fingers to stimulate her?  These are great ways to give her a tantalizing climax before you even begin penetration.

By focusing your attention on her, you can control your breathing and keep your libido from going into overdrive too soon, so you don’t ejaculate too soon and you can last longer in bed.  Remember, great sex is not about pounding your tool into her like a porn actor while she screams in pleasure, even if that is how we still fantasize it after seeing our first porn video when we were 15.

Great sex comes from making a physical and emotional connection with your partner, so you can learn how to satisfy her sexually in the ways she desires, and which can allow her to reach multiple orgasms.


Tip 3 on How to Last Longer in Bed – Get Out of Your Head

Libido and sexual stimulation starts in your mind and not your penis.  When your mind goes into overdrive thinking about sex with the partner you are with or getting laid, this can rapidly increase your heart rate, cause your blood pressure to spoke and send your libido into the stratosphere.

Some sex therapists actually think this is how a man’s mind is wired going back to the beginning of time.  Males had to impregnate a female quickly to keep the species alive, finish quickly to fight other males for the right to be with that female or no time to lay with your partner, due the potential of an attacking tribe or a hungry dinosaur.

While those primitive times are over and couples can enjoy spending several minutes to hours making love, many men are still programmed to ejaculate rapidly.  The good news if this is your premature ejaculation dilemma, you can learn to reprogram your mind and body to increase the time your body takes to reach climax and ejaculate.


Tip 4 on How to Last Longer in Bed – Learn Meditation and Relaxation Techniques

Many sex experts say one of the best ways to prevent early ejaculation is to learn meditation and relaxation techniques, which are forms of mental imagery and breathing techniques that do several important things for both a man and his partner.  When a man becomes sexually aroused, this increases his shallow rapid breathing rather than slower deep breathing from the diaphragm, which increases heart rate and increases the likelihood of early ejaculation.

Rather than waiting until you feel yourself beginning to climax to start the slow breathing techniques, which by then it’s too late, use slow breathing techniques at the beginning of love-making, which will prolong the time to ejaculation and prevent premature ejaculation.

Why use meditation as a premature ejaculation treatment?  For men with chronic premature ejaculation, meaning they suffer from early ejaculation at least 50% of the time, most already likely have low self esteem and performance anxiety when it comes to sex, or avoid situations that can lead to sex.  Using visual imagery meditation, you are reprogramming your mind to see yourself as a man who can sexually satisfy women with ease every time.  With visual imagery you can role-play in your mind how your next sexual encounter will be, particularly if you use techniques to focus sexual satisfaction on her before penetration.

This helps you slow down, breathe more slowly, and control your excitement to prevent premature ejaculation.  Also, if you sense you are getting too excited or becoming over stimulated, you can quickly visualize what you should be doing, which can help you refocus your attention so you can last longer in bed before reaching climax and ejaculation.


In Conclusion

These four simple tips to help you prevent premature ejaculation are part of a revolutionary program called Ejaculation on Command, by Lloyd Lester.  Lloyd is the author of several books on overcoming male sexuality problems, who suffered from premature ejaculation for years, until he uncovered the root cause within you that leads to premature ejaculation. You will learn how to Unlock This Secret To Lasting 27 Minutes Longer In Bed and giving her pleasure she will be begging you for every night!



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