How to Relieve Back Pain in 5 Days

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Chronic back pain is approaching epidemic status in the US, and the good news you can learn how to relieve back pain without the use of prescription pills.

WebMd reports nearly 100 million Americans, or about 1/3 of the country’s population of 318 million, suffer from some sort of chronic pain, yet the medical community still treats chronic back pain with prescription medicine, Over-the-Counter (OTC) pain relievers or surgery, and discounts natural back pain relief treatments.

Pain medications, whether prescription or over-the-counter (OTC), just mask the root cause of your back pain symptoms, but does not provide permanent relief.  This has lead to a rise in natural drug-free back pain relief solutions, like the 5-Day Back Pain Cure, which is a natural back pain relief program created by a former back pain sufferer and wellness expert, that addresses the real root cause of back pain, and shows how poor diet, lack of exercise and environmental factors contribute to chronic back pain.

This natural back pain relief program shows you how to cure back pain with:

  • proper diet modification,
  • regular exercise
  • learning proper stretching techniques
  • back pain exercises
  • sciatica nerve stretches
  • addressing environmental factors


that contribute to chronic back pain, can quickly reverse even years of chronic back pain without the use of pain medication or surgery.


The Fallacy of Prescription Back Pain Medicines

Western medicine tends to ignore or discredit natural wellness remedies for chronic pain, as untested or the research behind it has not been validated, yet in fact many natural back pain treatments are based on 5,000 years of tested and validated research.

Many of the natural back pain relief remedies in use today that are helping people find significant or permanent natural pain relief without the use pain medications or surgery, are based on these ancient remedies.

Prescription medicines tend of mask or block pain receptors in the brain and nervous system, to relieve back pain, but does not provide permanent back pain relief.  Prescription pain meds also come with many unpleasant or even dangerous side effects, while natural back pain relief are generally free of any side effects.

Many Eeastern or Ayurvedic back pain treatments are based on centuries-old documented therapies that date back 3,000 to 5,000 years to the Ancient Greek and Roman times. These ancient remedies identify and get to the root cause of your chronic back pain, then apply natural or herbal remedies that allow the body to heal itself, which results in permanent back pain relief.




The Real Cause of your Chronic Back Pain


Most people believe lifting heavy boxes, over exercising, poor posture or sitting position, pulling a muscle, or other repetitive or strenuous activity is the cause of your chronic back pain.

While these activities are contributing factors, there is one root cause that is often overlooked.  The ultimate root cause of chronic back pain is poor back muscle alignment.

On page 14, you will learn how Poor muscle alignment can put excessive pressure and strain on all or a part of your back muscles, which can contribute to chronic back pain if your activities lead to a muscle pull or a muscle tear.

Poor diet, lack of exercise, poor sleep and even not consuming enough water on a daily basis, are also contributing factors to back pain.  Lack of vitamins, nutrients, water, amino acids, oxygen and Omega-3 Fatty Acids deprive muscles of the food supply it craves to stay strong and flexible.

The 5-Day Back Pain Cure includes the cause of chronic back pain, and recommended exercises that can help realign back muscles and naturally eliminate your chronic back pain, and diet modifications to include foods that supply muscles with the liquids, vitamins, nutrients, amino’s and Omega-3s it craves.

It is recommended to see your doctor before beginning any back pain treatment.



How to Relieve Back Pain in 5 Days

With the 5-Day Back Pain Cure, you can learn how to relieve back pain in as few as five days, without the use of prescription pain medication.

  • You will learn the mind-body connection to back pain
  • What foods both contribute to and eliminate back pain
  • Lifestyle modifications you should consider.
  • What are your trigger points?
  • 12 back muscle stretches you need to learn, which stretch and re-balance your back muscles to eliminate your back pain naturally.




Medical doctors will tell you that you need to use prescription medications or physical therapy to relieve back pain, and that natural back pain treatments are untested and should be avoided.

Natural back pain treatments have been around for 5,000 years, and their success has been documented for thousands of years.

The real issue is that natural back pain treatments can’t be patented and drug companies can’t charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for these treatments, so they tell you how bad they are for you, when prescription drugs come with several unpleasant or dangerous side effects.







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