Penis Pump Comparison: Battery Operated or Manual ?

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There are two types of penis pumpsir?t=wwwmenshealth 20&l=ur2&o=1 on the market today, a manual pump or battery operated.  So, which is the best penis pump for you?

That decision really depends on your person or medical needs, and your physical ability to operate a manual pump.

There are benefits and drawbacks of each type of vacuum therapy device.  Which one you should use depends on your needs.

A manual device, which requires you to push a plunger, manually creates vacuum pressure to force blood into your penis.  This type of erectile dysfunction pump definitely takes a bit more effort to work.

Most men who use this type of erection aid device for male enhancement to make their penis longer, thicker and harder,  say the manual type device creates more vacuum pressure than an electric penis pump.

Today you will end any confusion which is the best penis pump for you?


Manual Penis Pump

manual penis pump

A manual penis pump was the first known male enhancement used for centuries by men who wished to make their penis longer, harder and thicker, before the introduction of male enhancement pills.

The first known erection enhancement device used deer skin, string and a rock.  It may have been crude, but it worked.

Things have come a long way in a century or two with technological advances.  With a manual device, once the penis is inserted into the cylinder (no more deer skins), you push a button to create vacuum pressure that forces blood into the chambers of the penis to make it longer harder, and thicker.

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With newer manual penis pumps, you stop pumping when desired stiffness of your erection is reached.  You can’t over pressurize the tube, which could result in damage to your penis from excess pressure.  Remove your penis from the tube, and enjoy having sex again.  Your erection will last up to 30 minutes.

Men generally employ this type of natural male enhancement device to improve the appearance of their penis.   A manual erection device can be used to reverse symptoms of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and counter the effects of nerve damage related to Type 2 Diabetes or prostate surgery, to help men regain normal sexual function.


Drawbacks of a Manual Penis Pump

The main drawback of a manual male enhancement product is that it can take a minute or two to make your penis hard.  A battery powered ED pump works within 30 seconds to one minute.   If you live with other people or have thin walls, you will want an manual penis pump, because some electric erection devices are quite loud and everyone around you will know what you are doing.


Electric Penis Pump

Ps T Vac 2000 Penis Pump

As men age, maintaining blood pressure can become an issue. It can take a lot of constant elevated blood pressure to keep an erection, some older men sometimes need a little assistance.

This lead to the development of a battery operated erectile dysfunction pump, since operating a manual vacuum therapy device can be difficult for some older men and men with health issues.

This is particularly true for men with Parkinson’s Disease.  While they are still vital and have normal sexual desire, due to nervous system issues, they may be unable to achieve an erection naturally, and may find it difficult or cumbersome to operate a manual penis pump, due to shaking or tremors of the hands.

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An electric penis pump is very easy to use.  You place the ring around the shaft of your penis, which keeps blood trapped in the penis and prevents it from leaking out.

Then, you insert your penis into the vacuum tube and simply push the power button and within 30 – 60 seconds your penis will be fully erect enough for sexual intercourse.

Remove your penis from the tube, and enjoy having sex again.  Your erection will last 30-60 minutes.

This electric penis pump will stop once sufficient vacuum pressure is achieved, to prevent injury.


Drawbacks of an Electric Penis Pump

The main drawback of an electric penis pump is that it can be a little loud when operating. Some men say the erection is not as hard as with a manual penis pump.   If you live with other people or have thin walls, you will want an manual penis pump.  Some electric penis pumps are quite loud and everyone around you will know what you are doing.


In Conclusion

While both a manual penis pump and electric penis pump will sufficiently and quickly make your penis erect, and help you maintain a healthy sex life, you need to consider a few differences before deciding does a penis pump work, and which is the best penis pump to buy.

  • A manual penis pump is cheaper than an electric version, but price should not be your determining factor.
  • You need to consider why you want to use a vacuum therapy device.  Is this for male enhancement or health benefit.
  • Do you have a health condition that may impact your ability to operate a manual penis pump.
  • An electric device works is faster, but louder than a manual device, and will your living arrangements be a factor?
  • A manual penis pump generally results in a harder erection than using an electric pump.
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