Owning a Pet Can Make You Stronger, Healthier, and Happier

Benefits of owning a pet


Many people might be surprised to learn that owning a pet has emotional, mental, and physical benefits according to “Psychology Today.” Pets provide us with a companion and a listener.

A creature that loves us unconditionally no matter how many bad days we might have. Owning a pet also teaches us responsibility and how to stay on a schedule. The benefits are many, but the fun of owning a pet cannot be measured.


Lower Blood Pressure

pets lower blood pressure

Owning a pet can actually lower your blood pressure. Pets, particularly dogs, love to play and run outside. Millions of dog owners across the globe take their furry friends for walks at least once a day which gets your body moving. Pets also decrease blood pressure by easing stress.

Simply petting or being around your pet can help you relax due to the release of oxytocins, which makes you feel happier. Their presence makes us feel calmer and less anxious, thus reducing the symptoms of stress which affect our blood pressure and cardiac activity.


Reduces Allergies

While this may seem counterintuitive, studies have shown that children that grow up with pets can lower the risk of developing certain allergies. These studies also show that children and kids that have pets when they are younger tend to have stronger immune systems too.

This can ease concerns of parents or adults who are considering bringing a pet into the family, because it may help with your kid’s allergies later in life.


Improves Socialization

pets improve socialization in children

Pets provide us with a way to connect with the outside world. Many people love animals and don’t own one. So, walking your dog can be an excellent way to connect and socialize with others which is good for your health.

Socializing aids in improving the immune system and has excellent mental health benefits as well.  Pets are a great way to improve socialization in children.

Owning a pet also allows you to connect with other pet owners. Dog walks, vet visits, pet sitting, and many other topics of conversation as well as some funny stories, and photos can be shared amongst pet owners.


Fight Depression

pets reduce depression

Depression affects millions of people, and owning a pet can help combat its symptoms. Pets increase our joy and happiness and make us responsible for loving and caring for something. This helps by chasing away negativity as we turn our focus to the present moment and enjoy the ball of fur that loves and needs us.

Talking, sitting with, and petting your dog, cat, or other pet can ease stress and instantly make you feel better. This is why pets are used in so many types of therapy groups and nursing homes too.


Dogs Ability to Detect Cancer

Cancer detecting dogs

There are a few specially trained dogs that can detect whether you have cancer and with impressive accuracy. A dog’s sense of smell is much more acute than a human’s. These dogs are trained to smell out certain diseases and can do so with almost 100 percent accuracy.

Marine the black lab, for example, is trained to detect whether a person has colorectal cancer and can do so with a 91 to 97 percent accuracy. Other cancers such as lung, bladder, and prostate cancer can be detected too, often with a trained dog smelling the person’s breath.


Creates Empathy

Pets create happy relationships between man and animal and possibly other humans. Pet owners realize that their animal needs them, which cultivates feelings of care and empathy. These individuals were also shown to have higher self-esteem and a better outlook in life. Empathetic people are more likely to be involved in their community and are more confident and take on leadership-type roles. Your pet can help create feelings of empathy because they love and need you just as much as you do.

Pets are wonderful additions to anyone’s life. They make us happier, healthier, and better human beings. There is a whole variety of pets to choose from, and some of the most popular are cats and dogs. A furry feline, a cute chihuahua, or a loyal German Shepherd are only a few of the wonderful selections available that would make great pets. Determine what pet you want based on your lifestyle and the space you have and be ready to experience a happier and healthier you.


Author Bio:

Sarah Jones is the editor of Crazy Pet Guy. She enjoys spending time and taking care of pets, which is why she wants to share what she’s learned through her blog.

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